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Act 24: Infinity 1: Presentiment

(Although Haruka is a girl, it is part of the plot that the Senshi [and the reader] think she is a boy. Therefore, I will refer to Haruka as "he" until they discover her true identity.)

A light shines in the darkness. A voice says that the Omega Area will be led to the scared land. The Taioron Crystal will grow stronger using the sacred land's power. The alien beings will be exterminated. A woman wearing a black pearl necklace and with long hair piled on top of her head says that she understands. She calls the voice "Master Pharaoh 90."

Rei hears a voice in her dreams. "Awaken. The me inside myself. The time is coming. The three talismans of the guiding light. The beginning of the ruin." She wakes up.

Mamoru wakes up after having a disturbing dream.

Usagi too is having a dream. She hears bells ringing as she dreams of marrying Mamoru. The bells ring faster... She wakes up to discover it's just her alarm clock. It's after 8:00 AM already, which means she's late. She runs out the door.

Chibi-Usa watches the morning news with Kenji-papa. The reporter says that a monster attacked the Mugen Gakuen (Infinity School) and that eyewitnesses have stated that some students mutated into monsters, just like atavism. Kenji-papa explains to Chibi-Usa that atavism is when people de-evolve into monsters with bodies like gorillas. Chibi-Usa leaves for school.

Usako catches up to Mamoru and swears that she'll never be late again. He doesn't quite believe her. Chibi-Usa runs up and attaches herself to Mamoru's waist, much to Usagi's annoyance. Diana rubs against Mamoru's legs. He scoops her up and Chibi-Usa begs to be picked up too. Usagi gets even more annoyed. Luckily, Momo arrives and she and Chibi-Usa run off. Relieved, Usagi kisses Mamoru. As he kisses her, he remembers the dream he had. Startled, he pulls away. Usagi notices. "One moment I'm happy, the next I'm filled with anxiety. This happiness won't last long."

A woman with long wavy hair steps out of a pool. She grabs a cordless phone and speaks to the helicopter, named Kaiou Maru. She's afraid that if she doesn't leave now, she'll be late.

A racecar pulls over and a handsome blonde man gets out. He is Tenou Haruka a famous young racecar driver. Overhead, two helicopters hover: the Kaiou Maru and the Tenou Maru. Haruka picks up a phone and tells Michiru that she's late. The choppers land and Michiru steps out in a plaid school uniform. Haruka changes into the male uniform of the same school. The onlookers are thrilled that they're seeing Kaiou Michiru, the famous violinist. They say that Haruka and Michiru are the perfect couple.

Usagi and Naru run into the Game Center. Ami jokingly chastises them for being late; she's already read three books waiting for them. Makoto and Minako invite Usagi to play a new racing game, "Battle Lap." Usagi sits in the driver's seat and puts on the helmet. She starts to drive and says how realistic it is. However, she gets dizzy and crashes. When she takes off the helmet, Usagi says that she couldn't tell how fast she was going.

Haruka comes around from the other end of the game console. He's still wearing his school uniform with the large black star on it. He compliments Usagi on her driving. Both Minako and Makoto get hearts in their eyes.

Outside the Game Center, Michiru is holding an old-fashioned hand mirror. Mamoru accidentally bumps into her, making her drop the mirror. He apologizes and picks up the mirror. Their hands touch and Michiru looks at his reflection. "The color of your eyes is very noble," she tells him. "Perhaps you were a prince in a previous life."

Haruka looks out the door and sees Michiru and Mamoru. Usagi sees them too, and her eyes grow wide. Haruka says good-bye to Usagi, calling her Odango Atama. He meets Michiru and the two leave. Mamoru thinks that Michiru is beautiful but unreadable.

Naru tells everyone that Haruka is a famous student of the Mugen Gakuen. Mugen Gakuen is a prestigious school on the Tokyo Bay delta. Only talented students are accepted into Mugen. Naru shows them a magazine with Haruka's picture in it. They read that he used to go to Juuban Municipal High School, and Minako wonders if he goes to the Juuban shopping district.

Two girls wearing the Mugen uniform walk by. Usagi's new brooch flashes as one of the girls mutates into a monster. Mamoru gets Naru and Umino out of the way, allowing the girls to use their new henshins. Sailor Venus uses Venus Wink Chain Sword, and Jupiter uses her Coconut Cyclone to kill the monster. The girl from the Mugen Gakuen collapses unharmed. Haruka and Michiru watch.

Usagi comes home and catches Chibi-Usa on the phone with Mamoru. She tries to find out what they were talking about, but Chibi-Usa refuses to tell at first. Eventually, she said that Mamoru has agreed to take her and her friends to the Infinity C Park, a new amusement park. Usagi grabs the phone and screams at Mamoru that he's not fair. Trying to prevent any further damage to his ears, Mamoru reminds her that she and the girls are supposed to investigate Mugen Gakuen, which is in the Delta where the park is.

Luna and Artemis read a map of the Delta. The Delta is a large equilateral triangle. [that is, each side is the same length] Mugen Gakuen sits in the center of the triangle. The Delta itself is divided into three sections: the Tenou Zone, the Kaiou Zone, and the Meiou Zone.

The woman in black pearls from before says that her daimons have failed. She muses that she will discover the "true form of the outsiders." She speaks to five young women, telling them that the defeat of the Sailor Senshi will earn them the right to contact Master Pharaoh 90 and use the power of the Taioron Crystal. The women bow. "Magus Kaolinite! We, the Witches 5, will accomplish this for you."

The girls near Mugen Gakuen. A shadowy figure in a tree watches them.

Chibi-Usa and Momo ride the roller coaster while Mamoru and Asanuma baby-sit the other kids. Asanuma asks if Mamoru is going to ride the coaster, but Mamoru sweatdrops and says it's not for him. Momo comes back and tells Mamoru that Chibi-Usa went after her hat that blew off in the wind. Mamoru jumps up to go after her, fearful that she may walk into danger.

Usagi uses her disguise pen to become a Mugen student. She runs inside the school to have a look around. Music floats in the air. Usagi follows it and sees Michiru playing the violin. Michiru stops playing and looks at Usagi. "You don't know what fear is. Coming to a place like this, it's dangerous. Someday your body will die." Haruka arrives and gives the same warning.

A Mugen Gakuen students spots Usagi. Usagi runs away, still thinking about Michiru's words.

Chibi-Usa finds her hat laying outside of a large building. She tries to read the sign, but the kanji is too difficult. [it says "Tomoe Research Labs"] She sees a dark-haired little girl sitting on the ground near the building. The girl coughs, and Chibi-Usa goes up to her.

Chibi-Usa asks if the girl is okay, but the girl says that she gets these "fits" all the time. Usagi comes around the corner and sees them, just as a monster appears around the corner. Both Usagi's and Chibi-Usa's brooches flash. Usagi notices that the girl, while not the source of the monster, is wearing a Mugen uniform.

As Usagi debates whether or not to transform, two dark figures, one in a skirt and one in a cape, watch from a distance.

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