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Act 25: Infinity 2: Ripples

Usagi and Chibi-Usa transform into Sailors Moon and Chibi-Moon. Sailor Chibi-Moon protects the little girl as Sailor Moon defeats the monster. The monster disappears and is replaced by a cat, which surprises Sailor Moon.

The little girl asks her two rescuers who they are. Sailor Chibi-Moon proudly says that they are the soldiers of justice. Sailor Moon is less than thrilled that their identities have been given away. The little girls sees that Chibi-Moon has cut her arm.

Sailor Moon hears a sound behind her. She spins around, think it is another monster. Instead, she sees two shadowy figures: one in a sailor fuku and the other in a cape and mask. They run away, just as Mamoru and the other girls arrive.

Chibi-Moon shows Sailor Moon her arm. The cut is gone. She explains that the little girl healed the wound. "Since I was small," the girl says, "I've had this strange power." The girl introduces herself as Tomoe Hotaru and goes inside the research labs.

Inside the building, Hotaru coughs and falls to her knees. Kaolinite, now dressed as a normal human in a short dark dress, tells her to rest. Hotaru yells at her just as a man enters the room. He has short white hair and wears a strange pair of eyeglasses with an eye painted on the right lens. He tells Hotaru not to treat "Kaoli-kun" like that. Not placated, Hotaru yells at the man, her father, and runs down the hall.

That night, Hotaru lies in her bed in pain. Her father, Professor Tomoe, enters and asks how she's doing. When she tells him that the medicine isn't working, Tomoe gives her a necklace with a tear drop-shaped pendant on the chain. He tells her that it's an amulet that will help her get well again. Hotaru takes it and drifts off into sleep.

Luna replays a tape of the two figures again. Minako identifies them as a Sailor Senshi and a Tuxedo Kamen, but no one knows who they are. Usagi is skeptical because the two fled instead of talking to their fellow Senshi. Makoto and Mamou think that they might be enemies rather than allies. Artemis feels that they shoulf watch out for Michiru and Haruka as well, since they are both Mugen students and act suspicious.

To herself, Usagi notes the similarities between Michiru and Haruka and the Sailor Senshi and the Tuxedo Kamen. She says good-bye to the girls and leaves the Game Center with Mamoru and Chibi-Usa. She tells Chibi-Usa that she shouldn't give away their identities, but Chibi-Usa says that she really liked Hotaru and wants to befriend her.

Late at night, Luna accesses a file on her computer at the Command Center. A picture of Professor Tomoe appears on the screen. Mamoru reads the text. "Head of Tomoe Research Labs. Tomoe Souichi..."

Dressed in her black dress and pearls, Kaolinite looks into a pool of water. She finds it odd that the "failed daimon" ran away and was defeated by Sailor Moon. The power of Sailor Moon reminds her of the power of the Taioron Crystal. If she can possess that power, Master Pharaoh 90 will reward her. Kaolinite peers deeper into the water, "One. Two. Three. Come! The three talismans! Guiding light! The beginning of the ruin!"

Mamoru opens his eyes. He's in bed with Chibi-Usa asleep between him and Usagi. He's just had a dream about three tailsmans and approaching destruction.

Michiru looks into her ornate hand mirror. She says that she had wanted to do some fortune-telling, but the mirror had clouded up. Haruka stands behind her and wraps his arms around her. He says that it may already be too late to do anything. Michiru responds that they knew that when they started their mission. They must look for the three talismans.

On his way to the Game Center, Mamoru reads up on Mugen Gakuen and Professor Tomoe. Michiru spots him and his reading material and asks if he's investigating Mugen. She gives him some valuable information: Tomoe was expelled from the academic society, and there is a section of Mugen that is called the magician training school. Only very talented people are allowed to attend.

A girl stops Michiru and asks if she's the famous violinist. Michiru signs the girl's autograph card. Mamoru asks if she is one of the talented people who can attend the magician training school. Michiru is, and she gives Mamoru two tickets to her upcoming concert. A very jealous and concerned Usagi watches from a distance.

As Usagi enters the Game Center, someone grabs her pigtails. It's Haruka who has been waiting for her. Usagi imagines the face of the new Tuxedo Kamen and asks Haruka if he is a Sailor Senshi. Haruka is taken aback, and Usagi corrects herself, thinking that only females can be Senshi and obviously Haruka is a man. Ami, Minako, Rei, and Makoto enter and tell Haruka to get away from Usagi.

At the Crown Fruit Parlor, Chibi-Usa eats an ice cream sundae and tells the girls that she was elected president of her 5th grade class. Usagi lamets that the start of 9th grade for them means that high school enterance exams are coming up. Makoto remembers that today is Rei's birthday, but she's up on Mount M training and meditating. Atremis reads in the newspaper that Mugen Gakuen has a student camp on Mount M.

A woman with a black star on her forehead nears a pool of water. She is the first of the Witches 5, Eudial. Her black skirt and halter top change into a Mugen uniform. "As Arimura Yuuko, I teach Mugen Gakuen's philosophy class on etiquette. I will teach the students the school regulations. Then for our Master, I swear I will devote the vessels and the souls." Kaolinite is pleased.

Rei mediates under a waterfall on Mount M. Both she and Kaolinite think about the talismans.

As Rei meditates, the four girls sneak up on her. They traveled up Mount M to celebrate her birthday. Minako gives her a bouquet of Casablancas, Usagi gives her paired cups, Makoto baked a cake, and Ami bought an advice book.

After Rei receives her presents, Makoto tells her about the Mugen camp at the Mount M lodge. Rei admits that she already knew about it; in fact, that's part of the reason she went up there. She warns everyone to guard Usagi. Together, they go to the lodge.

The Mugen students are practicing judo. Haruka is there in a gi, and he challenges the girls to a match. Makoto accepts and changes into a gi. However, Haruka overpowers her and slams her onto the mat. He says that a girl who is weak cannot protect the ones she loves.

Late at night, Makoto wakes up and hears a noise. She sees Rei slipping outside and follows. They watch the Mugen students at a meeting.

Eudial tells the students that the must only love Mugen and that they must devote themselves to Master Pharaoh 90. Inside the bonfire is the shape of a black star. Black stars appear on the students' foreheads.

Sailors Mars and Jupiter jump out of the bushes. Eudial's Mugen uniform is replaced by her black outfit. "I am Eudial, of level 78 of the Witches 5 of the Death Busters!"

"Death Busters!?" the two Senshi think. Sailor Mars launches her Mars Snake Fire, and Eudial mutates into a Medusa-like monster. The other Senshi run up and save Mars and Jupiter from the charging monster. Sailor Moon uses the Moon Spiral Heart Attack and kills Eudial.

The four remaining members of the Witches 5 watch Eudial die. They show no remorse.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Minako feel like someone is watching them. The spin around in time to see a Sailor Senshi with short blonde hair run away.

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