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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Manga Guide


The Dark Kingdom

The Dark Kingdom is the first enemy the Sailor Senshi face. Queen Metallia is the leader; Queen Beryl serves under her. The four generals (once Endymion's guardians) control the youma used to do the Dark Kingdom's dirty work. The Dark Kingdom is linked to the Senshi's past and to the Silver Millennium. The DiC dub found fault with "Dark Kingdom" and christened it "The Negaverse" (Negative Universe).


The monster-like creatures used by the four generals to fight Sailor Moon and the Senshi. They have the ability to look like real humans, fooling the people around them.


Jadeite is the first of the four generals and the commander of the Dark Kingdom's Far Eastern division. His initial charge is to retrieve the Ginzuishou, but he is soon foiled by Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars. Ultimately, Jadeite is killed by Sailor Mars.

In the DiC dub, Jadeite is called Jedite, which I believe is a misspelling of the Japanese pronounciation of the name.

Mineral: Jadeite is also known as Chinese jade. It is found mainly in Japan, Burma, and California; and is used as a gem and for ornamental carvings. Jadeite varies in color from a light green to a lilac color, and it is stronger than steal. It is the tougher and more highly valued form of jade.


Nephrite is the second general used by Queen Beryl. He is the commander of the North American division of the Dark Kingdom. He attempts to kill the Senshi while looking for the Ginzuishou. His manipulation of Motoki and consequently Makoto is the cause of his death at the hands of Sailor Jupiter.

In the DiC dub, Nephrite is Neflyte. The interchanging of "r" and "l" is not uncommon in dubs.

Mineral: Nephite is a white to dark green variety of jade, made mostly of iron, calcium, and magnesium. It is the chief source of the world's jade. Nephrite is usually only green or a creamy white color.


Zoisite is the third of the four generals. He disguises himself as a woman named Professor Izono in order to trick the people of Tokyo into looking for the Ginzuishou. When this fails, Queen Beryl sends him after Sailor Moon. He almost suceeds, but Sailor V kills him.

In the DiC dub, Zoisite is changed to Zoicite, reportedly because it is derived from the name Sigismund Zois von Edelstein and presented copyright problems. Also, Zoisite was changed into a female in the dub to cover up the homosexual relationship between him and Kunzite. In the manga, this relationship does not exist.

Mineral: Zoisite can be green, blue, violet, pink, or red. The blue variety is called tanzanite; the pink is tourmaline; and the lavender is lepidolite.


Kunzite is the last of the four generals. In the Sailor V manga, he is mentioned several times as being the "boss" so it is inferred that he is the highest ranking general. He manages to shake off Queen Beryl's spell and remembers his Master Endymion. However, he cannot completely break free and is killed by Sailor Planet Attack.

In the DiC dub, Kunzite becomes Malachite. Like Zoisite, this is probably because the stone is named after a person: George Frederick Kunz.

Mineral: Kunzite is a lilac-colored variation of spodumene used as a gemstone. The color intesifies at the top and bottom of the gem.

Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the second-in-command of the Dark Kingdom. She gives the four generals their orders. Secretly, she plans on taking the Ginzuishou for herself, rather than giving it to Queen Metallia. Just as she is about to reach her goal, she is killed by Sailor Venus' sword.

Mineral: Beryl is a mostly colorless mineral composed of beryllium, aluminum, oxygen, and silicon. Aquamarine and emerald are forms of beryl.


Metallia is the ultimate evil force behind the Dark Kingdom. Beryl found her trapped one day at D Point in the Arctic Circle. Once Beryl released her, Metallia began her plan for world domination and the final defeat of the Silver Millennium. However, Metallia is weak and requires human energy to function. In order to revive her, Beryl sends out the four generals to steal energy while searching for the Ginzuishou.

In the DiC dub, Metallia is called the Nega-Force, as in negative force. Oh, how clever....

Mineral: Metallia stands for metal, which categorizes most of the substances on the Earth.

The Black Moon

The villains from the Black Moon were banished from Crystal Tokyo and now live on Nemesis. The Wiseman fueled their resentment and helped them launch a campaign against Neo-Queen Selenity in order to get the Ginzuishou. However, Small Lady escaped from the palace and the Ginzuishou vanished. Now, the Black Moon is searching for the Rabbit and the Ginzuishou.


