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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Manga Guide

The Royal Family
Moon Healing Escalation

Tsukino Usagi

Ah, the star of our story. Many people know Usagi from her anime incarnation--a whiny, crybaby teenage girl who somehow always manages to save the day. Her manga form is very different. True, we still see the tears, temper tantrums, and immature moments, but her character tends to be more dynamic. As the story progresses, Usagi experiences a wake-up call (Volume II, Acts 8 & 9). From then on, she grows into a mature young woman, very different from her anime self.


Usagi has the power to transform into Sailor Moon. Occasionally, she receives "power-ups" that enhance her transformation. She becomes Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, and Sailor Cosmos. The source of Usagi's great power is her Ginzuishou.

Usagi is also the former Princess Selenity of the Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom and the future Neo-Queen Selenity of Crystal Tokyo. In the future, she will rule side-by-side with her husband, King Endymion. Their daughter, Usagi Small Lady Selenity will inherit the throne.

Since her birthday is on June 30, Usagi's gemstone is the pearl. However, her gemstone is sometimes said to be the diamond (RPG).

Usagi's image colors are pink and white. In fact, you can find manga pictures where her hair is these colors. Naoko Takeuchi once painted a picture of Usagi with pink hair, but was not pleased with the results. The original hair color for Usagi was a silvery white. That's why there are many color manga pictures of Usagi or Princess Selenity with silver hair. Naoko's editors didn't think the silver color would be flashy enough for the covers, so she changed it to blonde.

Usagi's Japanese name is actually a pun. When translated it reads "Rabbit of the Moon" (usagi no tsuki--> you have to read it backwards). Instead of a man in the Moon, the Japanese see a rabbit in the Moon pounding sticky rice cakes (moichi). That's why Usagi's speech bubbles are sometimes designated with bunny rabbits. Mamoru calls her "Usako" which means "my little rabbit." The Mixx comic makes an attempt to keep this pun, naming Usagi "Bunny." The DiC dub is slightly different. It renames Usagi "Serena." This could possibly be an allusion to the fact the Moon Kingdom was in the Sea of Serenity or that she is Princess Serenity (R's and L's tend to be interchangeable in Japanese and sound the same, but I like Selenity better).


Chiba Mamoru

Some people say that he's only a token male in a world dominated by superhero girls in short skirts. Actually, Mamoru is very integral to the plot of the Sailor Moon manga. He is the only person whose strength and power is equal to that of Usagi. Where she has the Ginzuishou, he has the Kinzuishou. And like Usagi, he has better personality traits than his anime counterpart. Anime Mamoru is cold and distant; there are very few episodes where you can say with confidence: "There! He loves her!" In the manga, he's much more open and loving. Even before he remembers his past, Mamoru starts to fall in love with Usagi. The manga is really two stories running side-by-side: the story of Earth's protectors and the story of Usagi and Mamoru's love.


Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen, the masked hero who rescues Sailor Moon from danger. Unlike the Senshi, his henshin requires no object or phrase. In the manga, he has his own attack "Tuxedo la smoking bomber" and never once does he throw a rose.

Mamoru is the Prince Endymion of the past Earth. Unfortunately, he and Selenity were killed before they were ever able to get married in the past. In the future, Mamoru will become King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo, where he will live with Neo-Queen Selenity and his daughter, Usagi Small Lady Selenity.

Mamoru's birthday is on August 3. His gemstone is the Kinzuishou; he is not associated with his birthstone. His color is black just like his tuxedo; King Endymion, however, wears a lavender tuxedo.

The name Chiba Mamoru means "Protector of Earth" (mamoru ba chi). Since he was the highest-ranking Prince of Earth, the title is fitting. Usagi lovingly calls him her "Mamo-chan," a very cute way of saying his name. In both the Mixx comic and the DiC/CWI dub, Mamoru is named Darien (Mixx gives he last name as Shields....). At first, I could find no logic in the choice, except that the English name sounds really good. Then, I looked up Darien in the dictionary: it means "king." Did someone at DiC hit upon this, or is it just a coincidence?

Chibi-Moon attacks


Many, many people see the anime and come away from it hating Chibi-Usa. Both the original anime and the dub make her into a little brat who is constantly rivaling Usagi's time with Mamoru. In the manga, she is portrayed as what she truly is: a lonely little girl far away from home, suddenly thrust into a situation she'd rather not deal with. Chibi-Usa does not have a crush on her father; she is suffering more from hero worship. When she travels back to the past, she is confronted with her mother as a young teenager acting like a young teenager, whereas Mamoru is virtually unchanged. It's only natural that she should cling to this familiarity. As the manga progresses and Usagi matures, Chibi-Usa's relationship with her young mother improves. And after Elios comes into the picture....


Chibi-Usa is the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru come back into the past. She has the power to become Sailor Chibi-Moon, Super Sailor Chibi-Moon, and Eternal Sailor Chibi-Moon (two-ruffle skirt, white boots, no wings).

Like the other Queens who came before her, Chibi-Usa's name includes "Selenity" in it. Her full name is Usagi Small Lady Selenity. The name Chibi-Usa means "Small Usagi." She was nicknamed this to avoid confusion between her and Usagi. Chibi-Usa sometimes resents the "chibi" in her name, wishing to be grown up like her mother. In the dub, her name is Rini, presumably short for Serena.

Chibi-Usa's color is definitely pink, as displayed by her hair. It is specifically stated in the manga that her hair is pink. Like Usagi, her birthday is on June 30 and her gemstones are the pearl and the diamond.

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