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Act 39: Dream 6: New Soldier Dream

A young girl with short dark hair sits on the floor. She reads a poem about the Second Coming. As she finishes, we see a large house in the country. A picture of Usagi floats over the house.

Haruka sits at a red light in her Ferrari. A driver pulls up alongside her and adoringly goes over the stats of her car. He finally turns his direction to the driver who is wearing a ring and an earring. He wonders whether this is a man or a woman. He decides Haruka is a woman and asks her out on a date. Haruka floors the Ferrari and speeds off.

Michiru is in a CD store, holding some flowers and perusing the CDs. A fan recognizes her and asks to shake her hand. However, Haruka jumps in and shakes the fan's hand instead. She thanks the fan for buying all of Michiru's CDs and then steers Michiru out of the store.

Haruka apologizes to Michiru for being so late. She puts her arm around Michiru and questions where the white flowers came from. "I bought them," Michiru explains,"to celebrate it being exactly half a year since the start of our new life."

As the two walk down the street, everyone comments on what a talented and beautiful couple they are (most people mistake Haruka for a man). Haruka lets Michiru drive the Ferrari home. As they go, Haruka spots a sale on powdered formula and diapers, but Michiru reminds her that their "princess" has outgrown those things.

Back at the country house, Setsuna is trying to work on the computer. She, too, wears a ring. As she types, she hears a loud bang and then crying coming from the kitchen. Setsuna is very annoyed at the interruption.

The young girl sits on the kitchen floor and cries. She's broken some dishes and cut her arm. Michiru and Haruka come home, and the girl runs to them. We see she's a very young Hotaru. She asks "Haruka-papa" if they can continue their game, but Haruka says that Hotaru has to have her violin lesson with "Michiru-mama".

Michiru walks into the kitchen and sees her expensive dinner plates in pieces on the floor. Setsuna tries to apologize, saying she left Hotaru quietly reading a book. Michiru calms down as she recalls how Hotaru loves to read poetry. Setsuna agrees that Hotaru's tastes are maturing quickly, as is her body. In half a year, Hotaru's grown to about age 6. Haruka agrees as well: "When we changed her diapers, she was a calm child. But she steadily got worse, becoming this naughty brat."

Setsuna remembers how there was a solar eclipse several weeks after they all started living together. She felt space distort as the eclipse passed. Panicked, Setsuna tried to transform but was unsuccessful. To this day, Setsuna has been uneasy.

Other children have arrived for the violin lesson. They eagerly await Hotaru's turn to play the violin. As Hotaru plays, white wings stretch out behind her. A pegasus ghost leaps into the air, frightening the children, just as it does everytime Hotaru plays the violin. The children understand that Hotaru has the power to draw the ghost out. However, today another vision appears. A small girl with pointed odango chases the pegasus. Michiru recognizes the child. "Small Lady!?" Hotaru chases the vision down the hall where she sees the pegasus collapse in pain and the girl cries over its body. Michiru arrives and looks down at Hotaru, whose eyes have become vacant and cold. "Just like Saturn," Michiru thinks. She explains to Hotaru that the ghost girl is in pictures with herself, Haruka, and Setsuna. Hotaru doesn't answer.

After dinner, Haruka and Michiru watch Hotaru play her solar system game. Hotaru uses her power to create the solar system in miniature. She describes the solar system in very mature terminology as her adoptive parents watch. Looking at the little Earth, Haruka is reminded of Usagi. Both Haruka and Michiru would like to see the younger girls again. Hotaru draws them out of their thoughts.

"Now, it's just past the recent total solar eclipse."

The couple gasps as the Earth turns black. Hastily, Haruka stops the game and tells Hotaru to take a bath and go to bed.

While Hotaru is in the bath, Setsuna explains that the rift in the space-time occured right over Tokyo and that enemies must have invaded the Earth at that point. Haruka and Michiru confirm that they felt the same presence that day, but that they are powerless to stop the invasion. They chose to raise Hotaru, to give up the life of Senshi.

As Hotaru undresses for her bath, Sailor Saturn appears in the large mirror. Hotaru doesn't recognize the Senshi, but the Senshi explains herself. "I am the sleeping you, inside of you." The two touch hands.