The first of the four Ayakashi sisters. She poses as Kurozuki Cooan, the president of the supernatural phenomena group Black Moon in T-A School. She draws out Sailor Mars at the school festival tries to kidnaps her. She is killed, leaving Rubeus to finish.

The DiC dub calls Cooan Catzy of the Weird Sisters.

Mineral: "Cooan" is Japanese for the mineral kermesite, a sulfide. It is a brillant cherry red color. It is also called red antimoney, purple blende, and antimony blende.


The second of the four Ayakashi sisters. She poses as the master chess champion Miss Beruche. She discovers Sailor Mercury's civillian identity and tries to kidnap her. She dies, but Rubeus gets Ami.

The DiC dub calls her Birdie of the Weird Sisters.

Mineral: Berthierite is a sulfide mineral. It is a relatively soft gray or dark brown stone.


The third of the four Ayakashi sisters. She sends a virus to Earth to kill the people so the droids can take their place. Petz tries to capture Sailor Jupiter, but is destroyed. However, Rubeus finishes the job for her.

The DiC dub calls her Prisma of the Weird Sisters.

Mineral: Petzite is one of the few minerals that is an ore of gold (i.e., gold is found within it). It is closely related to tellurite, and is sometimes called silver gold telluride.


The final Ayakashi Sister. She poses as a spirit medium, Miss Calaveras. She almost captures Sailor Venus, but Sailor Moon kills her. Before Rubeus can complete the task, Tuxedo Kamen drives him away.

The DiC dub calls her Avery of the Weird Sisters.

Mineral: Calaverite is one of the few minerals that is an ore of gold (i.e., gold is found within it). It is closely related to tellurite, and is sometimes called gold telluride.


Prince Diamaund (Diamond, Diamund) is the offcial leader of the Dark Moon, Nemesis. He used to live in Crystal Tokyo, but was driven out by Neo-Queen Selenity after planning a coup d'etat. He fell in love with the Queen and harbored these feelings, even though she would have nothing to do with him. With the help of the Wiseman, Diamaund is now obssessed with possessing the Queen and the Ginzuishou.

In the dub, he is called Prince Diamond.

Mineral: Diamond is an extremely hard, highly refractive crystalline form of carbon. Diamonds come in a variety of colors (although most are clear), and only a small percentage are suitable for gemstone use. They are most widely used in wedding and engagement rings. It is the hardest substance in the world and conducts heat five times better than silver.


The younger brother of Prince Diamaund, Saffir (Sapphire, Saffiel) was also banished to Nemesis after the failed coup d'etat. Far from his sympathetic anime persona, manga Saffir is not to be pitied. He is as hellbent on revenge as his brother. However, Saffir feels that Diamaund is being sidetracked by his infatuation with Neo-Queen Selenity. Eventually, he takes matters into his own hands and sends out his minions Veneti and Aquatiki to kill Sailor Moon.

In the dub, he is called Sapphire.

Mineral: Sapphire is a clear, hard variety of corundum (the second hardest mineral next to diamonds) used as a gemstone. It is usually blue but may be any color except red.


Rubeus is a member of the Black Moon family. He introduces himself to the Senshi as the Crimson Rubeus He gives the Ayakashi Sisters their targets under Operation: Recruit and completes their tasks after each one dies. Even though he is faithful to Diamaund, Rubeus mistrusts the Wiseman.

Mineral: Ruby is a deep red, translucent variety of the mineral corundum, highly valued as a precious stone. The best shade of red for a ruby is called "pigeon blood red".


Esmeraude (Esmeroodo, Emerald) is a member of the Black Moon family. Under Operation: Remake, she sends her two minions Kiral and Akiral to attack the Sailor Senshi as they use the time warp. They fail, but Esmeraude is given a second chance in Operation: Relax... and dies at the hands of Tuxedo Kamen.

In the dub, she is called Emerald.

Mineral: Emerald is a brilliant green to grass-green transparent variety of beryl, used as a gemstone. Its green color is enhanced by trace amounts of iron.

Black Lady

Black Lady is the adult form of Chibi-Usa, perverted by the Evil Black Crystal. She acts on her impulses alone, seeking to make herself happy. She hypnotizes Mamoru, drawing him away from Usagi in order to make Usagi feel alone, just as she has felt in the past. Sailor Pluto's sacrifice shakes Black Lady into realizing that she is loved and not alone.

