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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Manga Guide

Friends & Family

Tsukino Ikuko

Usagi's mother in the present. She is the typical mother: concerned about her daughter's shortcomings, but anxious that she should enjoy her youth. My favorite line of hers is in Act 47. As Usagi entrusts the injured cats to her and runs out of the house, Ikuko-mama says: "Strange, I don't think Usagi will be coming home..." A few acts later, Usagi is up against her final enemy, Galaxia.

Tsukino Kenji

Usagi's father in the present. He works for a magazine as an editor.

Tsukino Shingo

Usagi's little brother in the present. He has the typical sibling relationship with his older sister. In fact, the first time we him, he kicks Usagi in the butt. His dub name is Sammy [every time I hear that, I think of Magical Girl Pretty Sammy from Tenchi Muyo].

[Note about Usagi's family: Naoko Takeuchi's mother, father, and brother are Ikuko, Kenji, and Shingo. Not surprising, since she has said that she identifies with Usagi the most.]

Queen Selenity

The Queen of the Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom and the mother of Princess Selenity. When the Moon Kingdom was attacked by the Dark Kingdom, Queen Selenity watched as her daughter killed herself and the Senshi died. Using the power of the Ginzuishou, she sent them to the Earth of our time to be reincarnated.

Osaka Naru

Usagi's classmate and close friend. Naru (known as Molly in the dub) often falls victim to the enemies' energy-stealing ways. As the manga progresses, she becomes less and less of a central figure.

Naru's Mom

The very first person in the Sailor Moon manga to be attacked by a youma. She owns the OSA-P jewelry store in Azabu Juuban, Tokyo.

Umino Gurio

The school geek. While Usagi and her friends appear to be rather disgusted by him, Umino proves to be a valuable source of information at times. Like Naru, he fades as the manga progresses. For the dub, he was given the appropriately geeky name of Melvin.

Furuhata Motoki

Usagi's onii-san who works at the Crown Game Center. For the longest time, Usagi has a crush on him that never develops into anything more than a friendship. Motoki, or Furu-chan as he is known in college, knows about the Senshi and their command center below the arcade. He is Andrew in the dub.

Furuhata Unazuki

Motoki's younger sister. She is seen a few times in the manga and appears to be Usagi's age or perhaps a year older. She works at the Crown Fruit Parlor. It is rumored that the Furuhata family owns both the game center and fruit parlor. The dub calls her Lizzie.

Nishimura Reika

A friend and classmate of Motoki. She studies minerology at K.O. University. She appears to have a crush on Motoki, but nothing much ever comes of it. She is Rita in the dub.


Rei's grandfather and legal guardian. Rei's mother is dead and her father is a politician who has little time for his daughter. Therefore, Grandpa took Rei to his Shinto Shrine in order to care for her.

Mamoru's Mother and Father

We only see Mamoru's parents for a page in Act 7 when he describes their deaths to Usagi. On his sixth birthday, his parents were killed in a car accident; their car went over a cliff. Mamoru barely survived but suffered amnesia.

Sakurada Haruna-sensei

Usagi's teacher. If you read Naoko Takeuchi's other manga "The Cherry Project" you'll learn that Haruna-sensei has taught Chieri and Tsuzuki, the hero and herione of that series. It is from Chieri's class that Haruna-sensei gets the nickname Haruda: the phrase Sakura da, haru da means "Cherry blossoms, it's Spring." The dub turned her first name into her last name: Patricia Haruna.


Elios is a main character of the SuperS arc. He is the Pegasus that Chibi-Usa sees in her dreams. His task is to guard Elysian for Prince Endymion, keeping it safe from evil. [Upon translating the kana that are used to write his name, you will see that his name begins with the character for "E"; there is no H. Therefore, I call him Elios, not Helios.] If you'd like to learn more about Elios and his love for Chibi-Usa, you can read Volumes XIII, XIV, and XV.

Sarashina Kotono

A girl who goes to the T-A School with Rei. She is a natural leader and organzes the Supernatural Phenomena Study Group's booth at the school festival. The other girls call her Chief Kotono. She sees Sailor Mars kidnapped by Cooan, one of the Ayakashi sisters, but does not realize the Senshi is really her friend Hino Rei. You won't find her in the anime; Kotono is a manga-only character.

[The voice actor for Tsukino Usagi is Mitsuishi Kotono; Naoko has said that she greatly enjoys Kotono's portrayal of Usagi and therefore created this character as thanks.]

Asanuma Ittou

A seventh grade student at Moto Azabu School [the school is a combination of JHS and HS; Mamoru goes to the HS]. Asanuma greatly admires Mamoru (and apparently Mako-chan), and enjoys just being in the presence of Mamoru's friends. He knows part of Mamoru's secret: he saw his sempai heal a cut on his arm using his pyschic powers. Ever since then, he has been fascinated by Mamoru. You won't find Asanuma in the anime; he is a manga-only character.

Momohara Momoko

Chibi-Usa's friend from fourth grade in Juuban. She is seen in the "Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary" side stories and in some regular acts. Chibi-Usa calls her Momo-chan. The DiC dub calls her Melissa, and the CWI dub can't seem to settle on a name.

Sarashina Kyusuke

Chibi-Usa's friend from fourth grade in Juuban. She has a love-hate relationship with him. Kyusuke's older sister is Kotono from T-A School. He is seen in the "Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary" side stories. The dub calls him Kelly.


A boy in Chibi-Usa's class who looks and acts just like Umino. He is seen in the "Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary" side stories and is a manga-only character.

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