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Act 23: Rebirth/Never Ending

Diamaund touches the two crystals together. Sailor Pluto raises her staff. "Time Stop!!"

Sailor Pluto remembers the third thing old Queen Selenity said she must never do. She can never stop time. If she does stop time...

Everything is frozen. The Senshi, King Endymion, and the cats can still move, but the others are stopped along with time. Mamoru's eyes clear, and he slowly remembers Usagi as he looks at the rod he still holds in his hands.

The spell breaks on Black Lady and she falls to the ground. Sailor Pluto collapses as well. King Endymion says that she should not have stopped time because the power is taboo. If she stops time, she will forfeit her life.

Pluto tells Usagi that the spell will only last a little longer. Usagi carefully takes the two Ginzuishou and gives one to Sailor Venus to ensure the two do not touch. Sailor Pluto begs Usagi to do her best to save Small Lady. Diana appears before her, and Pluto says her good-byes to the kitten and King Endymion. She goes limp and dies, dropping the Space-Time Key.

Black Lady sees the key, and her memories of Sailor Pluto come back to her. She tries to resist them, but her Evil Black Crystal earrings shatter. She cries for her "most valuable friends, Pluto." Her tear becomes a crystal and she becomes little Chibi-Usa again.

Diamaund is released from the time spell, but he is without the two Ginzuishou.

Chibi-Usa's body starts to glow. In a flash of light, she transforms into a Sailor Senshi. "The birth of a new soldier," Mamoru says. "She inherited the power of Sailor Moon." Proud of herself, Sailor Chibi-Moon turns to her father and Sailor Pluto. But only King Endymion is left to show.

Blaming Nemesis for the death of Sailor Pluto, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. The planet challenges her and begins to distort space. Crazed, Diamaund jumps up and lunges at Sailor Moon. Mamoru holds out the rod and calls for Sailor Moon. As they both touch it, a light shoots out of the rod, disintegrating Diamaund's body.

Nemesis distorts space again, sending everyone into darkness. A huge corpse-like face with a crescent moon on its forehead appears. It is the Death Phantom resurrected. He has absorbed the planet Nemesis and the Evil Black Crystal. He has become an "evil without form." Sailor Moon aims her rod and attacks. The Death Phantom creates a swirl and draws Sailor Moon into it. Both disappear.

Sailor Chibi-Moon and Mamoru look towards the place where Sailor Moon was. Mamoru feels a large power awakening as he begins to disappear as well.

In the Crystal Palace, Neo-Queen Selenity opens her eyes. The crystal barrier vanishes. She stands up and walks to where the body of King Endymion lies. She kisses him.

King Endymion's spirit returns to his body. The Senshi see him and Selenity walking out of the palace together. Sailor Chibi-Moon runs to her mother. The Queen tells her that her awakening as a Senshi brought Selenity out of her deep sleep. Chibi-Moon says that she was bad: she took the Ginzuishou and put Selenity and the planet in danger. Selenity convinces her that it wasn't her fault and that she is very important.

Endymion fills Selenity in on Sailor Moon and Mamoru's disappearance. Selenity gives Sailor Chibi-Moon her staff, which shortens into a rod. She tells her daughter to go find Sailor Moon and Mamoru, and to help them seal away Nemesis. Chibi-Moon uses the Space-Time Key to leave.

Sailor Moon and Mamoru are in total darkness. They, along with the Ginzuishou, are inside the Death Phantom. He plans to convert the crystal's power into negative energy. Sailor Moon doubts that she is powerful enough to defeat the Death Phantom, but Mamoru tells her she's wrong. "You can do it if you believe. I was powerless, but you called out to me. I've given you all the power of my life. I live to make you strong, Usako."

"Yes," she agrees, "the first time I used the power of the Ginzuishou, it was with your help." They kiss, and Chibi-Moon appears in a warm light between them. She tells them that Selenity is awake and that she's come to fight with them.

Together, Sailors Moon and Chibi-Moon point their rods at the Death Phantom. They use Moon Princess Halation and Nemesis explodes. Both rods and Sailor Moon's brooch shatter.

A bright light sparkles over the Crystal Tokyo palace. Neo-Queen Selenity holds out her hand and a new staff appears in her hand (the heart moon rod). The Senshi smile and tell the Queen that she has saved them all. She disagrees and says that Sailor Moon did it with the help of Sailor Chibi-Moon and Mamoru. Selenity them gives each Senshi "new planet power" and tells them to fight alongside Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus asks if the Queen would like to meet Sailor Moon, but she refuses and returns to the Crystal Palace.

Sailor Moon lies unconscious on the ground. Selenity arrives and gives her a new power. A new heart-shaped brooch appears on her bow. Sailor Moon opens her eyes, but Selenity is gone. The Senshi tell her that Nemesis was destroyed and that Selenity gave everyone more power. Sailor Moon wants to meet the Queen, but she's afraid it will change history.

In the palace, Selenity wishes she could see Sailor Moon. She leaves the palace, and Sailor Moon sees her. They run to each other and stand face-to-face. Selenity thanks her and says good-bye. King Endymion and the Senshi of the future wave good-bye.

Usagi wakes up in her own bed. She gets up and runs outside with Chibi-Usa. She sees that the girl has a stuffed bunny in her backpack and says that she's not allowed to take that to school. Chibi-Usa reminds her that she's going home to the future today. Usagi stops and says she left something home. She turns around and runs away.

Chibi-Usa walks into Usagi's room. Usagi is lying on her bed crying. She says that without Chibi-Usa, she'll be lonely. The two hug and cry.

In Ichiohashi Park, Chibi-Usa and Usagi meet Mamoru. He gives Chibi-Usa the Tuxedo Kamen doll. Chibi-Usa is about to leave when she remembers a present she has for Usagi. She takes out Selenity's new staff, now shrunk to rod-sized. "A heart moon rod for the new Usagi." Tears fall from Usagi's eyes. Chibi-Usa waves good-bye and disappears in a flash of light.

In other parts of Juuban, Kotono is reunited with Rei, Asanuma hugs Makoto, and Ami and Minako see Motoki.

Usagi and Mamoru sit on a park bench, examining the new rod. Usagi says that she feels better because she knows that she'll see Chibi-Usa again someday and that a lot of happy things will happen between now and the future. They kiss.

A light flashes above them and Luna-P boinks Mamoru in the head. Chibi-Usa falls from the sky. landing on Usagi's head. She gleefully holds out a piece of paper. It's a letter from Selenity, written mostly without kanji. In it, she asks Usagi and Mamoru to train Small Lady to be a solider. Both Usagi and Mamoru sweatdrop.

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