In the DiC dub, Black Lady was changed to Wicked Lady.

The Wiseman/Death Phantom

The Wiseman is the driving force behind the Black Moon Family's attack on Crystal Tokyo. When the family was exiled from Crystal Tokyo, the Wiseman brought them to the Black Moon Nemesis. He also created Black Lady by infusing her with power from the Evil Black Crystal. His master plan is the Replay Operation; to change history enough to rid the world of Crystal Tokyo and the Ginzuishou.

The Death Busters

The Death Busters come from a destroyed world in the Tau star system. They need a new planet where they can live, and they see Earth as the perfect candidate. In order to form the perfect environment for the Omega Area, Earth must be destroyed and remade. To do this, they plan to take over the people of Earth and to use them as vehicles of destruction. The CWI dub renamed them the Beauru of Bad Behavior.


Demons that are used by the Death Busters to inhabit the people of Earth. The daimon enters a person's body, incubates, and then bursts out. Students at Mugen Gakuen (Infinity Academy) are the primary choices for daimon inhabitation (called vessels).


Kaolinite serves as Professor Tomoe's laboratory assistant, Kaoli-kun. Within the Death Busters organization, she has the title of Magus and is the superior of the Witches 5. She herself is a witch; after the Witches 5 are killed by the Senshi, she performs a ritual and brings back their souls. Desperate to kill the Sailor Senshi, she mutates herself into a daimon but is killed by Super Sailor Moon.

In the dub, the "l" is changed to "r", and the name is said as two words: Kaori Nite.

Mineral: Kaolinite is a clay mineral used in ceramics as a filler for paint, rubber, and plastic. Its most important use is to produce a glossy paper used for magazines.


Eudial is the first of the Witches 5, level 78. She poses as a philosophy teacher at Mugen Gakuen, Arimura Yuriko. Her target is Sailor Mars, but she is killed by Sailor Moon.

In the dub, she is called Eugeal.

Mineral: Eudialyte is a cyclosilicate that comes in many colors. It can be red-violet, pink, blue, yellow, or borwn. It is considered a possible source of zirconium.


Mimete is the second of the Witches 5, level 40. She poses as the idol singer and entertainment teacher teacher, Hanyu Mimi. She attempts to control the students of Mugen Gakuen by brainwashing them at a concert. Sailor Venus foils her, and Sailor Uranus kills her.

Mineral: Mimetite is a phosphate. It is typically yellow, orange, or brown; although it can be green, gray, or colorless.


Viluy is the third of the Witches 5, level 202. She poses as the genius science student of Mugen Gakuen, Bidou Yui. Her acedemic success lures Ami into Mugen Gakuen's prep school, and Viluy attacks Sailor Mercurey with nanorobots. Michiru and Haruka inadvertantly help Mercury escape, and Sailor Uranus kills the witch.

In the dub, Viluy is pronounced as "Villy."

Mineral: Villiaumite is a fluorescent mineral. It emits a glow when placed under UV light.


Tellu is the fourth of the Witches 5, level 404. She poses as the plant breeder of Mugen Gakuen, Teruno Ruru. She creates a pink (a type of flower) named the tellurian in order to get more daimon vessels. Makoto discovers her plan, and alerts the Senshi. Sailor Pluto kills Tellu.

In the dub, she is called Teruru.

Mineral: Tellurite is a subclass of minerals within the sulfate class. Tellurite is known to form bonds with gold, making the tellurites excellent gold ores.

Cyprine and Pucherol

Cyprine is the last of the Witches 5, level 999. She teaches the witch-training course at Mugen Gakuen. In order to dodge Sailor Moon's attack, she splits into two people, Cyprine and Purcherol. It is during this battle that the Holy Chalice first appears. Super Sailor Moon is able to kill the twin witches.

Minerals: Cyprine is a form of sapphire (see Saffir). Pucherite is a phosphate that is usually a reddish-brown color. It is closely related to bismuth.

Professor Tomoe Soichi

Professor Tomoe used to be a genetic engineer, but a fire swept through his laboratory, killing his wife Keiko and severely injuring his daughter Hotaru. Desperate to save Hotaru's life, he fitted her with wires and robotic parts to keep her body alive. Later, he uses his daughter's body to house Mistress 9. He himself is implated with a super-daimon named Gelmatoid. Super Sailor Moon is fotced to kill him.

