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Exam Battle 3: Rei and Minako's Girls' School Battle

The girls are over Makoto's house and they have just finished studying for the day (it's 10:25 PM!). Ami gives them permission to relax, and Makoto brings out an apple pie. Minako and Usagi rush for the television set, while Minako tells us that she loves Mako-chan's cooking, Ami's a little scary, and that Usagi is the best to goof off with.

Then, there's Rei. Minako thinks that Rei is stubborn and clever. The two girls don't really get along as well as they might. To prove her point that they're nothing alike, Minako asks Rei what her talent is. "Mediatation," Rei answers her without looking up from her tea.

"Say, Rei-chan," Minako starts with an air of nonchalance. "Do you, like, fart?" The other three girls do a spit-take with their tea. Annoyed, Rei asks if Minako is trying to start a fight. To further aggravate Rei, Minako starts repeating rumors about Rei chasing older boys. However, Rei tells her that she's misinformed: Rei thinks boys are stupid.

Trying to change the subject and avoid a fight, Ami asks Rei if she shouldn't be making better use of her free time. The T*A students don't have high school exams since their school holds classes for kindergarten up to graduate school. The students need only pass their courses. Rei has so much free time that she has chosen to study for the standardized high school test. Minako thinks it's terrible that Rei is voluntarily studying; if Minako was in her shoes, she'd find a better way to pass time.

The next day as the girls walk to meet Rei after school, Makoto explains the finer points of the T*A education system. Minako still doesn't think it's fair. As Rei joins them, two policemen whistle at her short skirt and long legs. When Minako walks by, they turn up their noses at her. She goes into a frenzy. She admits to us that she has issues with the police and with her mother. To her, Rei is like an "old hag" because her mother is dead and she grew up quickly.

During a srudy session, Ami yells at Minako for not reading more than one page. Minako muses that she might be able to get into T*A; then she wouldn't have to worry about entrance exams. Rei looks down at her book blankly. "It's unfortunate," she says without malice, "but my school doesn't take applicants for high school." She goes on to explain that, even at T*A, there are some girls who fail their courses and cannot advance. They are given a special entrance exam that allows them to continue on to high school. "The girls' school is so unchanging, so unchallenging. Only the rules are strict." Minako finds this hard to believe, so Rei invites her to go to T*A for a day.

Minako takes Rei up on the offer the very next day. Using her crescent compact from her days as Sailor V, Minako transforms into a T*A student. She runs through the large hall, yelling with joy. A nun in a black and white habit comes out and yells.

"How savage!" the nun screams. "Running through the hall is blasphemous toward god!" Rei apologizes for Minako and drags her to the cafeteria. Furiously, she explains to Minako that such behavior will earn her time in the reflection room and a beating with a rod.

During lunch, Minako gushes about how great all the food is. Another nun comes around and orders her to be quiet during mealtimes.

After lunch, a group of girls invite Rei to play ball with them, but Rei declines. Minako is amazed by their formal speech, but joins them in a game of volleyball. She hits it into the air and right through a glass window. A nun appears to yell at the savage who broke the window. Rei goes upstairs to apologize while Minako goes to get the ball.

The ball is by an old well. Minako opens the cover to look inside, but only manages to make herself dirty. She goes back towards the school and sees Rei smiling and laughing with two other girls. Rei never acts like that around Minako, and Minako realizes that she doesn't really know Hino Rei well at all. "I hate you!" she screams at Rei and runs away.

Meanwhile, the genus loci Sistern has been released from the well. The spirit sees Rei running after Minako in her short-skirted uniform. She thinks that Rei is the perfect savage for her to inhabit. Sistern takes over Rei's body and goes after the other girls. She grabs a blonde girl with braided pigtails. "Your sister is going to eat the savage child. Pucker your lips!" She tips the girl backwards and goes to kiss her.

Minako sees what is happening and transforms into Sailor Venus. The spirit makes Rei charge Venus and tries to kiss her. Panicked, Sailor Venus breaks free and throws an ofuda on Rei's forehead. Sistern is destroyed and Rei collapses.

The T*A girls mob Sailor Venus in admiration. The nuns aren't too pleased. Later that day, Rei warns Minako that if the nuns do not let her pass and go on to high school, she'll hold Minako responsible. Minako apologizes, but Rei isn't through. "Mina, there's one thing you've forgotten. Since I've never farted, I can't be your friend."

"From that day on," Minako tells us, "I liked the stubborn Rei-chan (even though she tried to kiss me)."

Rei grinds her teeth as Minako links their arms. "I did not!"

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