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Greek Mythology

(All mythology is from Edith Hamilton's book, "Mythology")

Selenity and Endymion

According to Greek mythology, Endymion was a beautiful shepherd who happened to catch the eye of the Moon goddess, Selene. She went to Zeus, leader of the Olympian gods, and asked him to grant Endymion eternal sleep so she could be with him forever (another goddess had asked that her love be granted eternal life--he grew older and older until he shiveled up. Selene was taking no chances!). Zeus granted her request, and Endymion was put into a deep sleep. Every night, Selene would visit him as he slept, and the shepherd had wonderful dreams about holding the Moon goddess in his arms. It's believed that Endymion fathered 50 daughters by Selene.


The Greek name for Mercury is Hermes (Mercury is Roman). Hermes is said to be the most cunning of the gods and the most clever. He is also known as the Master Thief and the god of commerce.


The Greek name for Venus is Aphrodite. She is the goddess of love and beauty (sound like an anime attack anyone?). Hamilton describes her as being "the laughter-loving goddess, who laughed sweetly or mockingly at those her wiles had conquered."


The Greek name for Mars is Ares, the god of war. He is a ruthless god who enjoys tormenting mortals with violence. He is also the lover of Aphrodite.


The Greek name for Jupiter is Zeus. He is the leader of all the gods and the most powerful. He is prone to fall in love often and with many women. Zeus is closely associated with the oak tree (another attack!).


The Greek name for Saturn in Cronus. He is not an Olympian god; rather, he is a Titian. The Titians ruled the heavens before the Olympian gods. Cronus is the father of Zeus and the leader of the Titans until his son overthrows him.


The Greek name for Neptune is Poseidon. He is the god of the sea and has the power to create violent waves. His symbol is the three-pronged spear, which he uses to stir up the seas.


The Greek name for Uranus is Oronus. It is said that Uranus (the sky) fell in love with Gaia (the Earth). He is the father of Cronus, and thus is not an Olympian.


The Greek name for Pluto is Hades. Hades is the ruler of the Underworld and the keeper of souls. For unknown reasons, he is also called the god of wealth.

The Moon

There are three main goddesses of the Moon. Selene personifies the Moon as it appears in the sky. Hectate represents the darker aspect of the Moon. Artemis (Diana in Latin) is the goddess with the most personality. She represents the Moon come down to Earth.