In the dub, the family name Tomoe (toe-mo-ee) is mispronounced as Toe-mo.

Mistress 9

Mistress 9 is the highest-ranking of Pharaoh 90's underlings. She was implated in Hotaru's robotically-altered body. After she emerges, Mistress 9 steals Chibi-Usa's soul and Ginzuishou, as well as the souls of the Inners. Her job is to gather enough energy to bring Pharaoh 90 onto Earth. The talismans of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto awaken Sailor Saturn when Super Sailor Moon flies into Pharaoh 90's darkness with the Holy Chalice. The awakening of Sailor Saturn stops Mistress 9.

Master Pharaoh 90

The ultimate evil from the Tau star system, Pharaoh 90 uses Mistress 9 to enter Earth. He intends to use the planet as his new homeland, since his own home, the Omega Area was destroyed. Sailor Saturn brings down her glaive and sends Pharaoh 90 back into space.

The Dead Moon Circus

The Dead Moon Circus poses very successfully as a legitimate circus in the heart of Tokyo. Their leader, Queen Nehelenia, carries an ancient grudge against the ruling family of the White Moon. Using her right hand assistant Zirconia and the Amazoness Quartet, Nehelenia plans to take what she feels is rightfully hers: the new home of the Princess, Earth. The dub, ever avoiding the word "death", calls them the Dark Moon Circus.


The little creatures used by the Amazoness Quartet to attack people's beautiful dreams. Ves-Ves says that they are incarnate nightmares. The dub calls them "remlis".

The Amazon Trio

Three animals given human forms by the Amazoness Quartet. They were created to pervert the dreams of those of the White Moon, the Senshi.


Originally a fish, he targets Ami. He preys on her low self confidence by trying to make her jealous of those who have found love around her. Ami is saved by her guardian spirit, Princess Mercury, and is given her super henshin. Fish-Eye is destroyed by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Mineral: Fish-Eye is a mixture of crocidolite and quartz. It is also called tiger's-eye and hawk's-eye.


Originally a tiger, he targets Rei. She is trapped in a mirror fun house, which has been bewitched by Palla-Palla to berate Rei's dream of becoming the head priestess of a Shinto shrine. Tiger-Eye tries to entice her to change her dream into marrying a handsome, rich man. Rei is saved by her guardian spirits, Phobos and Deimos (also her pet crows), and is given her super henshin. Tiger-Eye is defeated by Mars Flame Sniper. [In the dub, he is called Tigers-Eye]

Mineral: Tiger's-Eye is a mixture of crocidolite and quartz. It is also called fish-eye and hawk's-eye.


Originally a hawk, he targets Makoto. He poses as the owner of a large herb shop that attracts Makoto's attention. As a gift, he gives her a ring with a strange genstone, called the Amazon stone. Lemurs flow from the stone and trap her. She is saved by her guardian spirit, Princess Jupiter, and is given her super henshin. Hawk-Eye is killed by Jupiter Oak Evolution. [in the dub, he is called Hawks-Eye]

Mineral: Hawk's-Eye is a mixture of crocidolite and quartz. It is also called tiger's-eye and fish-eye.

Xenotime and Zeolite

Two circus men conjured up by Palla-Palla. They pose as talent agents and target Minako, the last of the Sailor Senshi to receive a super henshin. They trap her at a phony audtion, but Minako is saved by her guardian, Artemis. He gives her her super henshin and the two are destroyed by Venus Love and Beauty Shock.

Mineral: Xenotime is a yttrium mineral. It often serves as an ore for uranium. The zeolites are a group of silicates that are used for ion exchanges, filtering, odor removal, and chemical sieving.

Amazoness Quartet

The true forms of the Amazoness Quartet are not those of villians. However, since the four girls are introduced as villians, I've included them here. They are actually the Sailor Quartet, the four guardian soliders of Small Lady. They were supposed to sleep in the jungles of the Amazon until the time that Small Lady needed the. Nehelenia found them instead and woke them before their mission had fully developed in their minds. In the end, Eternal Sailor Moon sets them free, and they go back to sleep in the jungle. [The dub drops the -ness and calls them the Amazon Quartet.]


Responsible for most of the magic performed by the Amazoness Quartet. She uses her magic ball to give the Trio their human forms and she performs the spell that turns Chibi-Usa into an adult and Usagi into a child. In the end, she and the other three Amazonesses anger Zirconia and Nehelenia, and are changed into stones.

