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Act 40: Dream 7: Elysian Dream

Usagi is sleeping in Mamoru's bed. She's very comfortable, but she hears someone calling her. She opens her eyes and sees a little boy with short black hair that looks just like her Mamo-chan. He leans over and kisses her. Now Usagi is very confused. The little Mamo-chan tells Usagi that he's making breakfast--she has to get up and get dressed.

Usagi (who is also very little) gets dressed and goes into the kitchen. Mamoru has already made breakfast and done Usagi's homework. Usagi wonders aloud if this is all a dream, but Mamoru laughs and tells her she can't dream while she's wide awake. He says that his dream has come true: he just wants to live with Usagi and go to school with her everyday.

Usagi is even more confused--her Mamo-chan has never been this sweet. She questions little Mamoru. "Wasn't [your dream] to become a doctor?"

"My dream is to marry you," he answers. "What's your dream, Usa-chan?"

At that moment, normal 15-year-old Usagi wakes up in her grown-up Mamoru's arms. She realizes that she was dreaming and is a little disappointed. Now she also sees that she and Mamoru are their rightful ages again. She asks Elios how they were returned to their normal bodies, but Elios tells her to keep her voice down. They are in Elysion and Nehelenia is near-by. As for their return to normal, Elysion has purifying powers.

Usagi and Mamoru look around at the land. Everything is black, broken, and barren. Even the roses are black. This, explains Elios, is a sign of the curse. He leads them to the shrine and up the white staircase. At the top of the stairs are two girls encased in crystal. They have odango hairstyles just like Usagi. These were the maidens called maenads who protected the shrine. The crystal protects them from the curse and is the key for purifying the land.

Mamoru looks around and remarks that everything seems so familiar to him. "Prince," says Elios, "your kinsmen have always protected this shrine and Elysion. This is the place where your dead kingdom, the Golden Kingdom, used to be." Memories come back to Mamoru. He remembers living in Elysion and loving it. Elios completes the story, recalling how the Prince protected the planet from within, while the Silver Millennium protected it from without. Elios was and still is the priest of this shrine, and he offered his prayers for the Earth's safety.

Elios continues, telling Usagi and Mamoru that the protectors of Earth were equal in strength and power. The Silver Millennium had its Ginzuishou [gin = silver], and the Golden Kingdom of Elysion Kinzuishou [kin = gold]. But now, the Kinzuishou is missing and dormant. Elios was told by a woman in a vision to find the "Maiden" that carrires "the beautiful dream". She can break the seal on the Kinzuishou. The woman in the vision identified herself as "Princess Lady Selenity". Elios figured that the vision referred to Usagi. He wants her to use her Ginzuishou to find the missing stone.

Usagi thinks hard. She knows the Kinzuishou is sealed away, no one can find it, and that it is very powerful. Suddenly, she has an epiphany. The Kinzuishou is inside Mamoru's body! "You've always filled me with strength," she explains. "That strength always guided the power of my Ginzuishou. That strength was the strength of the Kinzuishou!"

Mamoru recalls that he always felt like he was holding Usagi back. But now that he knows about his past as protector of Earth, he can be her equal partner. Usagi tells Mamoru about her recent dream. Her dream is to protect Earth, along with her Mamo-chan. "What's your dream?" she asks him.

"My dream, too," Mamoru says, "is to protect this planet together with you." The two embrace.

Usagi turns and sees Pegasus lying in a golden cage. She runs towards him even as Elios yells for her to stay put. She gets an electrical shock when she touches thew bars. This alerts Nehelenia to their presence.

Sensing danger, Elios creates a sphere of light to carry Usagi, Mamoru, and himself out of Nehelenia's grasp. She shoots electricity at them, striking Elios. He cries out for Usagi and Mamoru to escape to the surface and protect the Earth.

Back in Tokyo, the Senshi are gathered around the spot where Usagi and Mamoru disappeared. Suddenly, they reappear in a flash of light. They both transfom. The Senshi quickly tell them that Sailors Chibi-Moon and Saturn followed the Amazoness Quartet into the forest and still haven't returned. Sailor Moon panics.

Nehelenia is worried about her take-over of Earth, but she cannot but her finger on the exact problem. Zirconia sees no need for worry: Elios has become weak and they now have the perfect opportunity to attack.

Sailor Moon leads everyone into the forest, looking for the two missing Senshi. The forest is more like a jungle, hot and oppressive. The Senshi cannot breathe, and Tuxedo Kamen coughs up blood.

In Elysion, Elios offers up his final prayer. The temperature in the forest drops and crystal engulfs the land. This is the limit of Elios' power. He starts to fade away, but he is happy that he met the Prince, Princess, and the small maiden. Tuxedo Kamen screams for him to hold on, but Elios is gone.

Zirconia and Nehelenia laugh at Elios' demise. Zirconia grows to an immense size and attacks. Beams shoot out from her body, striking Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen in their chests. The beams cut straight through, drawing spurts of blood. The Senshi scream as the two collapse.

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