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Act 31: Infinity 8: Infinite Labyrinth 1

They bring Chibi-Usa to the hospital. The doctor does an electrocardiogram and says that she's gone into cardiac arrest. Chibi-Usa is dying. When the doctor leaves the room, Usagi calls her name, trying to wake her up. But her body is already going into rigor mortis and becoming cold.

The three Outers say that her soul has been stolen by the Death Busters. Hotaru has not become Sailor Saturn--she has become one of the Death Busters. Usagi asks what happens to humans whose souls are stolen by the Death Busters. Haruka says that they eventually become daimons. Once a person becomes a daimon, they cannot be saved. The only way to save Chibi-Usa is to kill Hotaru, since Hotaru is the one who stole her soul and the Ginzuishou. Reluctantly, Usagi agrees that it is the only way.

Chibi-Usa is taken back to Mamoru's apartment. He links up his life support system to hers in order to keep her blood moving. Luna fears that his body will be overburdened, but Mamoru assures her it won't be a problem. The girls leave the room, letting Usagi and Mamoru spend time with Chibi-Usa. Usagi thinks to herself that she cannot choose between her precious one (Chibi-Usa) and Hotaru, who is someone else's precious one. Mamoru kisses her and again he sees the vision of the figure with flowing hair standing on a ruined pillar. He wonders if that is the Messiah or else, the god of ruin.

Mistress 9 cuts off a piece of her hair, but it grows back. Annoyed, she throws the hair on the floor. Tomoe and Kaolinite run in and bow to her. Tomoe explains how he implanted an egg in his own daughter in order to house Mistress 9's spirit.

"I am the Master's partner from the old world," Mistress 9 tells Kaolinite. "You should leave things to me." Kaolinite agrees. Then, Mistress 9 extends Chibi-Usa's brooch towards Master Pharaoh 90, who is a gaseous being. She says that this new power is not from souls, but from a single crystal.

She goes up to Hotaru's room and opens the brooch. She is amazed by its power. A voice inside her head says that the crystal is defended by Chibi-Usa's pure spirit. Mistress 9 feels like there's someone inside of her trying to push out.

Kaolinite stands in the center of a triangle within a circle on the ground. A bat flies above her head; she grabs it and rips its heart out, letting the blood flow into a glass. She then resurrects the Witches 5 and makes wax figurines of the Sailor Senshi, placing a curse on them.

The Inners and Usagi go back to the Mugen Zone. It is overgrown with trees. Rei feels a lot of abnormal energy in the area. They transform and an omega shape appears in the sky over the Mugen Zone.

The Outer Senshi also arrive, but they stay out of the Inners' line of sight. Sailor Uranus regrets that she will have to kill Hotaru and go against Sailor Moon, but she has no choice.

The door to Mugen Gakuen opens and Cyprine and Pucherol (in Mugen Gakuen uniforms) invite them inside. "Welcome to the Infinite Labyrinth." The Senshi are spooked.

Sailor Mars is enveloped in darkness. Suddenly, she sees a sign labeled "Etiquette Class." She rushes in and sees Eudial. Sailor Mars does not want to fight because she doesn't have the time. "You don't have the fighting spirit," Eudial tells her. "You won't only fight for Sailor Moon. Your whole body is saying you want to know etiquette and martial arts." Sailor Mars lies on the floor.

Sailor Mercury sees a large computer system. She runs towards it and is greeted by Viluy. "Your body craves data." Ropes bind Mercury, connecting her to the computer. "You want more information, want to succeed by yourself. But you're urged to spend you valuable time fighting. You always use your abilities for Sailor Moon." Sailor Mercury agrees with her, saying that Sailor Moon holds her back.

Sailor Venus hears someone singing. Mimete is giving a concert and says that Sailor Venus is her pretty guest. She hands Venus the microphone and a crowd starts cheering. Ropes burst out of the mike and wrap around her. "What's the matter?" Mimete taunts. "Hurry, sing! Sailor Venus! Isn't it your dream to be an idol!?" Venus thinks that she can quit the Senshi now and become famous.

Sailor Jupiter stumbles into the botanical gardens and meets Tellu. Tellu shows her all kinds of roses. Jupiter is entranced. "Fighting is absurd... I want to stay here forever... It's my dream. To spend a carefree lifetime in a rose garden with someone I love..."

Sailor Moon is left alone in the dark. She looks for her Senshi, but they have all been split up by the Witches 5. The Senshi appear before her and blame Sailor Moon for everything. They start to melt and throw themselves on her. Chibi-Usa appears and wraps her fingers around Sailor Moon's neck. The Outers arrive and say that they'll help Chibi-Usa kill Sailor Moon. Even Mamoru is there. He tears Chibi-Usa into pieces and promises to kill Sailor Moon next.

From his apartment, Mamoru knows that Sailor Moon is being bewitched. He calls out to her.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy the hallucinations. She is left alone again.

The Outers attack the vines covering the Mugen Gakuen building. Sailor Uranus is becoming frantic because she is worried about Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune looks into her mirror and sees that the Inners have been imprisoned inside a melting column. The Outers break through the energy field surrounding Mugen Gakuen and arrive at the base of the column. The Witches 5 confront them, but Sailor Pluto uses Chronos Typhoon and Neptune uses Submarine Reflection. The Witches 5 and the column melt.

Sailor Moon runs into the room and hugs Sailor Uranus. She says that she thought the Outers would help because they're all really fighting for the same thing. The Senshi stand in a circle and join hands. The Holy Chalice appears and Sailor Moon drinks from it, transforming into Super Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune tells her to go up to the president's office.

Upstairs, Kaolinite is fuming. When Super Sailor Moon bursts into the room, Kaolinite changes into a daimon and attacks. Using Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, she kills the daimon. A tear drop amulet falls to the ground and shatters. Super Sailor Moon starts to look for Hotaru.

Mistress 9 senses that Super Sailor Moon has entered the fortress. She holds Chibi-Usa's Ginzuishou in her hands. Energy flows out of the crystal and into her body. Back at Mamoru's apartment, Chibi-Usa's body glows.

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