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Act 20: Nemesis/Complications

Sailor Moon vanishes as Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Venus scream.

Everything is dark. Usagi wonders where she is. Ahead of her, a man stands next to a woman with long flowing hair tied into two pigtails. As Usagi gets closer, she sees that it's Mamo-chan and a grown-up Chibi-Usa. She starts to run after them, but they run away from her, leaving Usagi alone.

Usagi wakes up from her dream. She's dressed in a low-cut gown, much like the one Neo-Queen Selenity wears. From the bed where she is lying, she can see the hologram of the Queen. Prince Diamaund appears. He says that he has taken her to the castle of the Black Moon on Nemesis. In order to bring her there, he had to use the full power of the Evil Black Crystal. Usagi recognizes him as the one who attacked Crystal Tokyo.

Diamaund says that he wanted to show Usagi that her Ginzuishou is not the only thing that carries great strength. The Black Moon family did not like the system of long life that Crystal Tokyo brought to the Earth. The Wiseman appeared before them and told them to go to the tenth planet, Nemesis, to get power. Using the power of the Evil Black Crystal, they plan to take over the Earth and turn it into a planet of death. The code name for this plan is "Replay Operation." They will recreate history and defy the Ginzuishou's gift of long life. Usagi says that Diamaund is insane.

When the Black Moon first attacked Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Selenity ran out of the palace, looking for Small Lady. That was the first time Diamaund had seen her. He tells Usagi how he fell in love with her and thought she was "an almighty goddess." But Selenity's eyes despised him in an instant. "She thought I wasn't even human. Her eyes rejected me." Because of this, he attacked her with the Evil Black Crystal, causing the protective crystal barrier to grow around her.

Ever since that day, Diamaund has been obsessed with the Queen. Capturing Usagi is the realization of his dream. "I wanted to meet her again and make her kneel before me. And I got her. In any form, at last I have her." He kisses Usagi on the lips. She hits him in the face and tries to transform into Sailor Moon, but her henshin brooch doesn't work.

Safir and Rubeus laugh at her. It seems that the Evil Black Crystal is neutralizing the Ginzuishou. They laugh more and say that Usagi will die on Nemesis. Usagi is convinced that they're all mentally unhinged.

In the protective crystal mass, Neo-Queen Selenity is alive but in a deep sleep. She can think and sense things, however. "Something is disturbing my sleep..." she thinks. "My precious ones are in danger!"

King Endymion senses the brain activity from his wife. He is startled, but continues his explanation to Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Venus: the planet Nemesis has disappeared from its orbit, but it is still releasing massive amounts of energy. Tuxedo Kamen tells the King that the three captured Senshi are on that planet. Sailor Venus says that only the Ginzuishou can save them and only Sailor Moon can use the Ginzuishou... but, since Chibi-Usa is the daughter of Sailor Moon, she can use the Ginzuishou.

"Small Lady has no power," the King says sadly. Chibi-Usa is 900 years old--one day, she just stopped growing. She never showed any sign of power. The King cannot be sure that his daughter will ever have power because she is the first child of the new Silver Millennium; no one knows how she will develop.

The King tells them the story of the very first invasion of Crystal Tokyo. After the establishment of the new Silver Millennium, the Death Phantom invaded the city. He had a black crescent moon on his forehead just like the Black Moon family. Neo-Queen Selenity attacked the Phantom and banished him to Nemesis. That was when the planet was sealed off. Then, recently, the Black Moon family appeared. No one knows for certain if they are the descendants of the Phantom, but they do not share the Crystal Tokyo system of long life.

Tuxedo Kamen sees Sailor Moon's rod lying on the floor. It's cracked. "We made it together," he thinks. He swears that he will rescue his Usako.

Far away on Nemesis, Usagi hears Tuxedo Kamen's promise. She starts to cry because she is so far from them, and because Diamaund forced his kiss on her. Usagi regrets that she was so jealous of Chibi-Usa because now she may never see anyone again.

The image of the old Queen Selenity appears before her. "Princess Selenity, remember. The Ginzuishou depends on your spirit." Usagi regains her confidence. She is the future Queen, and her friends and Mamoru have promised never to leave her. She calls out for Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter.

In Nemesis' dungeon, Rei, Ami, and Makoto open their eyes. They hear Usagi calling to them. Suddenly, they realize where they are. A pile of rotting corpses sits in the corner. Frightened, they try to transform in order to escape, but it doesn't work. Gas seeps into the room, causing the three girls to collapse.

The Wiseman laughs to himself. Since he no longer has any use for the three Senshi, he plans to let them die in the Room of Darkness. He looks into his crystal ball and sees Chibi-Usa.

