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Act 32: Infinity 9: Infinite Labyrinth 2

Mistress 9 and Master Pharaoh 90 feel the effects of the Ginzuishou. Its power is incredible when compared to the souls of humans. Mistress 9 is drunk on the energy she is receiving and the prospect of her upcoming utilization. She takes more power from the crystal.

In Mamoru's room, Chibi-Usa's eyes spring open and her entire body starts to shake.

From within Mistress 9, Hotaru tries to restrain the new power. She wants to send the Ginzuishou's power back to Chibi-Usa. As she struggles, Mistress 9 feels like there is someone tried to burst through her forehead. However, if she is able to complete her utilization, she will be able to get rid of the body.

Inside a dream world, Chibi-Usa floats in a void. She is frightened and feels like something is chasing her. Hotaru appears before her and presents her with the Ginzuishou. A very relieved Chibi-Usa floats towards the crystal; without it, she would have surely died. She curls up in Hotaru's arms and feels completely at ease. In the real world, Mamoru feels her hand grow warm and knows that someone is protecting her soul.

The Senshi look around Mugen Gakuen. The building is deserted. Super Sailor Moon looks out the window at Tokyo Bay and is reminded of the dream of the ruins. She wonders if she can return the world to its peaceful state.

Sailor Mercury examines Mugen Gakuen with her visor, but she can't see anything. Sailor Neptune suggests that they all go down to the basement to investigate the labs. She's hoping they'll find and destroy some daimons. Venus says that they should split into two groups: she and the other Inners will investigate each floor while Super Sailor Moon and the Outers head straight down to the basement in the elevator. Super Sailor Moon isn't thrilled about splitting up, but Venus leads the others away quickly.

On the other hand, Tomoe is very happy that the Senshi have split up and that some are now in the elevator. He sees his attack on the Senshi as his way of getting retribution for being kicked out of the scientific community. His life's work is to create a cyborg out of human parts and machinery. Hotaru's altered body is his greatest achievement up to date. He was working on his genetic engineering project the night his lab went on fire.

At the time of the fire, Kaolinite was Kaoli-kun, Professor Tomoe's lab assistant. Lightning struck the building and Kaoli, starting the fire. That was when the Death Busters arrived. They brought the daimon eggs to Tomoe and offered him a chance to create the perfect being. Tomoe sees himself as the creator of a race of superhumans.

As the elevator moves downward, Super Sailor Moon becomes motion sick. As they pass each floor, she feels a sense of dread. To take her mind off her fears and flip-flopping stomach, she asks the Outers what it was like to be away from the Silver Millennium. They tell her that it was very lonely, but they always looked towards the Silver Millennium for strength.

The elevator door opens and they are thrown out into the darkness. Super Sailor Moon is terrified, having lost the Outers. She floats in the dark, thinking about all her Senshi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa. A tiny light appears and she moves towards it. It's the light of love and faith that they all have in common. "I am Super Sailor Moon! With the strength given to me by everyone, I will shine through the darkness and make it light! Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!"

She and the Outers are returned abruptly to the elevator, which crash-lands on the floor marked with the symbol for infinity. Tomoe sends the daimons after them and the Outers destroy them immediately. However, Tomoe can make an endless supply of daimons, so this line of attack will not work. Super Sailor Moon demands to know where Hotaru is, and Tomoe says that she is busy giving Pharaoh 90 the power of the Ginzuishou. He then rips off his shirt and becomes the daimon Gelmatoid.

Gelmatoid is not a regular daimon like the others. Rather, he has been enhanced through Tomoe's genetic research. He is a superhuman made from both human DNA and alien genetic material. Super Sailor Moon cannot bring herself to kill him because she believes that Tomoe is still inside somewhere. Sailor Uranus tells her that Gelmatoid is only a daimon; there is no human left in him. Using Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, she kills him. Hotaru's soul says goodbye to her father who, in her eyes, died the day he let Gelmatoid use his body.

As the Inners search Mugen Gakuen, the floor falls out from under them. They are enveloped in light as their bodies are thrown into the air.

When the Inners are thrown, Sailor Moon loses her super henshin. Sailor Pluto uses her garnet orb to float them to the outside. Mistress 9 is standing inside a glass building waiting for them.

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