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Act 6: Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon stares at the rod. "I'm the leader!?" She detransforms and holds the rod in disbelief. Luna explains that it's Usagi's new item and she'll teach her how to use it soon. Usagi then introduces the "four ally soldiers" who will protect the Princess.

Mamoru dream that a girl with long hair is walking towards him. She keeps whispering "The Ginzuishou". He wakes up before he can see who she is. He has been having this same dream for a while: always a long-haired girl asking for the Ginzuishou. And every time she's about to step out of the fog so he can see her face, Mamoru wakes up.

Usagi runs off to school, leaving Luna behind. The cat opens the morning newspaper and is shocked at the headline: "The Ginzuishou!?" Tuxedo Kamen's picture is under the headline. He spoke to the media and revealed that the Ginzuishou is a precious treasure that he must find. Also included in the article are smaller pictures of Sailor Moon and Sailor V.

For once, Usagi meets Ami and Makoto at the bus stop on time. She casually mentions to Ami that she's been having strange dreams that wake her up early. She spots Mamoru walking towards them and makes an evil face at him. Makoto asks who he is and interprets Usagi's blushing as a sign that she likes him. Usagi insists that it's not like that, and offers him to Ami. Ami declines, saying she'd rather have Motoki. Suddenly, Ami snaps out of her daydream and tells Usagi and Makoto about the morning newspaper.

Meanwhile, Luna is busy making phone calls to the newspaper office. She is told that Tuxedo Kamen offered the story to the paper, and that the reporters are looking for anybody with more information. Needless to say, Luna is horrified.

Tuxedo Kamen reads his own story in the paper. "I'm sure to gather information now," he says to himself. "The Ginzuishou... no matter what it takes, I will get it."

Back at the Dark Kingdom's headquarters, Zoisite and Kunzite watch news coverage about the Ginzuishou on a wall of TVs. Kunzite is amused by the fact that now there are four parties interested in finding the crystal: the Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, the Dark Kingdom, and the humans. Queen Beryl fails to see the humor. She demands more human energy, and Zoisite offers to get it.

Everyone in Juuban is thrilled about the possibility of a lost treasure. The people talk about an upcoming TV special about the crystal.

Back at the Crown Game Center, Ami feels uneasy about all the media coverage. She thinks that only an enemy would direct so much attention on the Ginzuishou. Luna reluctantly agrees, saying that she didn't want to think Tuxedo Kamen was an enemy, but his actions leave no other conclusion. Usagi thinks to herself that this can't be true.

During the meeting, Makoto brings up a good point: how can they fight enemies they can't see? Luna answers by saying that these present-day enemies might be the ones she remembers from long ago. Those enemies were led by an evil creature who longed to take control of the surface. "If that thing obtains the unbelievable power of the Ginzuishou.... it will be horrible." The girls are taken aback by how strong Luna makes the Ginzuishou sound: "Using it, one can easily blow apart a single planet." She tells the four girls more about their mission: the Princess carries the blood of the ancient Moon Kingdom and possibly the crystal itself. It is the destiny of the four ally soldiers to protect this Princess; for this reason, Luna was sent from the Moon to find them.

Seeking escape from Luna's words, Usagi plays the Sailor V game. She notices that the V-chan is using a crescent moon rod that looks just like hers. This makes Usagi wonder if Sailor V could be an ally too. Luna doesn't particularly sense any power from Sailor V, but she says that it's a possibility.

The TV special about the Ginzuishou is aired. A Professor Izono claims to be an authority on the crystal and tells the public that it can grant eternal youth and extraordinary powers. Everyone watching the show is bewitched to think of nothing but finding the Ginzuishou. However, even with all of Japan searching, the crystal cannot be found. Izono (who is Zoisite in disguise) becomes disgusted and decides to drain everyone's energy through the TV.

Mamoru is walking down the sidewalk and notices that the city has come to a complete stop. People are lying collapsed in the street.

Luna is typing at a laptop when she sees that it is after school, but the streets are very quiet. Suddenly, Ami staggers in. "My body has no strength.... before my eyes, everyone's getting worn out and falling down." The two run to the game center, and Luna opens up the secret command center in the basement. Using the computers, Luna and Ami discover an unusual signal being transmitted from Tokyo Tower.

Usagi staggers down the street on the verge of fainting. As she falls, Mamoru rushes over. The crescent moon rod falls from Usagi's bag. Mamoru picks her up off the ground. In her semi-conscious state, Usagi feels the strength flow back into her body. She opens her eyes and sees Tuxedo Kamen standing over her. He confesses that his "rash actions" have caused all this trouble, and that he only wanted more information about the Ginzuishou. He urges her to transform into Sailor Moon. Shocked that he knows her alter-ego, Usagi transforms.

During Usagi's encounter with Tuxedo Kamen, Ami has been able to find Makoto and Rei. The three transform and ambush Zoisite. However, he gets away from them, only to run into Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor Moon is at a loss: "I can't do fog or fire or call storms.... I have no power."

Tuxedo Kamen takes her in his arms. "You can do it," he tells her. Her crescent moon rod begins to glow. Remembering the V-chan's rod, Sailor Moon holds up her own.

"Bring everyone back to life! Please!" Light bursts from the rod, waking up the people. Exhausted, she falls backwards into Tuxedo Kamen's arms. Pleased with her actions, he picks her up and carries her away. His pocket watch catches on her shirt and slips from his pocket. In her dreams, Sailor Moon feels a sense of déjà vu, as if she remembers "these hands" from long ago.

Sailor Moon awakes in a bed. She is disoriented from both the battle and a strange dream of a man calling out to her. As she moves to get out of the bed, Sailor Moon sees a broken pocket stuck to her skirt (it's a Moon phase watch). She recognizes it as Tuxedo Kamen's. She detransforms.

Usagi is now convinced that Tuxedo Kamen isn't her enemy. He always helps her and seems to know everything about her. She wonders what compels him to help her.

The bedroom door opens. "Have you come to?" a voice asks.

Usagi finds herself staring at Chiba Mamoru.

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