Palla-Palla is destined to be Sailor Pallas, one of Small Lady's guardian soldiers. Palla-Palla gets her name from Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

In the dub, Palla-Palla is called Pará-Pará. Her image color is blue.


Often comes up with the plan and lets the others work it out; she suggested that Palla-Palla switch Chibi-Usa and Usagi's ages. In the end, she and the other three Amazonesses anger Zirconia and Nehelenia, and are changed into stones.

Cere-Cere is destined to be Sailor Ceres, one of Small Lady's guardian soliders. Cere-Cere gets her name from the Roman goddess of grain, Ceres.

In the dub, Cere-Cere is called Celé-Celé. Her image color is pink.


The Amazoness who came up with the idea of the Trio. She was also on hand to witness Sailor Jupiter's power up. In the end, she and the other three Amazonesses anger Zirconia and Nehelenia, and are changed into stones.

Ves-Ves is destined to be Sailor Vesta, one of Small Lady's guardian soldiers. Ves-Ves gets her name from the Roman goddess of the hearth, Vesta.

In the dub, Ves-Ves is called Vesú-Vesú. Her image color is red.


The most cautious of the Quartet. She believes that, in a head-to-head battle, the Senshi will defeat the Dead Moon. Instead, Jun-Jun opts to use magic and sneak attacks. In the end, she and the other three Amazonesses anger Zirconia and Nehelenia, and are changed into stones.

Jun-Jun is destined to be Sailor Juno, one of Small Lady's guardian soliders. Jun-Jun gets her name from the Roman queen of the gods, Juno.

Her name remains the same in the dub.


Queen Nehelenia's most trusted servant. Zirconia serves as a mediary between Nehelenia and the Quartet. Her personal assistant is Zircon, a winged eyeball. In order to better serve her queen who cannot abide the light, Zirconia creates a darkness that will spread over the Earth. The Senshi stop her, and Sailor Moon follows her through the mirror into Nehelannia's world.

Mineral: Zirconium is a transition metal, atomic number 40, whose most familiar form is a clear crystal. It is found in cubic zirconia, which looks very much like a diamond. Zircon is composed mainly of zirconium silicate and can occur as colorless crystals or in shades of green, gray, red, blue, yellow, or brown.


The Queen of the Dead Moon. She is able to enter the world of the Senshi by traveling through the mirror. Back in the time of the old Silver Millennium, Nehelenia and Selenity were rival queens. When Princess Selenity was born, everyone was invited except for Nehelenia. She showed up anyway, and Queen Selenity sealed her away in the mirror. However, before the seal was complete, Nehelenia put a curse on the baby: the Princess would die without inheriting the throne and the Silver Millennium would come to an end.

Mineral: Nepheline is a silcate that is used in ceramics and glass production. Its name comes from the Greek word for cloudy because its crystals tend to be a dull off-white or brown.

Sailor Anima Mates

The Sailor Anima Mates are false Senshi from other planets in other star systems. They were corrupted by Sailor Galaxia and are controled by her through the use of bracelets. Under Galaxia's control, they seek to steal the star seeds (and thus, the sailor crystals) of the Senshi of the solar system. If they bring back the sailor crystals, Galaxia has promised to make them true Senshi.

Sailor Iron Mouse

The first false Sailor Senshi to appear. Iron Mouse reveals herself at a Three Lights concert. Her attack is "Galactica Crunch." She is killed by Sailor Star Healer's Star Sensitive Inferno.

Mineral: Iron (Fe) is an element with the atomic number 26. It is a transition metal and is often steel gray or black.

Sailor Aluminum Siren

The second false Sailor Senshi to appear. She goes after Usagi on the roof of the high school, and she steals the sailor crystals of Mercury and Jupiter. Her attack is "Galactica Tsunami." She is killed by Sailor Star Maker's Star Gentle Uterus.

Mineral: Aluminum (Al) is an element with the atomic number 85. It is a metalloid (has properties of both a metal and a nonmetal). Aluminum is very soft and can be molded into sheets and wires.