Hotaru continues reading in the bath. She sees the other Senshi in her mind. The symbol of Saturn glows on her forehead. She gets out of the tub, now grown to the age of 13. She puts up her hand to the Sailor Saturn in the mirror. "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself," says Hotaru. "The time has come. The time of our new awakening. Whenever we are reincarnated, who we live for is decided."

Hotaru enters the living room. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna have visions of themselves as Senshi and of Usagi. They realize that they are not bound by their past lives; they can fight with the other girls instead of at a distance. Hotaru opens her hands and holds out 3 heart-shaped crystals. A chalice appears in front of her. An image of Selenity and Endymion floats over the chalice and is then sucked inside. Hotaru picks a white rose from a bouquet, but it turns black. "A crisis is approaching our Prince and Princess," Hotaru cries. "We must go!"

Everyone's planetary symbol appears on their foreheads. They realize they no longer need their promise rings--Hotaru's raising is complete. Quickly, they rush to the aid of the Senshi.

Meanwhile, Minako still hangs from the scaffolding, blood creeping drown her arm. Tears run down her face as she thinks of Artemis and the fun they had before the boulder crushed him. "Artemis, you and I were of one mind. You were my other self!"

Suddenly, the boulder rises in the air. A strong hand grasps Minako's arm and holds her in the air. Minako looks at his white air and at the cresent moon on his forehead. She recognizes human Artemis. Power spreads through Minako's body. "Even more than before, such strength. Artemis and I are linked together."

Artemis gives Minako a heart-shaped crystal. She grabs it.

"Venus Crystal Power! Make Up!"

Minako becomes Super Sailor Venus. She leaps onto the scaffolding and faces Ves-Ves. She uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock, but Ves-Ves sacrifices Xenotime and disappears. Angerd, Zeolite attacks by throwing daggers at Sailor Venus. She whips him, destroying him. Afterwards, she joins the other Senshi.

While the Senshi are celebrating Venus' new henshin, the Amazoness Quartet see their chance. Palla-Palla throws a ball into the air which explodes into vines that capture the Senshi. They prepare to finish off the Senshi once and for all.

Chibi-Usa stares out the window. She feels uneasy because she can't see a single star in the night sky. She remembers Pegasus talking about the darkness spreading. She wishes she could see Elios, but she doesn't kow where to find him. She doesn't even know where to find Elysion.

Usagi comes home and asks how Mamoru is doing. Chibi-Usa hears her coughing and becomes concerned.

The 4 trapped Senshi cry for Sailor Moon, but receive a surprise. Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru burst into the circus tent and transform. Sailor Haruka uses World Shaking to destroy the vines and free the Inners. Sailor Pluto aims Dead Scream at the Quartet, but they dodge it.

Artemis, now back in his cat form, urges Sailor Venus to call Sailor Moon. Uranus, however, doesn't think Sailor Moon will be able to hear her cries.

Usai lies in her bed, coughing uncontrollably as Chibi-Usa watches. Panicked, she races outside to find the other girls.

Back at the circus tent, Palla-Palla tries to crush the Senshi with boulders, but Neptune uses Deep Submerge to shatter the rocks. Venus is concerned because Sailor Moon still hasn't arrived. Neptune explains that a crisis is threatening the Prince and Princess.

"We've gathered for that," says Sailor Pluto. "We can't avoid this destiny. So we'll protect those two with all our strength. We'll cut our way through our new destiny. That is the true mission of the ten Senshi."

Ves-Ves attacks, but Sailor Uranus deflects it. Sailor Saturn kneels on the ground.

Chibi-Usa hears a voice calling for Small Lady. She thinks she recognizes it as Hotaru's voice. Usagi hears it too and sits up. She can sense that the Senshi are all together and fighting. Chibi-Usa gets the hand mirror that Michiru gave her. In the glass, she sees the 4 Outer Senshi. They've come back, just as they had promised. Usagi sees it too, but starts coughing. She urges Chibi-Usa to go on ahead. Chibi-Usa transforms into Super Sailor Chibi-Moon and directs the mirror to take her to the Senshi. She vanishes.

Usagi runs out of the house, determined to get to the other Senshi. She sees Mamoru running towards her. He heard her voice calling to him. As he reaches her, however, Usagi collapses into his arms. "Usa!?" he cries. "It can't be! Have your lungs been attacked too!?"

