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Ms. Neuner's Science Classes

Living Environment

Living Env.
Chemistry 02
Chemistry 03
Chemistry Honors
Env. Science

September 9, 2005
Class notes included:
  • the characteristics of living things
  • cells carry out the basic functions of the organism
  • livings things are highly ordered
  • living things are made of cells, are sensitive, grow and reproduce, use energy, evolve, and maintain homeostasis
  • homeostasis is a stable internal environment
  • livings things are studied on several levels

Homework due September 12, 2005 (on LL):

  1. What are some differences between living and non-living things?
  2. What does ATP stand for and what is it used for?
  3. Define homeostasis.
  4. Why are living things never at complete equilibrium?
  5. Arrange the following in order from smallest to largest: tissue, organ system, cell, organism, organ.

St. Edmund Preparatory HS Science