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Act 5: Makoto/Sailor Jupiter

Usagi is dreaming. She sees a shadowy figure moving towards her through the fog. Just as the figure reaches her, the alarm goes off and Luna wakes her up.

As Usagi and Luna walk to school in the rain, they discuss the series of strange dreams Usagi has been having. Luna is still suspicious of Tuxedo Kamen and warns Usagi to stay away from him. To herself, Usagi thinks that she'll still see him. "It's familar," she thinks, "Like I knew him a long time ago."

Luna and Usagi are so wrapped up in talking that they do not notice the car speeding towards them. Suddenly, a girl wearing a lace-up uniform blouse and a very long skirt grabs Usagi and carries her out of the car's path. When the girl sets her down safely, Usagi is stunned by her height. Usagi can only stutter a thanks and notice the girl's rose-shaped earrings.

At school, Naru shows off a picture of herself dressed as a bride. Her cousin is getting married, and Naru is in the bridal party. When they went for their dresses, Naru tried on a wedding dress for fun. Usagi and the other girls are excited about the wedding, but Naru tells them that her cousin's fiance is missing and that no one knows where he could be. The girls are too interesting in being brides themselves in the future to let the missing groom bother them.

As the girls chatter, the tall girl passes them, repeating her "Be careful" warning to Usagi. The other girls are slightly horrified at her tough attitutude and unusual height. Umino arrives and tells them that the new girl "possesses superhuman strength and gets into fights," the latter being the reason she was expelled from her old school.

During lunch, Usagi spots the new girl again. She notices the girl's delicious-looking lunch and debates introducing herself. Before she can move, a rogue baseball comes flying right at her head. The new girl jumps up and catches the ball, sending it flying back into the infield. After a few awkward moments, the girl offers Usagi some sushi, cementing the new friendship.

After school, Usagi takes the new girl to play the Sailor V game at the game center. Ami and Luna meet up with them. Everyone, including onii-san, is amazed at the girl's powess at the game. Onii-san asks the new girl where she's from. "I transferred to class six of eigth grade at Juuban Junior High," she says. "I'm Kino Makoto."

"I'm Furuhata Motoki," answers onii-san. Usagi is shocked at how long Motoki's name is, and he tells the girls they can call him "Furu-chan" like his friends do in college. That leads Usagi to christen Makoto "Mako-chan."

Ami tells them about a rumor she heard about the bridal shop near the mall: "That balcony mannequin prowls this neighborhood at night and enchants strolling men." Everyone is convinced the mannequin is a ghost.

The girls go to the Hikawa Shrine and tell Rei about the cursed bridal shop. Rei sticks her nose up in the air. "It's the fault of the man to be enchanted by a ghost." Seeing her firends' shock, she adds, "I do not trust men." Apparently Makoto has had enough for one day by this time and says goodbye to the girls. Luna waits until she is out of earshot to tell Usagi that they had better check out the ghost.

Later in the evening, the mannequin comes to life and slips off the balcony.

Motoki says good night to a friend and closes up the game center for the night. Out on the street, he is confronted by the mannequin.

Makoto walks past the game center on her way home. Motoki comes out of the shadows. "Hey, Mako-chan. I've been waiting for you." His eyes are blank. "I love you now. Look into my eyes."

Mamoru is walking home, reading as he goes. He looks up and spots Motoki and Makoto.

A soft sound makes Usagi wake up. Crouched in her window is Tuxedo Kamen. Luna awakes to see Usagi running down the street behind him. Panicked, she calls Ami and Rei for help.

Tuxedo Kamen leads Usagi to Motoki and Makoto. She immediately recognizes the prescence of an enemy. She grabs her diguising pen.

The mannequin watches Motoki and Makoto. "Devote more energy," she cackles, "After that, your bodies will be left as mannequins and you will become sacrifices to our great ruler!"

A handsome blonde groom steps into the light. "Well, beautiful bride," he says to the surprised mannequin. "Your groom is here." He throws his right arm into the air.

"Moon Prism Power! Make up!" Usagi transforms and joins Sailors Mars and Mercury. "I will not allow you to take the sacred form of a bride and take advantage of the whisperings of love!"

Makoto hears this and realizes that Motoki doesn't really love her; she's been duped. Furious, she attacks the mannequin youma. Luna sees her incredible strength and tosses Makoto a henshin pen. Makoto becomes Sailor Jupiter and destroys the youma with "Flower Hurricane." She then calls down lightning and zaps Nephrite, who had been possessing the mannequin the entire time.

Kunzite watches Nephrite die from within the castle. He warns Zoisite that he'd better be smarter than Nephrite if he wants to bring honor to the name of the four generals. Oueen Beryl looks into her crystal ball impateintly. "The Ginzuishou! Bring it to me quickly!"

Back at the game center, Tuxedo Kamen disappears. Luna has a new appreciation for him, since he brought Usagi to the scene of the crisis. Meanwhile, Motoki is revived, and Sailor Jupiter explains that she had her heart broken by an older boy at her old school. "But, the reason I transferred schools was because I somehow got the feeling that I had to. The wind brought me here."

Luna appears behind the Senshi, holding a short rod with a crescent moon on its top. "Sailor Moon, the four soldiers have gathered. You will be their leader, to protect the Ginzuishou and the Moon Princess!"

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