But Usagi refuses to be held back. "Everyone's gathering. Something is going to happen. We have to go. I'm the one who has to defeat the enemies."

Sailor Venus shakes Sailor Uranus in a panic, desperate for answers about the plight of the Prince and Princess. Neptune realizes that there is no time for panic and desperation. She uses Submarine Reflection to blast a hole through the top of the circus tent. A dark moon hangs in the sky. Venus is in shock--that moon wasn't there when the Senshi entered the tent. The nightmares are spreading.

Sailor Chibi-Moon runs through the darkened streets. The darkness cannot hide the deteriorating state of Tokyo. People are fighting at every turn. Chibi-Moon cannot believe that this used to be Juuban. She looks up in the sky and sees the dark moon.

Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen arrive at the circus tent along with Chibi-Moon. They spot the Outers, but this causes Sailor Moon more alarm than anything else. Before she can ask them why they have reemerged, Zirconia appears. She chastises the Amazoness Quartet for not killing the Senshi. She then turns her attention to Sailor Moon. "Ones of the White Moon Kingdom! You were reborn on this planet! But it is too late. This city is already ours. This planet, too, is practically under our rule."

The image of Nehelenia appears in the sky. She is thrilled that humans put up very little resistance to the nightmares. She even laughs that the Earth's defenders are too weak to fight off the nightmares themselves. Sailor Moon yells that she will not allow the Dark Moon to prey on the weaknesses of humans. Zirconia raises her staff. "You should be eliminated!"

Zircon, the winged eyeball, leaves Zirconia's staff and flies towards Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. It shoots a beam of light at the pair.

In his golden cage, Pegasus senses danger. He knows the Prince and Princess are being attacked. Pegasus appears in front of Chibi-Moon.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen start to shrink. Their transformations break under the power of Zircon's beam. Mamoru grabs Usagi as their clothes envelope their shrinking frames. Zircon has reversed time, changing Usagi and Mamoru into six-year-old children. However, they continue to cough. Chibi-Moon remembers how Pegasus said that a curse changed him into a flying horse. She wonders if this is the second part of that curse.

The Amazoness Quartet laugh that now there is no Sailor Moon or Tuxedo Kamen to protect the planet. Sailor Chibi-Moon and Sailor Saturn get angry and chase the retreating Quartet.

Pegasus looks down at the two coughing children that used to be his Prince and Princess. He worries that they no longer have any resistance against the nightmares and that they will be killed. A light shines from the jewel on his forehead and he vanishes along with Usagi and Mamoru.

As Sailors Chibi-Moon and Saturn chase the Quartet, Chibi-Moon remarks that Saturn has grown up very quickly. Saturn agrees. "To fulfill my destiny," she explains, "and so I can fight together with you!" The two young Senshi run into a circus tent.

The Amazoness Quartet girls are waiting inside. As soon as they see Sailors Chibi-Moon and Saturn, they attack. "Natto ball!" yells Palla-Palla, and the Senshi are covered with natto [fermented soybeans]. Jun-Jun launches another attack, but Saturn uses Silence Wall to shield herself and Chibi-Moon.

"Your spirits are also ruled by the nightmares!" Sailor Saturn yells to the Quartet. The girls don't believe her, but Saturn persists. "You're only using that power as a perverted form of the power inside you!" Chibi-Moon realizes that Saturn is making a lot of sense. The Quartet begins to see it too.

"You are only being manipulated by the dead," Saturn exclaims. The Quartet stops attacking. Sailor Saturn has gotten through to them. Hesitantly, Jun-Jun reaches out to Sailor Saturn. A blast knocks back her hand. Everyone looks up to see Zirconia floating above them. The Amazoness Quartet cries out in fear for forgiveness, but Zirconia is out of patience. She banishes the girls to four balls and then orders Zircon to take care of the Senshi. Chibi-Moon raises her Moon Kaleidoscope, but Zircon telekinetically raises two glass shards and throws them at the Senshi. Sailor Chibi-Moon and Sailor Saturn are sucked inside the shards.

Pleased with herself, Zirconia passes the shards and the four balls through the black mirror. Nehelenia smiles as the spoils of the battle land at her feet.

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