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Act 34: Dream 1: Eclipse Dream

Chibi-Usa writes a letter to her parents telling them that she plans to return to Crystal Tokyo on April 1. In a newspaper, a article about the upcoming total solar eclipse is printed.

The girls yell at Usagi to stop fooling around; otherwise, they're leaving without her. Usagi is standing under the trees with her arms outstretched and her eyes closed. Suddenly, she rushes towards them and jumps into their arms. She says that she's just so happy that she's finally in high school. Makoto agrees that all their hard work has paid off. Chibi-Usa however is incredulous that Usagi, who cannot even read kanji, is in high school. Rei says that there must have been a mistake with the grading, but Ami says that "when people face death, there's nothing they can't do." Usagi is insulted. Minako sticks up for her, saying that since they're now in the same school, the two can be failing buddies.

As they walk, the girls talk about which high school clubs they will join. Makoto wants to join a cooking club; Ami, a computer club; Rei, an archery club; and Minako, a volleyball club. Usagi thinks that she'll join a manga club since she reads a lot of manga. Mamoru arrives, and he and Ami talk about the KO University School of Medicine where he is currently a freshman. Ami hopes to enroll there too after high school.

Usagi tells the girls that she and Mamoru will be back after they see Chibi-Usa off to the 30th century. Everyone says good-bye to Chibi-Usa and Diana. As Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa walk to Ichionashi Park, the little girl asks if she can ride on Mamoru's shoulders. He scoops her up and slings her across his shoulders. She laughs as Usagi scowls. Usagi goes through a list of things Chibi-Usa may have forgotten to pack, but she's remembered everything. Diana thanks Usagi and Mamoru for making them feel welcome all through Small Lady's training.

As the family nears the park, they see a large crowd of people gathered. Mamoru explains that the people are here to see the total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the new Moon hides the sun, and it only happen once every millennium. The three get black-tinted boards so tey can watch the eclipse without damaging their eyes. The Moon begins to pass in front of the sun, making the city dark.

Suddenly, Usagi and Chibi-Usa hear a tinkling sound, just like a small bell. The turn around and come face-to-face with a white pegasus with a golden horn on his forehead, standing in a forest. "Help me, Maiden," he says before he fades away. Both Usagi and Chibi-Usa think the maiden is herself. While they argue, Mamoru stares at the place where the pegasus stood; he saw the horse too.

In another part of the park, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako watch the eclipse. They overhear a mother telling her daughter to make a wish on the eclipse. Minako wishes to be an idol, Mokoto wants to be a bride and a florist or a baker, Ami wishes that she can be a great doctor, and Rei wants to be the chief priestess at Hikawa Shrine.

Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa continue to watch the eclipse. Without warning, Mamoru doubles over in pain. He dismisses it for the benefit of a worried Usagi and Diana, but he wonders what it was. From inside the eclipse, a ship reminiscent of a Chinese junk sails into the sky. Voices coming from the junk hail the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus. Mamoru is perplexed by all the strange things that have happened during the eclipse: the pegasus, the woods, and now the junk. Again, he feels a pain. "It's not a dream," Mamoru thinks to himself. "I feel an ominous foreboding..."

The girls have seen the flying junk as well. They wonder if they're the only ones who saw it, since no one else seems concerned. Phobos and Deimos arrive and bring Rei an newspaper clipping about the eclipse and the Moon tarot card. That card represents anxiety and bad fortune. Worried that her crows are trying to tell her something, Rei leads the girls in a serach for Usagi.

With all the people in the park, Chibi-Usa cannot find a secluded place to open up the portal to the 30th century. Usagi suggests they kill some time in the Juuban shopping center. Once there, they see a flyer advertizing the Dead Moon Circus, and Amazonian circus. The sidewalk is lined with booths hung with lanterns and candy, just like in a festival. Usagi and Chibi-Usa come across glass kaleidoscopes and beg Mamoru to buy them. When he is hesitant to purchase the toys, the two Usagis start a chorus of "Pleeeeeeease!" He finally pays 1000 yen for the kaledioscopes, smiling at Usagi and Chibi-Usa's joy.

From a distance, the girls keep an eye on the family, relieved that they're safe. They still can't figure out the Dead Moon Circus, though.

The clock chimes 5 o'clock, and Usagi is suprised that the park is still crowded. She thinks it's dangerous for Chibi-Usa to try to go home in the dark, so she suggests that Chibi-Usa go home tomorrow. Mamoru is reluctant to agree because he thinks her parents will worry, but Chibi-Usa says that her mother will think the letter is an April Fool's Day joke. Usagi adds that they'll get up extra early the next morning so Neo-Queen Selenity and King Endymion won't worry too much. Knowing he's outnumbered, Mamoru sweatdrops and gives in. Chibi-Usa gets stars in her eyes as she voices her next "request"....

At Mamoru's apartment, Chibi-Usa wears one of his button-down white shirts and brushes her loose hair. "Yay! I get to spend the night!" In another room, Usagi talks to her mother on the phone, telling her she's spending the night at Makoto's house in order to do some homework. Mamoru grimaces as he listens. Once in her pajamas, Usagi sits on the bed with Chibi-Usa, both admiring their kaleidoscopes. Mamoru throws a pillow at both of them and orders Chibi-Usa into bed. He then tells Usagi that she has to go home eventually. Usagi cries that she doesn't want to leave. Defeated once again, Mamoru gets into bed with them.

