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Act 22: Assault/Black Lady

Black Lady has an upside down black crescent moon on her forehead, just like the Black Moon family. When Luna-P approaches her, Black Lady attacks it. She sends Safir and Diamaund after the Senshi. Both have inherited new gifts from the Wiseman. Safir has death hands, which he can manipulate to become any size he wishes; Diamaund has evil vision that shoots beams of energy from the mark on his forehead.

The Senshi plead with Black Lady, trying to get her to remember that she is Chibi-Usa. She only laughs and says that she no longer cares for the Earth. It can all be destroyed and she wouldn't care because she has Mamoru. She shows him off to Sailor Moon and has him hit Sailor Moon with her own rod.

Sailor Moon blames herself for Chibi-Usa's transformation into Black Lady. "I know we screwed up," she tells Black Lady," but you're important to us!" Black Lady hears this and remembers Sailor Pluto saying how she loves Small Lady. The memories break Black Lady's composure. She strikes Sailor Moon and knocks her down.

Black Lady makes a black crystal appear in the air. It joins the other two monoliths already in the ground. The Wiseman laughs that Black Lady has the power to destroy everything.

Using her own power, Sailor Moon tries to protect the Crystal Palace. In order to stop her, the Wiseman orders Diamaund to use the Rabbit's Ginzuishou. He hesitates, knowing that the planet will not survive the immense energy. However, the Wiseman doesn't care. Prince Diamaund finally realizes that the Wiseman is only using him as a means to an end. He rebels, seeking revenge for Rubeus and Esmeraude. Black Lady orders Safir to kill his brother; Diamaund kills him instead. He then turns on the Wiseman, ripping his cloak off. Under the cloak, there is only a skeleton. Black Lady says that the Wiseman's true form is the planet Nemesis itself.

At the door of time, Sailor Pluto senses that something is happening. She wants to fight, but her mission is to guard the door. She remembers old Queen Selenity telling her the three things she must never do: she may not cross time, she cannot leave the door, and she cannot...

A pair of eyes shines from Nemesis. The planet nears Earth and begins to suck everything up. Diamaund cannot believe that the Wiseman duped him: "We were fooled into thinking our lives had a purpose."

The Crystal Palace begins to glow. Everyone thinks it has to be Neo-Queen Selenity because Sailor Moon cannot use the Ginzuishou in the future. But Diana says that it is Sailor Moon. The entire palace wavers unsteadily.

Diana goes to Sailor Pluto and offers to watch the door for her. Sailor Pluto thanks her, saying she is just like Small Lady.

Sailor Moon unleashes the power of the Ginzuishou and Black Lady counterattacks with the Evil Black Crystal. The two are polar opposites and distort the space around them. The Senshi fall to the ground--only Sailor Moon, Black Lady, Mamoru, King Endymion, and Diamaund are unaffected. Both Sailor Moon and Black Lady call for Mamoru. He rips the brooch off Sailor Moon's fuku and she detransforms.

Seeing Usagi, Mamoru stops for a moment. Black Lady takes the brooch from him and removes the Ginzuishou. Now she has both the Silver Crystal of the past and the future. Diamaund hits her upside the head and grabs both crystals. Sailor Pluto arrives to see Diamaund bringing the two crystals together. "If they touch, everything in this world could be over!"

"We'll all be going on a trip." Diamaund laughs as he brings the two Ginzuishou closer together.

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