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Act 9: Selenity/Princess

Sailor Moon screams as Tuxedo Kamen falls to the ground. He looks up at her and sees the girl from his dreams. "Is the one always calling me in my dreams... you?"

Sailor Moon suddenly remembers that something like this has happened before. A long time ago, she cried over someone named Endymion.

"Endymion... that is my name." Tuxedo Kamen remembers his past life as Endymion, Prince of Earth. He was reborn in this time as Chiba Mamoru to meet the Princess he had lost in the past... Sailor Moon. He touches her face and goes limp. Sailor Moon screams and her tiara shatters, revealing a crescent Moon mark. The one on Sailor Venus' forehead fades away and is replaced by a tiara.

Kneeling with Tuxedo Kamen's head in her lap, Sailor Moon changes into Princess Selenity. The pocket watch starts to run backwards, and everyone remembers her past life.

A long time ago, Selenity lived on the Moon and Endymion was the highest-ranking Prince on Earth. The two fell in love, and Selenity often went down to Earth to visit him. Even though love between the people of the Moon and Earth was forbidden, they continued to see each other. Meanwhile, a jealous Beryl was stirring up trouble, demanding that the people of Earth be given the Ginzuishou. Endymion tried to stop the fighting. Backed by Queen Metallia, Beryl killed Endymion in front of Selenity.

As she remembers Endymion's death, Selenity begins to cry: she has finally found the one she loves, only to lose him again. Her tear shines and condenses into the Ginzuishou. The light from the crystal repels Kunzite, but Beryl secures a link to the surface. Through this link, Metallia senses the Ginzuishou's power.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, the glass coffins holding the decayed remains of the generals shatter. The bodies go through reverse decomposition, restored by the light of the Ginzuishou. Kunzite regains his memories of when he and the other generals served "Endymion-sama." They had complained about the scrutiny of the Moon Kingdom, but Endymion had warned them that Beryl was lying to them. After their deaths, they were resurrected to find Endymion, but Beryl found them first. They were tricked into becoming her servants. As Kunzite remembers this, the restored bodies turn back into the stones they were named for.

The light from the Ginzuishou leaves the crystal and enters Tuxedo Kamen's body. Beryl sees this as an opportunity. Regaining control over Kunzite's mind, she orders him to steal Tuxedo Kamen's body. Frantic, Selenity tries to go after him. "It's no use!" the Senshi tell her. "We're no match for him!" They teleport back to the Command Center, dragging a crying Selenity with them.

In the Command Center, Sailor Venus straightens out what just happened. She is the true leader of the Senshi, whereas Sailor Moon is the Princess. Selenity remembers how happy she was on the Moon before the dispute that killed Endymion. The Senshi also remember that happy time and the evil that stole it from them. Selenity rubs the Ginzuishou against her cheek, thinking about Mamoru. She faints and collapses on the floor.

In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl has hooked Tuxedo Kamen's barely-alive body up to machines. She saw the light from the Ginzuishou enter him, but there is no trace of it anywhere. "I have no use for bodies not containing the Ginzuishou!" She raises her hand and the skin melts off Tuxedo Kamen's face, killing him.

Usagi wakes up in a panic, crying for Tuxedo Kamen.

Luna goes to the Command Center. She remembers that she and Artemis were put into a deep sleep after the destruction of the Moon Kingdom. Luna was sent to Earth to be Usagi's aide, to help her remember her past. She recalls how Sailor Venus was used as a decoy for the Princess, to protect Selenity and the Ginzuishou. Usagi was not supposed to awaken yet; the enemies are still too close. Luna believes that, had she restored more of Usagi's memory and recognized Tuxedo Kamen as Endymion, Usagi could have been spared all this pain. Artemis comforts her.

The girls ring Usagi's doorbell. Ikuko-mama answers and says that Usagi won't come out of her room and won't eat. She knows she should be a responsible mother and send Usagi to school, but she thinks her daughter has had a shock that has causes her to withdraw from the world for an entire week. Luna squeezes past Ikuko-mama and runs upstairs to Usagi's room. The girls follow her and go into the room.

Usagi is sitting on her bed, her hair out of its usual odango. Her hair extends well past her feet. Minako cuts Usagi's hair and puts it into her buns. She thinks that since Usagi's hair was long when she was Selenity, her present body is trying to compensate.

Holding up the Ginzuishou, Usagi comments on how it isn't shining anymore. Makoto reminds her that the light went into Tuxedo Kamen's body. The mention of his name makes Usagi frantic. "If we don't save him, his body will melt away..." Worried, Minako tries to console her.

"Let's go to the Moon!" Luna says. "To unlock all the secrets!"

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