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Tarot and Astrological Signs

Tsukino Usagi

Astrological Sign: Cancer (June 30)

Planet: Moon

Tarot Cards: the Chariot (VII) and the Empress (III)

The Chariot (Cancer) indicates a movement towards a goal, beyond the past and into the future. Often, it can represent victory and control. The Empress indicates emotional, passionate love. It is also known as the Great Mother card due to its nurturing characteristics.

Colors: gold, white, and silver

Stones: gold, silver, platinum, amber, topaz, crystal, diamond, moonstone, pearl, and opal

Plants: carrot, lemon, and jasmine

Chiba Mamoru

Astrological Sign: Leo (August 3)

Planet: Sun

Tarot Cards: Strength (VIII) and the Sun (XIX)

The Strength card indicates an inner spiritual force that grants the person the power to overcome obstacles. It is associated with protection, endurance, and survival. The Sun represents a number of different emotions: joy, happiness, love, enthusiasm. It can also represent a wholeness stemming from pure love (marriage).

Colors: yellow and gold

Stones: topaz, amber, and crystal.

Plants: orange, rosemary, cinnamon, and tangerine


Since Chibi-Usa has the same birthday as Usagi, mother and daughter have identical tarot representations.

Aino Minako

Astrological Sign: Libra (October 22)

Planet: Venus

Tarot Cards: Justice (VIII) and the Empress (III)

The Justice card pertains to destiny and karma. This person is often asked to decide the fairness of a situation, and is socially well adjusted. The Empress signifies passionate love. When the Empress is seen in connection with Venus, it stands for harmony.

Colors: green

Stones: emerald, jade, malachite, and fluorite

Plants: myrtle, spearmint, vanilla, and rose

Mizuno Ami

Astrological Sign: Virgo (September 10)

Planet: Mercury

Tarot Cards: the Hermit (IX) and the Magician (I)

The Hermit is the wise sage who is constantly in search of knowledge. Sometimes he is forced to withdraw from the world in order to gain a deeper perspective. The card oftem refers to both material and spiritual wisdom. The Magician sees things from different angles and is able to analyze the situation from all points of view. He is the best person to go to for a creative solution.

Colors: yellow-green

Stones: peridot, jade, jadeite, kunzite, and fluorite

Plants: sage, wintergreen, and lemongrass

Hino Rei

Astrological Sign: Aires (April 17)

Planet: Mars

Tarot Cards: the Emperor (IV) and the Tower (XVI)

The Emperor is a visionary who guides himself through insight. He is the ambitious one, and is the Empress' counterpart. The Tower can stand for indecision, but it is also a symbol of breaking down barriers. A person associated with the the Tower tends to have an ego.

Colors: red and pink

Stones: ruby, garnet, rose quartz, kunzite, beryl, tigereye, and cinnabar

Plants: ginger, black pepper, and pine

Kino Makoto

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (December 5)

Planet: Jupiter

Tarot Cards: Temperance (XIV) and the Wheel of Fortune (X)

Temperance is the middle ground brought about by trials. The Temperance card foretells a fragmented and extreme life. The Wheel counters the sometimes negative sense of Temperance: it signifies that things will play out on their own to a definite end. Fortune changes and a new stage in life begins.

Colors: blue

Stones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, and fluorite

Plants: cedar and nutmeg

Kaiou Michiru

Astrological Sign: Pisces (March 6)

Planet: Neptune

Tarot Cards: the Moon (XVIII) and the Hanged Man (XII)

The Moon is associated with inner guidence. The Moon sees through illusions to find the truth. The Hanged Man is very adapable to his surroundings. He always knows what the appropriate course of action is for the situation.

Colors: violet-red, magenta, and deep rose

Stones: ruby and garnet

Plants: sandalwood and myrrh

Tenou Haruka

Astrological Sign: Aquarius (January 27)

Planet: Uranus

Tarot Cards: the Star (XVII) and the Fool (0)

The Star is a balance between two opposing sides. He continues along his path because of destiny; he is powerless to stop nature and fate. The Star holds the promise of future happiness. The Fool knows no fear; he boldly travels forward because it is the only way to find himself.

Colors: violet

Stones: amethyst and fluorite

Plants: eucalytus, fir, and lime

Meiou Setsuna

Astrological Sign: Scorpio (October 29)

Planet: Pluto

Tarot Cards: Death (XIII) and Judgment (XX)

Death does not necessarily mean "death": it is a rebirth, a new transformation. However, it can be destruction and elimination. Judgment is actually a freedom from being judged. Judgment is above the standards of the ordinary world and acts accordingly.

Colors: green-blue and turquoise

Stones: turquoise, aquamarine, blue topaz, amazonite, and fluorite

Plants: cypress and basil

Tomoe Hotaru

Astrological Sign: Capricorn (January 6)

Planet: Saturn

Tarot Cards: the Devil (XV) and the World (XXI)

The Devil is something viewed with apprehension. It is associated with uncontrollable emotions. It signifies the end of material objects and a purification of the world to come. While the Devil is the ending of the previous world, the World is the peace that is approaching. It is universal love, the mysteries of nature, and perpetual movement.

Colors: blue and black

Stones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, fluorite, hematite, onyx, coal, and smoky quartz

Plants: sage, patchouli, and myrtle