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Act 3: Rei/Sailor Mars

Queen Beryl reprimands Jadeite for his repeated failures. Again, he is repentant. This time, there is an audience. A man with long dark hair comments that Jadeite's youma are weak. "Let me, the North American command officer, Nephrite, do this!" He is ignored.

Another man, this one with long blonde hair, asks about the Ginzuishou and the sailor-suited soldiers. Queen Beryl speaks of the power of the silver crystal. "I have heard the stone carries infinite power, and the one who obtains it can become ruler of all space."

She orders Jadeite to redeem himself by destroying the Sailor Senshi. This is his last chance.

A pretty girl with very long black hair prays by a fire. "Coming, something's coming...."

A little girl runs to the Sendai Hill bus stop. She waves good-bye to the pretty girl, who is dressed in a shrine outfit. The little girl hops on the bus; Jadeite is the driver. The shrine maiden checks her watch. "Six o'clock."

Juuban JHS is overflowing with rumors about the evil six o'clock bus. People who board the six o'clock bus at the Sendai Hill stop disappear forever. Luna listens as Usagi snoozes at her desk. She indulges Usagi for a while, but finally wakes her up. The cat reminds her about a meeting they have with Ami after school.

Later, Usagi and Ami are at the game center for a "meeting" but Usagi is more interested in playing the Sailor V game and flirting with onii-san. She's becoming better at the game because Ami is helping her recognize the fighting patterns. While Usagi plays, Ami and Luna talk about the Princess and the Ginzuishou.

Usagi clears two levels and two watches pop out of the machine. Luna's eyes light up: she can rewire them to act as communicators. Ami wonders aloud if Luna did something to the game to make the watches pop out. Luna merely winks.

At five o'clock, Ami says that she has to leave. Usagi starts to whine a little, but Ami invites her along to see a pretty girl who takes the bus at that time. Umino appears at the bus stop warning them about the evil six o'clock bus, but the girls brush him off.

At that moment, the shrine maiden gets on the bus. "Look, Usagi-chan," Ami whispers, "That girl has a T-A Girls School uniform!" [T-A is a Catholic school that has kindergarten up to graduate school within the same building].

Ami gets off at her stop, and Usagi follows the shrine maiden to Sendai Hill. While arguing with Luna (Sendai Hill is not Usagi's stop), Usagi looses track of the girl. She spots the Hikawa Shrine and decides to check inside. No sooner does she enter, that she is attacked by two crows. The shrine maiden rushes out. Mistaking Usagi for an evil spirit, she throws an ofuda [a scroll of paper used to banish spirits]. It strikes Usagi right between the eyes and she keels over. The girl is surprised to see that she attacked another girl. She apologizes for herself and for her pet crows, Phobos and Deimos.

Before the two girls can talk, they overhear a woman making a wish at the shrine: "I wish my Mii-chan would come home." [Mii-chan is the little girl who got on the six o'clock bus]. The shrine maiden, who the woman addresses as Rei-chan, asks what happened. The woman explains how Mii went missing after riding the Sendai Hill bus; she fears her daughter has been kidnapped. Inadvertently, she implies that the shrine's neighborhood is dangerous. Almost immediately, she apologizes, but Rei never flinches. Luna is impressed.

"A cool-headed girl carrying wondrous power... noble features... a body able to be used by God... Could it be the Princess!?"

Rei tells Usagi about the mysteries surrounding Sendai Hill: "The Sendai Hill is where five hills meet. Since long ago, there have been reports of a phatom sixth hill." The evil bus is supposed to pass through that sixth hill; the people are calling it a disappearance by act of God.

Nephrite and Jadeite are discussing the latter's new plan. Jadeite believes that his hostages will lure out the Senshi. After he kills them, he can drain the energy from the hostages.

The next day, even more people are missing. Luna suggests they investigate around the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi agrees, especially since she is suspicious of Rei. They board the Sendai Hill bus. Usagi is apprehensive, even though it isn't six o'clock yet. Luna tells her to calm down and contact Ami. The cat stops taking abruptly, and Usagi prompts her to speak.

"Yes, Luna, speak up!" says the young man. He is sitting right next to Usagi. She jumps and manages to ask him what he's doing on the bus. He explains that he always takes the bus home from school. Usagi then believes that he's a junior high student. Slightly miffed, he corrects her by taking out his ID.

"'Chiba Mamoru, Moto Azabu High School, Junior Class,'" she reads.

She asks him if he's heard about the evil six o'clock bus, and he says yes. At that moment, she notices that his profile looks very much like Tuxedo Kamen's. Mamoru, in turn, pictures Usagi with Sailor Moon's mask over her eyes. He murmurs "soldier of justice" to himself. Both are embarrassed by their thinking. Relieved, Usagi gets off the bus at the Hikawa Shrine.

A group of people are at the shrine asking the "inspired" Rei to use her powers to locate their children. When she refuses, they accuse her of causing the children's disappearance. Enraged, Rei orders them to leave. Usagi watches from outside. Luna tells her that it seems that the enemies are looking for the Ginzuishou.

Back in the shrine, Rei prays over her fire. She sees a man strangling Usagi in the flames. She rushes outside just as the six o'clock bus pulls up. Rei recognizes the driver as the man in her vision. Jadeite bewitches her into coming on the bus. As the bus pulls away, Usagi sees Rei unconscious inside.

"Moon Power! Transform me into a stewardess!"

Stewardess Usagi grabs onto the bus and is pulled into the void with the bus. Luna falls off Usagi and into the arms of Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi turns around in time to see both of them looking up at her. Tuxedo Kamen is amazed: he saw Usagi transform. Luna breaks away from him and runs away.

Ami joins Luna and together they pinpoint Usagi's location. Jadeite hovers over Rei's body; he has fallen in love with her.

Luna gives Ami another henshin pen and transports her to Usagi.

"Mercury Power!"

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Make Up!"

Seeing the Senshi, Jadeite grabs Rei and holds her hostage. Sailor Mercury creates a fog and Usagi uses Moon Frisbee. The tiara expands, falls around Jadeite, and then constricts, holding him in place. Sailor Mercury gives the extra henshin pen to Rei. She transforms into a soldier. Using her ofuda, she burns Jadeite to a crisp.

After rescuing everyone, Luna reveals that Rei is Sailor Mars. Usagi and Ami are thrilled to have another ally.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, an angry Nephrite watches the three Senshi in a crystal ball.

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