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Special: Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

The girls clink glasses in a toast to Usagi and Chibi-Usa's birthdays (Chibi-Usa is 902!). The girls give Usagi a pretty bracelet with stars on the chain, and they give a party dress to Chibi-Usa. Momo-chan is also at the party; she gives Chibi-Usa a book on constellations.

Mamoru gives Chibi-Usa a Sailor Moon wristwatch. The cover pops open like a locket where you can place a picture. Minako thinks it's really cute that Mamoru went to a toy store, but he says that he bought the watch from a cloaked figure outside the store. The girls groan. Usagi asks where her present is, but Mamoru didn't have time to buy her one.

The next morning, Momo-chan shows Chibi-Usa that she bought the same watch. She puts a picture of the boy she likes in the locket. In fact, all the girls in school have bough Sailor Moon watches.

After school, Chibi-Usa and Momo-chan walk down the street carrying a leafy branch with pieces of paper tied to it. They meet Michiru and Haruka, who are both dressed in the Mugen Gakuen girls' uniform. Haruka asks if the branch is the bamboo for Tanabata, a festival held every year on the seventh day of the seventh month. The school children had written their wishes on the paper, and the strips were twisted around the branches. Now, Chibi-Usa and Momo-chan are bringing the wishes to the shrine. Haruka and Michiru are dismayed to see that most of the girls' wishes are about boys.

A cloaked figure approaches them and tells them the legend behind the Tanabata festival. A weaving girl named Vega fell in love with a man named Altair. They were married but their intense devotion to each other angered God. Now, the lovers are separated and can only meet once a year on July 7th if it does not rain. Chibi-Usa's classmates are unimpressed. They say that if they were Vega, they would find a new husband, preferably a rich one. Kyusuke doesn't understand all this talk about guys with money.

Back at home, Diana reads from the book Momo-chan gave Chibi-Usa. Ami shows them where the stars of the Tanabata legend are in the sky. Vega is a star in the Lyra constellation, and it is the fourth brightest star in the sky. Its sister stars are Epsilon and Theta; together, they are called the three weaver stars. Altair is a star in the constellation Aquila. Vega and Altair are sixteen light years apart. That's too far apart for Chibi-Usa and Diana to even imagine.

Late at night, Chibi-Usa's watch opens up. It displays the message "July 7th. Twelve o'clock. Gather at Ichinohashi Park." She gets out of bed, hypnotized, and walks towards the park. Diana breaks the spell, and the two go to the park to investigate.

The cloaked person is at the park with two assistants. All the girls who bought Sailor Moon watches are there. "From now on," she says, "it is the era of women living alone! Women with jobs will set up better work! We can't trust men! We don't need men!"

Chibi-Usa transforms and contradicts the cloaked person. The person throws off her cloak. She is wearing a sailor fuku and her hair is tied in two odango. She says that she is Sailor Moon, and the girls say that Sailor Moon cannot be wrong. Chibi-Moon looks for a minute. "You're lying!" she says. "Sailor Moon doesn't have such fat legs!"

The chubby Sailor Moon falls to the ground and transforms into a sobbing Vega. She cries that without Altair, she watches TV and eats all day. Then, one year, he saw her without her makeup on and ever July 7th since, it has rained. The two assistants tell Vega that men only like young, pretty girls and that Altair has probably already found himself a new wife.

Diana recognizes the two assistants as Epsilon and Theta, two of the three weaver stars. Sailor Chibi-Moon attacks, destroying the two women and all the Sailor Moon watches. The clouds open up, revealing a crescent moon. Altair comes down from the sky to see Vega. "I love you," he says to Vega. "Young pretty girls with slender legs are good," (Vega hits him on the head) "but my wife is the best woman!"

The next day, Chibi-Usa tells Mamoru what happen. He apologizes profusely for mixing her up in it with the watch. He offers to buy her anything she wants. "Really!? Then I want a pearl and gold pendant! I love you having money, Mamo-chan!" Usagi goes ballistic and Mamoru groans.

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