"Man," Mamoru says as he tucks Chibi-Usa under the covers, "when I raise my daughter, I'm really going to be strict with her." Usagi laments that she can never be a kid again, doing whatever she wants and depending upon others without apologizing. Mamoru groans that she always depends on him.

As the three settle down to sleep, Chibi-Usa sneaks a peek at Usagi. She wishes she could look grown-up like Usagi and asks herself if she'll be chibi forever. Usagi and Mamoru notice that their future daughter can't sleep. She asks them to tell her a story since her parents always do that when she can't sleep. Chibi-Usa says that her mother tells this story about the world on the other side of the mirror. When the mirror is pitch-black at night, you will be sucked into the other world if you look into the mirror. Usagi sees that Mamoru's mirror is black, and she hides under the covers.

Zirconia stands inside the circus' big-top, talking to her winged eyeball Zircon. She cannot function during the day because of the bright light. Once the night falls, Zirconia can move about freely. She calls out to a group of oddly-dressed girls. They decide to seal the doorway between the Earth and their world. The girl in a blue breastplate and skirt holds up three glowing balls. "Crown Ball!"

Chibi-Usa dreams. Pegasus returns to her and calls for "the Maiden" again. To Chibi-Usa's suprise, Pegasus says that she is the Maiden. He invites her to ride on his back and takes her for a flight over Tokyo. One area of the city is black and dark. Pegasus explains that the dark area is Juuban. When he lands, Pegasus gives Chibi-Usa a small bell. He tells her to ring it if she wants to see him again. "Who... are you?" Chibi-Usa asks.

"I am the Pegasus, Elios. Maiden, you will surely gain strength. So please, lend your strength to me. I want to save Elysion. I need the Kinzuishou [Golden Crystal]."

With that, Pegasus begins to fade. Chibi-Usa sees the image of a gilded cage and then an image of her parents. She wakes up and sees the bell on the nightstand. Covinced that it wasn't a dream, she gets dressed and quietly leaves the apartment.

Usagi and Mamoru sit up in bed. Both had the same dream about Chibi-Usa meeting Pegasus. Mamoru has another pain, but explains it away as a stomach virus. He promises Usagi that he'll go to the hospital if it gets any worse. While they're moving around the bedroom, they see a letter from Chibi-Usa. In it, she writes that she's going back home by herself.

In the park, Chibi-Usa pulls out her space-time key. The bells comes out with the key, and she begins to wonder about Elios. This leads her to think about her mother ("Get everything done, and I will wait anxiously for the day you return a wonderful success.") and Michiru ("Until we meet again, become a stronger, stronger solider."). She raises the key, but nothing happens. She tries again, but still gets no response. A shock touches her, causing her to fall back. Usagi and Mamoru run up as Pegasus appears again.

Inside the circus tent, the Amazoness Quartet sense something is wrong. They crack a whip at a tiger.

Chibi-Usa explains that Elios needs their help to save Elysion and to find the Kinzuishou. Usagi is leary about trusting Elios right away. The cats are more concerned with the space-time key not working. As they are trying to figure the morning's strange circumstances, Motoki and Unazuki come running up. A tiger's escaped from the circus and is running through Juuban. Usagi and Chibi-Usa run to where the tiger is terrorizing the city, while Mamoru suffers from another pain.

When they see the tiger, Usagi and Chibi-Usa try to transform. However, the power of the Holy Chalice depends on the nine Senshi. With the Outers gone, there is not enough power for Double Moon to transform. Suddenly, the brooches on their chests glow and transform into new heart-shaped brooches with wings. "Moon Crisis, Make Up!" They transform into Super Sailor Senshi.

The Amazoness Quartet challenge the two Senshi, using their glowing balls to conjure up lemures. These round black shadows fly at Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon. The Senshi have no weapons with which to defend themselves. Chibi-Moon remembers the bell Pegasus gave her. The bell appears in front of her and Pegasus' voice tells her to ring the bell and say "Twinkle Yell." She does it, and the kaleidoscopes Mamoru bought appear in the air.

The kaleidoscopes elongate and speak. Sailor Moon's is the Moon Kaleidoscope, and Chibi-Moon's is the Chibi-Moon Kaleidoscope. They tell their mistresses to say "Moon Gorgeous Meditation." By speaking these words, Double Moon causes the lemures to rip apart and the Amazoness Quartet to retreat. Mamoru arrives on the scene doubled over in pain. Pegasus and the gilded cage appears and says that the two girls have a "shining power." Mamoru collapses on the ground.

Zirconia summons the Amazoness Quartet, who address her as Grandma. She advises them to attack the Senshi from behind in order to conquer the Earth. The Amazoness Quartet address each other by name for the first time: Cere-Cere wears her pink hair in braids with a bun on the top; Jun-Jun has her green braids standing on top of her head; Ves-Ves has a long red ponytail; and Palla-Palla's four blue braids have little balls on the ends. They agree to use some of the animals in the circus against the Senshi. Palla-Palla turns a tiger, a hawk, and a fish into humans. They become Tiger-Eye, Hawk-Eye, and Fish-Eye.

Palla-Palla easedrops on Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon's thoughts as they tend to a fainted Mamoru. Sailor Moon realizes that she needs to be a responsible adult, whereas Chibi-Moon realizes that being a kid is just fine. Palla-Palla decides to have some fun with them. "The cry of their true desires is opposite to what they say! Opposite Ball!"

As the Senshi detransform, Palla-Palla's Opposite Ball strikes them. They look at each other. Usagi's uniform is way too big, falling off her shoulders and bunching around her ankles. Chibi-Usa's uniform is way too small, barely covering her body. Their ages have been reversed!

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