Chibi-Usa wanders the empty streets of Crystal Tokyo. She remembers the stories of the undefeatable Sailor Moon, her mother. Once, a boy teased Chibi-Usa because she is small and has no power. He called her a fake princess. Sailor Pluto tried to cheer her up that day, telling her that one day she will be beautiful like her mother, and that she is the real princess. Still upset, Chibi-Usa went into her mother's room to see the Ginzuishou. Since she was not allowed to be in the Queen's room, she hid when she heard her mother approaching. At that moment, the Black Moon attacked. Thinking Chibi-Usa was outside, Selenity went to look for her. That was when she was attacked. When Chibi-Usa went to get the Ginzuishou, it was gone.

Depressed, Chibi-Usa bounces Luna-P. "Abracadabra... Pon." Sailor Pluto taught her those words. She feels that Sailor Pluto is her only friend.

King Endymion and the others are looking for Chibi-Usa. He goes to ask Sailor Pluto if she has seen the little girl. Pluto smiles happily at the King. Chibi-Usa watches from a distance; the Pluto she knows only smiles for her. Now even Sailor Pluto is turning against her. She runs away, dropping her key. Sailor Pluto sees the key on the floor and panics. "Small Lady!!"

Chibi-Usa runs and runs. The Wiseman appears before her and says that he has been looking for her. A glowing crescent moon appears on her forehead. "I need you," he says, holding out his hand. Chibi-Usa takes his hand.

The key glows in Sailor Pluto's hand. She feels that something bad has happened to Chibi-Usa. She starts for King Endymion, but she collapses on the floor.

In the library, King Endymion and Tuxedo Kamen feel something in their chests. "Something's happened to Chibi-Usa!" Tuxedo Kamen yells. They leave Sailor Venus in the library and run off. While they are gone, Venus and Luna read up on the Death Phantom. He destroyed Crystal Tokyo on his own, using his special powers of evil vision and death hands.

The two men arrive at Sailor Pluto's door. She tells them that Chibi-Usa dropped her key, and now she feels a storm brewing in space-time. Frantic, Tuxedo Kamen rushes off into the distortion to search for Chibi-Usa.

Usagi wanders around the Black Moon castle. She overhears Safir and Rubeus taking. Both are annoyed that Diamaund is using the room with the most power from the Evil Black Crystal to keep Usagi in. They feel they could put the room to better use. Safir says that the three Senshi are barely alive in the Room of Darkness. Rubeus is spooked by the room, but Safir is more spooked by the planet. He fears that the planet is using them as pawns.

Back in her room on Nemesis, Usagi lies collapsed on the floor. Diamaund picks her up and lays her on the bed.

Tuxedo Kamen runs through the space-time storm, calling for Chibi-Usa and carrying Sailor Moon's rod.

On the bed, Usagi stirs and cries out for Mamo-chan. Furious, Diamaund slaps her across the face. Usagi jumps up and screams at him not to touch her. She demands to know where her friends are, and Diamaund says that they're dead. She gets up and runs away from him.

Safir calls up his minions, Veneti and Aquatiki. Usagi stumbles into the room, and Safir welcomes her to the core of Nemesis, the reactor of the Evil Black Crystal. He confides to her that Diamaund's plan has gone awry. He knows that changing history and then warping back to the 30th century will cause disturbances that may endanger the entire universe. Without warning, Safir orders Veneti and Aquatiki to kill Usagi. Safir blames her from his brother's odd behavior. He grabs her by the neck and prepares to stab her with a large crystal.

Suddenly, Usagi's brooch starts to glow. The entire Black Moon family arrives to see what's going on. The Wiseman says that the Ginzuishou is showing its power. "That's right, Wiseman," says a woman with two pointed ponytails.

Usagi jumps up and transforms. Sensing that her Senshi are alive, Sailor Moon breaks the ground with her touch, releasing them from the Room of Darkness. They too can now transform. In awe of the Ginzuishou's power, Diamaund says that the crystal is sure to start wars as people scramble to possess it. Sailor Moon retorts that the Ginzuishou brings peace.

"Love and tranquility is a fantasy," says Diamaund. "That crystal is the source of all misfortune."

The opposite powers of the Ginzuishou and the Evil Black Crystal cause the castle to shake. The ceiling crumbles and the pillars fall over. Frightened, Rubeus flees for his life. "You damn fool!" The Wiseman laughs as he uses his death hands to strangle him. Rubeus' body bursts into flames. The Senshi use their power to escape from Nemesis.

The Wiseman talks to the pointy-haired woman. She watches Tuxedo Kamen in the Wiseman's crystal ball.

Tuxedo Kamen is still in the space-time storm, calling for Chibi-Usa. The woman appears before him and holds out her arms.

Sailor Moon and her Senshi appear in the Crystal Tokyo castle. King Endymion tells Sailor Moon that Chibi-Usa disappeared and Tuxedo Kamen went after her. Neither one has returned.

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