Sailor Lead Crow

The third false Sailor Senshi to appear. She arrives at the Hikawa Shrine, looking for Sailor Mars. Phobos and Deimos change into their sprite form to confront her. Using Galactica Tornado, she destroys the shrine and kills Phobos and Deimos, stealing their crystals. Sailor Moon kills her with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, but Sailor Galaxia complete's Lead Crow's mission, taking Mars and Venus' sailor crystals.

Mineral: Lead (Pb) is an element with the atomic number 82. It is a transition element that is a whitish-gray color. It is very soft, and can be scratched by a fingernail.

Sailor Tin Nyanko

[Nyan is Japanese for meow]

The fourth false Sailor Senshi to appear. She poses as Suzu Nyanko, an exchange student in Usagi's class. She tries to become friends with Usagi, but the Star Lights and the cats recognize Nyanko for what she really is. She attacks with Galactica Puppet. Nyanko comes from the same planet as Luna and Artemis, and she attacks them when they denounce her. She is defeated by Sailor Star Fighter's Star Serious Laser, and is killed by Galaxia out of disgust.

Mineral: Tin (Sn) is an element with the atomic number 50. It is a metal that is found in the carbon group on the periodic table.

Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne

Sister Senshi who voluntarily decided to follow Galaxia. They stand in the way of Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi-Chibi, Kakyuu, and the Star Lights as they approach Zero Star of Sagittarius where Galaxia is. Lethe tries to destroy Sailor Moon in order to bring an end to all the wars that will be fought over the Ginzuishou. Mnemosyne convinces her sister that killing Sailor Moon will not end the wars. The Senshi are allowed to pass, and Lethe and Mnemosyne are killed by their fellow Sailor Anima Mates.

In Greek mythology, Lethe is the river of forgetfulness found in Hades. The souls of the dead drank the water from Lethe is forget their human lives. Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory and the mother of the nine muses.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

[Papillon is French for butterfly]

The final fifth false Sailor Senshi. She attacks Sailor Moon, Kakyuu, and Chibi-Chibi in a graveyard near Zero Star of Sagittarius. Her mission is to kill Sailor Moon, but she is killed herself by the arrival of Sailor Chibi-Moon and the Sailor Quartet.

Mineral: The specific gravity of metals tells how heavy the metal is. Some heavy metals are platinum, gold, lead, tellurium, and malachite.

Sailors Phi and Chi

The Anima Mates that guard the Star Garden. Sailor Kakyuu fights against them and learns that their power resides in their bracelets. Sailor Moon kills Phi, as Chi kills Sailor Kakyuu. The Sailor Quartet kill Sailor Chi.

Sailor Galaxia

The brains behind the Sailor Anima Mates. She promised that she would turn the false Sailor Senshi into true soldiers if they stole the sailor cystals. She says that "being a mere Sailor Senshi would be the same as being trash." Thus, her goal is to have the most power in the universe; Usagi's sailor cystal is the strongest crystal and must be obtained. Galaxia was actually working with Sailor Chaos, who was sealed in the Cauldron. Once Galaxia sees her goal before her, she is struck down by Chaos.

Sailor Chaos

The Sailor Senshi who fought against Sailor Cosmos. Rather than kill Chaos, Cosmos decided to seal her within the Cauldron. However, Chaos managed to break the seal during Usagi's time and contact Galaxia. She used Galaxia to gather the sailor crystals, and then killed her. Sailor Moon threw herself into the Cauldron to defeat Sailor Chaos. Sailor Cosmos prevents her from killing Chaos; instead, Chaos is once again sealed into the Cauldron.

The Cauldron

Technically, the Cauldron is not a character; it is an object. However, it plays an important role in the Sailor Moon universe and should be explained.

The Cauldron is the place in the universe where star seeds are created. All beings of power possess a star seed. All the evil forces defeated by Usagi (Metallia, Death Phantom, Master Pharaoh 90, and Nephalennia) have come from the Cauldron. On the other hand, all the positive forces (the Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, Queen Selenity) arose from the Cauldron as well. The Cauldron can be seen as the common factor among all the powerful beings.

When Sailor Cosmos came back in time to see Usagi, she was going to tell her to destroy Chaos and the Cauldron. By destroying the Cauldron, you will prevent powerful evil beings from being born, but you will also cease the creation of powerful good beings. In the end, however, Cosmos stops Usagi from destroying the Cauldron. Therefore, the Senshi will forever face the threat of new enemies, but Cosmos knows that Sailor Moon is strong enough to defeat them when the time comes.

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