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Act 8: Minako/Sailor V

The girl steps into the light, revealing herself as Sailor V. However, Sailor V is not wearing her usual fuku. The white cat introduces her as Sailor Venus, the final Sailor Senshi and Princess Selenity. Instead of wearing a tiara, Sailor Venus has a crescent Moon on her forehead.

Tuxedo Kamen hears the name Selenity. "Now... I feel I just remembered something important..." Sailor Venus spins around with her chain. She sees Tuxedo Kamen; he looks familiar to her. He runs away, wondering why he recognized the name Selenity and reproaching himself for not protecting Usagi.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is thrilled to be meeting her idol. Artemis, Sailor Venus' cat, tells the girls that the Sailor V game was actually a training program that taught them how to fight. Sailor Venus shakes everyone's hand and detransforms into Aino Minako, her "temporary form." The other girls follow her lead, and they all go to the Command Center where Luna is waiting. Minako fills them in on her year of fighting as Sailor V, the broken seal, and the need to reseal the evil. She says that she has the Ginzuishou, but is hiding it in a secret place.

Usagi has a dream that night. A man walks towards her in the fog. He calls her Selenity and clutches his chest. Usagi screams "Endymion!!" and wakes up. Even though it's early, she gets dressed and leaves the house.

In the park, she sees Mamoru reading a book about crystals. When he sees her standing there, Mamoru says that even when he's ashamed to see her [he failed to protect her the night before], it's like they are destined to meet. Speaking of destiny reminds Usagi of the pocket watch. She offers to give it back to him, but Mamoru suggests a trade: he keeps her handkerchief and she keeps his watch. Usagi happily agrees.

Luna sees Usagi and Mamoru. She still doesn't trust Mamoru, but Artemis tells her that she mustn't worry about that when there are more important things to do.

Queen Metallia tells Beryl that the Princess has finally arrived. She orders Beryl to attack the Princess and steal the Ginzuishou. Fueled by his anger over the other generals' deaths, Kunzite takes the job. He begins by plunging Tokyo into darkness.

Makoto feels the sudden loss of electricity. The girls transform and head for Tokyo Tower. Usagi can only worry and wonder if Tuxedo Kamen is all right. Meanwhile, Mamoru senses that someone dear to him is in danger.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation against Kunzite, but he blasts her off the tower. Tuxedo Kamen catches her in his arms. "This is dangerous!" she says to him. "The enemies will defeat us! All you can do is run far away!" She kisses him hard on the mouth and flies away. Tuxedo Kamen is left stunned.

The Senshi keep attacking Kunzite, but he absorbs the power from the attacks. Sailor Moon orders the Senshi to take the Princess far away from the fighting. As she addresses the girls, Kunzite fires again. Sailor Venus breaks away and tells everyone to protect Sailor Moon.

As the blast zeros in on Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen jumps in front of her. He is hit in the chest and falls to the ground.

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