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Act 29: Infinity 6: Three Soldiers

Sailor Chibi-Moon runs to Pluto and they hug. Pluto explains that she borrowed the power of Neo-Queen Selenity in order to be reincarnated on Earth. She needed to be reincarnated for her "important mission." Chibi-Moon senses that the new Pluto is much stronger than the one who died from stopping time.

Sailor Moon's fuku disappears, and she becomes Princess Selenity in her white gown. The three Outer Senshi kneel to her. Sailor Pluto promises that they will make reparations for being rude to their future queen, but they must work alone to protect the Earth. During the time of the Silver Millennium, the three Outer Senshi watched over the Moon from a distance. However, the evil Death Busters have managed to slip onto the Earth in this time, before the Outers could fully awaken. The Death Busters are invaders from outer space who come from the Tau star system. They were attracted to the hidden power of the Mugen Zone.

Sailor Uranus explains that she and Neptune were posing as Mugen students in order to gain information. However, *somebody* blew their cover. Sailor Neptune rebukes her and apologizes to the Princess. Selenity wants to know why they all can't fight together--after all, they are all Sailor Senshi. Sailor Neptune says that the Death Busters are different enemies, far too strong for the Inners. If the Inners became involved, they would just be a waste of time. When Sailor Jupiter protests, Uranus becomes angry.

"We had to leave the school because our cover was blown! The enemies might come looking for us! Is that the kind of danger you want to face!?" The Outers have powers the Inners do not have, and they have stronger items. Sailor Mars wonders if their items are the talismans, and if so, what are their purpose.

"The talismans we carry, and our biggest mission, are to bury the biggest enemy. The god of ruin."

Luna reads in the newspaper that dead bodies were found in the Mugen Gakuen botanical gardens and that the land development has been halted. Kenji-papa too is reading the paper and remarks that the "mad scientist" is at it again. Usagi asks if he knows Tomoe, and Kenji says that he is a famous genetic engineer that was banished by the scientific community.

Mamoru has found another file on Tomoe. His life's work is a project code-named "Superhuman." Once he was ostracized from the scientific community, Tomoe decided to advertise his intelligence and he was bought by the Mugen District. Two years later, his lab went up in flames, killing his wife and seriously injuring his daughter. Worried, Luna tells Chibi-Usa to keep an eye on Hotaru.

Pharaoh 90 says that the power of the Taioron Crystal is decreasing. He needs the souls of human to maintain the crystal. He orders Kaolinite to get Sailor Moon's "infinite power." To herself, Kaolinite wonders about the three Outers. She feels that they are the strongest, and she fears that they may be formidable foes. Preoccupied, she drops a test tube and is scolded by Professor Tomoe. Kaolinite is hurt that Tomoe doesn't understand the stress she's under.

The final Witch has her ponytail pulled to the right side of her head. Kaolinite tells her that she must redeem the good name of the Witches 5. Cyprine vows to destroy the Sailor Senshi. Kaolinite is pleased, but she sends Cyprine after two missing Mugen students first.

Chibi-Usa tells Ikuko-mama that she is going to the movies with Hotaru. Ikuko comments that it's been so dark outside lately, and that the weather has been very nasty.

Chibi-Usa, Momo, and Kyusuke stand outside the theater. Hotaru hasn't showed up yet, even though the movie is about to start. Chibi-Usa leaves her friends and tries to call Hotaru. Not getting an answer, she runs to the labs.

Inside her room, Hotaru flexes her arm. Her father asks how her new neurons are working. She still has extensive injuries from the lab fire, and Tomoe has supplemented her joints with bioengineered parts. Her tendons and muscles are exposed, held together by man-made joints. Chibi-Usa peeks in through the window and sees Hotaru's exposed arm. When Hotaru sees her, Chibi-Usa mumbles an apology and runs away. Hotaru starts to go after her, but she has another fit.

Hotaru remembers how the wires and mechanical joints were already in place when she woke up after the fire. She always wears long sleeves and tights because she doesn't want other people to "know the secret of my cold body that blood doesn't flow through." Now, she's afraid that she's lost Chibi-Usa as a friend. She starts to cry, but clutches her forehead in pain. Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru appear in the window and watch Hotaru. Hysterical, she thinks the three figures are Death, and she throws her teardrop pendant at them. They vanish, leaving her in pain. "Like someone's trying to burst out," she says, grasping her head. "Someone's taking over my body..."

Chibi-Usa worries that she's hurt Hotaru's feelings, but she was very surprised to see Hotaru's arm. Without warning, it starts to hail. As it falls on Chibi-Usa, it zaps her energy. She collapses on the ground and is found by Usagi and Mamoru.

The Outers are in Haruka's apartment when Cyprine finds them. She breaks the window and attacks. The Outers transform and prepare to fight.

Luna sees the hail and the battle at Haruka's apartment on her monitors. The four Inners watch as the Outers fight, but they are not inclined to help them. However, Usagi and Chibi-Usa arrive, and Usagi orders them to help. She leaves Chibi-Usa behind with Mamoru, afraid that she might get hurt.

Cyprine laughs as the transformed Inner Senshi arrive. "I am the professional of the witch training class at Mugen Gakuen! I'm Cyprine, level 999. No one can dodge my witchcraft!" She launches a Ribbon Buster attack at the Outer Senshi. Sailor Mars attacks her, but Uranus yells at the Inners to get out. Sensing the hostilities among the Senshi, Cyprine sends a mist into the air. Everyone's eyes except Sailor Moon's turn black and angry. The two feuding groups of Senshi go after each other, vowing to kill. Sailor Moon is horrified and uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but Cyprine is too strong. She splits into two mirror-images.

The mirror image Witch, Pucherol, has all of Cyprine's power and strength. Now Sailor Moon is outnumbered. Sailor Chibi-Moon arrives with Tuxedo Kamen, and she tries to use Pink Sugar Heart Attack to turn the Senshi into friends. Instead, Sailor Jupiter turns on the two.

"Why must we fight?" thinks Sailor Moon. "Are we all hostile in our souls!?" But she knows that these are not their true feelings. The Outers were her allies in the past, and they are her allies in this time also. She holds out her moon rod. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Chibi-Moon lay their hands on top of hers. "Make our spirits one," Sailor Moon prays.

The Holy Chalice appears above their clasped hands, and the crescent moon mark glows on Sailor Moon's forehead.

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