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Act 21: Nemesis/Secret Maneuvering

Sailor Moon wants to go into the space-time storm to get Tuxedo Kamen, but Sailor Pluto says that it's too dangerous. Sailor Moon insists that she can find him, but even Sailor Mercury says that she will get hopelessly lost. Pluto says that the distortion just sucks things into itself, and that Chibi-Usa may have gotten drawn in. If Chibi-Usa got drawn in, Sailor Venus reasons, then Tuxedo Kamen went to the same place. This upsets Sailor Moon, who still can't stand the idea of Mamoru and Chibi-Usa together.

Seeing Sailor Moon's face, Jupiter explains to her why Mamoru cares so much for Chibi-Usa: "It's because Chibi-Usa is his child with you." Sailor Moon reluctantly agrees.

Luna-P bounces over to Sailor Pluto. Its eyes show static; it's broken. Since Chibi-Usa takes Luna-P everywhere with her, everyone fears that something horrible has happened to her. Sailor Moon faints and falls to the floor.

Safir and Diamaund awake in complete darkness. The woman tells them that the reactor was beginning to enter meltdown. In order to secure their safety, they were moved to the underground prison. When the Ginzuishou and the Evil Black Crystal clashed, the planet Nemesis grew, making it even more powerful. Diamaund looks hard at the woman. For some reason, she reminds him of the Queen.

The Wiseman appears and the woman stands next to him. "Prince Diamaund, Safir," he says, "have you been introduced to my pretty Rabbit?"

Both Diamaund and Safir are shocked. They remember the Rabbit as a little girl. The Rabbit gives them stronger earrings as a sign of their loyalty to Nemesis. The Wiseman opens his hands and the Ginzuishou appears. When the Rabbit grew, she gave the Ginzuishou of the future that she wore on her chain to the Wiseman. Now the Wiseman wants the Ginzuishou of the past as well.

Diamaund challenges the truth of the woman's identity. The Rabbit says that she will prove her identity by breaking into the Crystal Palace and capturing Neo-Queen Selenity. However, it doesn't matter to her if Selenity is captured or not--she already has what she wants. Wearing his tuxedo, but not his mask, Mamoru stands next to the Rabbit. His eyes are black and expressionless. "The man I love, Endymion." She kisses him.

Usagi sees the grown-up Chibi-Usa hugging Mamoru. She calls out to them, but they don't answer. She wakes up and finds that she is in her own bed at home, and that the four girls are standing over her. Ikuko-mama walks in and asks how she feels after falling from the horizontal bars in gym class.

Luna-P bounces about on the floor. Luna tells Usagi that the King fixed the toy and that they used it to alter Ikuko's memory. Usagi is happy that they're all back home, but home seems so empty without Chibi-Usa.

King Endymion looks at his wife's body in the crystal. Diana cheers him up by saying that Selenity is storing her power against the time when she will awake and bring peace to Crystal Tokyo once more.

As the girls leave Usagi's house, space distorts. The Space-Time Key falls at Usagi's feet. Thinking that Sailor Pluto is calling them, the girls transform and travel to Pluto's door. Once there, Pluto opens the door to Crystal Tokyo. There is another black monolith standing in the clearing.

The Rabbit walks up to the crystal mass holding Selenity. King Endymion sees her and recognizes her. The Senshi run into the palace, and the Rabbit lunges for Sailor Moon's brooch. Neo-Queen Selenity's crystal case glows, causing the Rabbit to fade. She reappears and falls. "You can't keep me out of here!"

King Endymion calls out to her. "Small Lady!?"

"Once that name suited my appearance," she says as the Wiseman appears behind her. "I am the queen of darkness, Black Lady. I have been reborn as the queen of Nemesis, the planet of darkness."

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