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Act 26: Infinity 3: Two New Soldiers

Sailor Moon takes off after the blonde Senshi. They run into the woods, but Sailor Moon falls behind and loses her. From up in a tree, the Senshi watches her. She calls out to Sailor Moon and jumps from the tree.

"Odango-chan," she says. "Don't disturb us. Fighting together would be dangerous." She tips Sailor Moon's chin up towards her face and kisses the surprised Moon on the lips. The Senshi then disappears.

The others quiz Usagi about her meeting with the mystery Senshi. Usagi tells them everything the Senshi said, but keeps the kiss to herself. Usagi admits that it was too dark to see her face well. Minako wants to catch this Senshi and the other one that appeared with the Tuxedo Kamen.

In bed, Usagi looks at Haruka's picture in a magazine. She thinks Haruka looks a lot like the blonde Senshi. She falls asleep and dreams. In her dreams, a male Haruka kisses her on the lips. When Haruka pulls back, Usagi sees a female Haruka dressed in a low-cut open blouse. Usagi asks Haruka why she always runs away, but Haruka flees, saying "Our mission is to get... the talismans." Haruka's voice echoes in the dreams of the four girls and Mamoru. Their eyes all pop open.

Mamoru meets Usagi the next morning. He smiles kindly at her, but "Usa" remembers the Senshi's kiss. She bows her head in shame that she let someone besides Mamoru kiss her.

After school, Usagi runs into Haruka at the Game Center. He says that he just wanted to give her some tickets to Michiru's concert. Usagi thinks it's strange that Haruka looks like a man and a woman. Haruka interrupts her thoughts and asks what her name is--he think "Usagi" is very cute. Just as Usagi's wondering why she wants to know so much about Haruka, he runs away.

Luna reads the newspaper. The story is about the completion of Mugen Gakuen's Commemorative Dome. There are also plans to build a hotel in the middle of the Mugen Zone. Usagi runs in late as a crowd gathers in front of posters advertizing Michiru's concert. Another poster advertising a concert by the idol Hanyu Mimi is hung right next to Michiru's. Both girls are giving a concert in the hall of the Commemorative Dome on the same night. The concerts are only open to Mugen students and ticket holders. Usagi tells the girls they can go to Michiru's concert because "someone" gave her enough tickets for everyone. When she says this, Mamoru looks down at the two tickets Michiru gave him.

Kaolinite sees an image of Sailor Moon performing Moon Spiral Heart Attack in the pool of water. She vows to kill her and summons another Witch. This one is the same girl whose posters are all over Juuban. "I am Mimete, of the Witches 5. Entrust the job to me." Mimete is posing as Hanyu Mimi, an idol and Mugen's entertainment teacher. She plans on using Michiru's concert to attract more people to be brainwashed. After Michiru has served her purpose, Mimete will use her as a vessel.

At the Tsukino house, Chibi-Usa goes through her drawers, searching for a handerchief. The one Hotaru had tied around her arm was ruined by the bloodstain. She gets a new one and walks to the laboratories. She happens to run into Hotaru while the older girl is coming home from school. Chibi-Usa gives her the new handerchief, and Hotaru invites her inside.

Hotaru's room is dark, lit only by lamps. Chibi-Usa asks if she likes dark things, since Hotaru changed out of her Mugen uniform and into a black dress and tights. Hotaru explains that when she was younger, she was in an accident and has many scars. Suddenly, Hotaru drops to her knees, in the throes of one of her fits. She asks Chibi-Usa to give her the amulet on the table. It's the same tear drop pendant that her father gave her.

Seeing her friend in pain, Chibi-Usa opens her brooch and takes out the Ginzuishou. She tells Hotaru to close her eyes and extends the crystal towards her. Hotaru's pain disappears. She promises not to tell anyone about Sailor Chibi-Moon or the crystal. She also says that she thinks the monster came from her father's research lab, since he's doing "gruesome" work. As they talk, two female figures watch them through the window.

When Chibi-Usa leaves Hotaru's house, a helicopter hovers overhead. A woman with short blonde hair leans out and asks if Chibi-Usa would like a ride back to the Tsukino house. Hesitantly, Chibi-Usa asks if this woman and her green-haired co-pilot are friends of Usagi's. They say yes, and Chibi-Usa accepts the offer. The green-haired woman (who happens to be Michiru) asks what Chibi-Usa and Hotaru were talking about. Chibi-Usa tells them about amulets, and Michiru shows her the hand mirror. Michiru says that her mirror is not as special as an amulet--it is a talisman.

Before Chibi-Usa can ask what exactly a talisman is, they arrive over Usagi's house. Usagi and Ikuko are standing outside, staring up at the copter. Michiru tells Chibi-Usa that their discussion is a secret she shouldn't tell Usagi. Chibi-Usa is lowered to the ground.

The blonde woman calls to Usagi over the roar of the copter: "Good night, Odango-chan." Usagi now knows that Haruka is in fact a woman and she becomes more suspicious of the pair.

A dressed up Chibi-Usa looks at Michiru's poster and tells Mamoru that it's the woman from the helicopter. Usagi and the girls are only a few feet away, but Makoto is the first to spot Mamoru and Chibi-Usa. Usagi reproaches him for not telling her he was going to the concert too. Mamoru says that "Michiru-san" gave him tickets; he was going to bring Usagi, but she had said that she already had some. Usagi gets annoyed and jealous that he said "Michiru-san" instead of "Kaiou-san."

Michiru steps onto the stage and begins playing her violin. Usagi feels like the music is washing away her troubles. She spots Haruka dressed in a suit, standing in the corner.

Meanwhile, Minako has slipped away from Michiru's concert to go check out Hanyu Mimi's. She uses her crescent moon compact, left over from the days when she was Sailor V, to transform into a male Mugen student.

On stage, Mimete tells her fans to close their eyes and listen to her music. Suddenly, Minako gets sleepy. Mimete begins the brainwashing program, but Minako transforms into Sailor Venus.

The curtain comes down on the stage, even though Michiru is not yet finished. Usagi is paged by Sailor Venus over the wrist comm. She tells Usagi that Mimi is the enemy.

"Level 40! I am your match, Mimete!" Mimete uses her Charm Buster attack, but Sailor Venus blocks it with her Wink Chain Sword. Sailor Moon arrives, and a panicked Mimete calls up three daimons from the Mugen students. Sailor Moon kills two of the daimons, but the third one heads straight from Mamoru and Chibi-Usa.

"Deep Submerge!"

"World Shaking!"

Two figures attack the daimon and kill it. They step into the light and show off their sailor fuku. "I am the soldier of the deep waters, and I carry the protection of the planet of the sea, Neptune. I am Sailor Neptune," says Michiru.

"And I am the soldier of the sky, and I carry the protection of the planet of the wind, Uranus. I am Sailor Uranus," says Haruka.

"We will defeat you!"

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