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Act 7: Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask

Usagi wakes up in Chiba Mamoru's room and is understandably nervous. He explains to her that she collapsed after the battle. As he speaks, Usagi notices that he's wearing a tuxedo tie and that his voice sounds familiar. Laying on the floor, she sees a cape, top hat, and a mask. The mask fits perfectly over Mamoru's eyes. Usagi recognizes the deep blue color as the same as Tuxedo Kamen's eyes.

"Why are you Tuxedo Kamen?" she asks.

"I am because I must have the Ginzuishou for my memory." On his sixth birthday, Mamoru's parents were killed in a car accident. He survived, but lost his memory. A few years after the accident, he started to have a dream about a girl with long hair telling him to find the Ginzuishou. Tormented by the fact that he only knew he was Chiba Mamoru because the doctors told him so, he became Tuxedo Kamen, searching for the Ginzuishou to regain his memory.

After he tells her his story, Mamoru asks Usagi why she and her friends are searching for the Ginzuishou. She doesn't answer him, not because she doesn't trust him, but because she doesn't truly understand her mission herself. She thinks of Luna and the cat's warning about Tuxedo Kamen. Nervously, Usagi says that she has to go; Luna is waiting for her. As Mamoru hands her her school bag, he calls her "Usako." [Usako means something along the lines of "my little rabbit"]

Usagi is both surprised and touched by the name Usako. As she goes home, she thinks to herself: "Since I'm Usako, then.... If he's Mamoru.... I guess, Mamo-chan?" [a cute way of saying Mamoru] She takes out Mamoru's pocket-watch and kisses it. Back at his apartment, Mamoru takes out Usagi's handkerchief and kisses it.

At the game center, a shadowy figure appears on the screen of the Sailor V game. Luna tells the figure that the Senshi, especially Sailor Moon, are still not fully awakened. The figure fears that time is running out for the Senshi.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl pays a visit to Metallia. She explains that they have not yet found the Ginzuishou, and that they are worried the Senshi may already have it. When she hears Beryl mention the Senshi, Metallia becomes angry. She remembers the members of the Moon Kingdom, and she orders Beryl to steal the Ginzuishou immediately.

Beryl leaves Queen Metallia's chamber. She recalls how she found Metallia. Reincarnated on Earth, Beryl arrived at Point D of the Arctic Circle. There, she broke the seal placed on Metallia and released the Dark Kingdom. However, Beryl has no intention of being Metallia's underling for long. She wants the Ginzuishou and the Earth for herself.

Naru meets up with two girls from school at the video rental store. She says that since Usagi seems to be busy lately, she thought she'd rent a few movies for the weekend. The rental store is brand new, part of a chain of rental stores that have been openning in Tokyo lately. The name of the chain is "Rental Shop Dark."

Rei hears some people talking about watching videos all weekend. They mention the Ginzuishou, saying that they heard that Sailor Moon was hiding it. Rei doesn't like what she's hearing.

Usagi, Makoto, and Ami are eating lunch outside. Ami pulls up a file on Sailor V on her computer and shows it to Usagi. Usagi points out that Sailor V has a crescent moon mark on her forehead. "Don't you think this could be related to the Moon Kingdom Luna was talking about?"

Makoto dismisses the idea, since Luna hadn't seemed concerned about Sailor V, but Ami thinks Usagi may be using her new abilities to sense information about Sailor V. To herself, Usagi thinks that she was only able to use her new power because Tuxedo Kamen was with her. "I can't talk to them about it," she thinks. If she tells them that Tuxedo Kamen is really Chiba Mamoru, she'll have to tell them how he also knows that she is Sailor Moon. If Luna found out, she'd forbid Usagi from seeing Mamoru again. Just the thought of never seeing him again makes her heart hurt.

Umino shows up, bringing Usagi out of her thoughts. He spots the Sailor V data and begins to go on and on about how he's goint to be the first person to find out who Sailor Moon is. The girls are shaken up, but relieved that Umino doesn't know their secret identities. Luna remarks that Umino's eyes looked funny, and Usagi notices that Naru has been acting strangely lately. Luna inspects Naru's school bag and finds a VHS cassette marked "Rental Shop Dark."

The girls and Luna run to the game center and place the VHS cassette on the Sailor V game. The game knocks the cassette to the floor. Luna suspects the enemies. The video game's Sailor V comes to life on the screen and talks to Usagi. "What are you doing hesitating, Sailor Moon!? This is the enemies' brainwashing video!" Ami plays the tape in the command center.

"Find Sailor Moon! Get the secret of the Ginzuishou! Capture Sailor Moon!" the tape says. "Take her alive! Sacrifice Sailor Moon to the Dark Kingdom!"

In the streets, the brainwashed people gather to look for Sailor Moon. She appears in front of them and uses Moon Healing Escalation. Zoisite attacks Sailor Moon, who tries to deafeat him with Moon Twilight Flash. Zoisite dodges the attack and grabs Sailor Moon by her neck. The other Senshi try to help, but Zoisite has a shield around himself and Sailor Moon. He prepares to drive a stake through her neck. "Die!"

Tuxedo Kamen watches from a rooftop, but the shield prevents him from saving Sailor Moon. "Usako!!" he yells.

A boomerang slices through Zoisite, killing him and freeing Sailor Moon. The shadowy figure of a girl in a sailor fuku appears. A white cat stands behind her.

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