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Ms. Neuner's Science Classes

Living Env.
Chemistry 02
Chemistry 03
Chemistry Honors
Env. Science

This is a website for all students in St. Edmund Preparatory HS taking a science course with Ms. Neuner.  Bookmark this site and check it often--I will update it with class notes, homework, and other assignments several times a week.

Use the navigation bar at the left to choose your class.  Chemistry 02 is the chem class during 2nd period on A Day; Chemisty 03 is during 3rd period.  The Chemistry Honors class can find their work on the chemistry honors page.  The Living Environment and Environmental Science classes have their own pages.

Chemistry Honors has a lab report due on Friday October 21.
Chemistry 03 has a quiz on Boyle's Law on Monday.

St. Edmund Preparatory HS Science