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Act 33: Infinity 10: Infinity

A large black cloud blankets the sky above the Mugen Zone. The ground splits and the Mugen Gakuen building is torn in half. Four balls of light shoot up into the air; they are the souls of the four Inner Senshi. Their bodies also float in the air. Mistress 9 laughs that the assimilation of Earth has begun.

Sailors Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto jump to the rooftops of the buildings that bear their surnames. Together, they raise their talismans into the sky, creating a three-pointed force field around the Mugen Zone. Mistress 9 scoffs at the idea, knowing that she will soon be free of her human body and that a force field will not be able to contain her.

A voice from deep within Mistress 9 cries out. The spirit of Hotaru appears and says that she will never let Mistress 9 get free. She will protect Chibi-Usa's stolen spirit and the Ginzuishou. While Mistress 9 is preoccupied with her struggle with Hotaru, Sailor Moon attacks. Mistress 9 sweeps the attack away and knocks Sailor Moon to the floor. In retaliation, she takes the souls of the Inner Senshi and allows their bodies to crash to the ground.

Within Mistress 9, Hotaru sees the four glowing balls. She gathers them to her body to protect them, adding them to Chibi-Usa's soul and the Ginzuishou. She then bursts out of Mistress 9's body. Hotaru returns the four souls to the Inners, and they come back to life. She stays long enough to smile at Sailor Moon before she flies away.

In his bedroom, Mamoru checks on Chibi-Usa. Hotaru's spirit is perched on the windowsill. She returns Chibi-Usa's soul and the Ginzuishou. The girl wakes up. "It must have been fate that we met," says Hotaru. The two friends hold hands until Hotaru's spirit fades away. Chibi-Usa cries a little, but she transforms into a Senshi in order to help Sailor Moon.

Chibi-Usa’s recovery and her show of strength overwhelm Mamoru. He makes a fist and transforms into Tuxedo Kamen. He and Sailor Chibi-Moon rush off to join the others.

Back at the Mugen Zone, Mistress 9 has freed herself from her human body and has become a daimon. She advances on the Inners and Sailor Moon. Sailor Chibi-Moon arrives and holds the daimon off with Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailor Moon to use the Holy Chalice to power-up. She summons the Chalice from the energy of the Senshi as Chibi-Moon watches in awe and admiration.

Suddenly, a crescent moon appears on Sailor Chibi-Moon's forehead. A second, smaller Chalice appears, and both Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon become Super Senshi. Together, they fly at the daimon, moon rods extended.

"Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache!"

The daimon only gets bigger. The four Inners and Tuxedo Kamen turn their power on it, but it merely absorbs the energy. A large swirling mass of blackness and stars appears in the sky. The daimon moves towards it, but the three Outers hold it in check. Chibi-Moon is unable to withstand the daimon's power and she faints, falling from the sky and landing in Tuxedo Kamen's arms. With a blast of blackness from its forehead, the daimon collapses on the Mugen Zone, covering everything in darkness.

Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto collapse as the black mass moves towards the ground. The force field disappears. The Inners, too, are affected; they crash onto the rooftops. Only Sailor Moon is left in the air. She is the only one left with the power to fight. Again, she calls for the Chalice. Tuxedo Kamen watches in alarm. "Usa!? What are you planning to do!?"

Sailor Moon begins to fly towards the Earth in a nosedive. "I am going to open the power of the Legendary Moon Chalice and the Ginzuishou inside that thing!" Tuxedo Kamen and Chibi-Moon scream in horror as she throws herself into the black mass that was once Mistress 9. The talismans begin to resonate, and the Outers lift them into the air.

The blackness opens up, and a figure rises from it. She is dressed in a sailor fuku and is lying on her back. As she floats enclosed in a sphere of light, the symbol of Saturn glows on her forehead. The others fear that Super Sailor Moon is dead.

Sailor Saturn stands and faces the Senshi. She explains to them that she was never supposed to awaken. Hotaru was supposed to die in the laboratory fire when she was little. However, Professor Tomoe saved her. "Hotaru began to live without life as a cyborg." Then the Professor summoned the Death Busters, and the largest collection of power began to gather on Earth: the Senshi and the Death Busters. "And then everything began the walk towards ruin," she says. "Everything was set up by fate. Now that I've awakened, I must bring down this silence glaive."

The silence glaive is the long-handled scythe she carries. Once she sweeps it down, the world will end. Sailor Saturn raises the glaive and brings it down. "Death Reborn Revolution!" The daimon's power is sucked away as ribbons encircle Saturn. Sailor Saturn twirls the glaive and sweeps the blade down.

Explosions destroy buildings and people lie dead on the ground. The ocean rises over the city and demolishes anything that survived the explosions. The Senshi are left helpless as the world crumbles down around them. Chibi-Moon and Tuxedo Kamen cling to each other in tears.

Suddenly, a ball of light cleaves through the destruction. Super Sailor Moon is within the light. She comes to a rest on top of a jagged pillar. She tells Sailor Saturn that the destruction of the world will draw them all out into space where they will die. "I don't feel despair," says Saturn. "Along with death, there is always hope and rebirth. You will cause that, Super Sailor Moon." She is purifying the Earth where the future Crystal Tokyo will be built. Saturn calls for Sailor Pluto to seal the Earth off from the still-approaching Tau Star System.

"Dark Dome Close!" The space-time door appears and draws the evil Tau system into itself. Sailor Saturn also enters the door right before it closes.

On the pillar, Sailor Moon transforms into Neo-Queen Selenity. She raises the moon rod, and the city is restored. The sight of Selenity on the pillar reminds Tuxedo Kamen of his vision of the Messiah. "So it was you, Selenity."

On the ground, Sailor Neptune finds a baby with the symbol of Saturn on her forehead. She picks up the reincarnated Hotaru, and the Outers decide to raise her as their own child. They say goodbye to the Inners. Sailor Neptune gives Chibi-Moon the Aqua Mirror as a sign of the promise that they will see each other again one day. "Until we meet again," Neptune tells Chibi-Moon, "become a stronger, stronger soldier. Protect our precious Princess." The three take the baby and disappear.

Usagi and Chibi-Usa run into Haruka's apartment. It's bare. The other girls check Michiru and Setsuna's apartments, but they're empty as well. Three helicopters fly over the condos.

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