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Act 30: Infinity 7: Transformation/Super Sailor Moon

The light around Sailor Moon glows brighter as Tuxedo Kamen and Chibi-Moon stare. Sailor Moon holds her hands out to the Chalice, and the fighting Senshi stop.

The three talismans (the Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and the Garnet Orb) begin to glow in response to the Chalice. The top of the Chalice opens. "Power to Sailor Moon..." say the Senshi. Sailor Moon tips back the Chalice as if she's drinking from it.

"Crisis! Make up!"

Sailor Moon's fuku transforms in a burst of white feathers. Her skirt and collar are now rainbow-colored, and a second brooch appears on the V of her fuku above the skirt. Long gauze-like ribbons flow from her bow on the back. Her tiara bears a crescent moon. The other Senshi's brooches turn into hearts.

Cyprine and Pucherol stare in fear. Kaolinite watches from the pool. Super Sailor Moon stands in the center of the light. Professor Tomoe quickly analyzes this new power. Even though the energy is immense, Super Sailor Moon is not harmed by it.

Hotaru coughs and kneels on the floor. Her forehead still hurts. As she coughs, Pharaoh 90 feels the power of Super Sailor Moon. He has no idea what allows her to have such immense energy. Hotaru's eyes shine and go blank. "It's the power of the Ginzuishou, Master Pharaoh 90."

Super Sailor Moon aims her moon rod at Cyprine and Pucherol. "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" The two Witches burst apart, much to Kaolinite's dismay.

Something has taken over Hotaru's body. She holds out her tear drop amulet and cries out to Pharaoh 90. Suddenly, Hotaru regains control again. A sharp pain in her forehead forces her to the floor.

Super Sailor Moon doesn't understand out she powered up. The only explanation is that the energy from all the Senshi was harnessed by the Chalice and given to her. Sailor Uranus believes that the talismans were the keys to open the Chalice's power. Super Sailor Moon takes it one step farther.

"I asked for all our spirits to become one. I asked for you to lend me your strength." If everyone can give her power, then they can surely work together. Sailor Neptune is inclined to agree, having witnessed how the talismans responded to Sailor Moon. She wants to tell Sailor Moon the truth.

They all go back to Haruka's wrecked apartment. Glass litters almost every inch of the ground. Sailor Uranus sighs that the bill for the glass and broken furniture is going to be very high. It can't be as much as the rent, however--the rent is one million yen a month. [One million yen, while not over a million dollars, is still very expensive] The Inners are stunned and ask how they can afford such an apartment, but Uranus says that their patron pays for everything.

Getting back onto the subject, Neptune tells Super Sailor Moon that the talismans have only resonated once before. When the Silver Millennium was destroyed, the talismans called out to the final Sailor Senshi, Sailor Saturn. "Sailor Saturn appears at the moment of destruction. She takes all to nothing. She is the guide to death." Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Mars are confused: in their dreams, someone is calling for the talismans.

Sailor Neptune has the answer to that too. The Outer Senshi were never to meet. However, they followed the Death Busters to the Earth, to the Delta. Then, they discovered that the "soldier of destruction" was reborn. Neptune holds up her mirror, which reflects the face of Saturn--Hotaru.

Sailor Pluto says that Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen know that they have a future--the world cannot be destroyed now. Sailor Saturn cannot awaken. The Outers must kill Hotaru, effectively sealing away the Senshi. The talismans are behaving too much like they did in the past, and they cannot risk calling Saturn.

Chibi-Moon and Super Sailor Moon are horrified and search for a different solution. Uranus says that there isn't one. Hotaru should have died in that fire when she was six, but Tomoe used machines to keep her alive and repair her body, thwarting fate. But now, her human body is wearing out and soon Saturn will awaken in order to preserve and sustain her body. To prevent this, the Outers are willing to sacrifice Hotaru's life.

The Inners rebel, demanding that Hotaru be spared. Sailor Neptune says that there is no other way and that they cannot be allies. The Outers run away.

Chibi-Moon runs into the research labs, searching for Hotaru. She finds her friend sprawled out on the ground. The Outers watch from a distance as Hotaru opens her glowing eyes. She grabs Chibi-Moon's brooch, breaking her transformation. Chibi-Usa faints as Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen run towards her. Hotaru's hair grows and a black star appears on her forehead. She becomes an adult.

"I've got it! The Ginzuishou. Master Pharaoh 90! I've awakened!"

Tuxedo Kamen holds Chibi-Usa in his arms. Her body is limp and cold and she stops breathing.

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