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Act 2: Ami/Sailor Mercury

A woman with a lot of hair speaks to the blonde man from the end of Act 1. She asks him if he has found the Ginzuishou. He apologizes and says that he hasn't. The woman reminds him that their "great ruler" needs more energy. "I am Jadeite, commander of the Dark Kingdom's Far Eastern division," says the blonde man. "Leave it to me, Queen Beryl."

Usagi comes home from school and introduces herself to us as an ordinary girl who can become a soldier of justice. She asks Luna if the cat is going to stay with her forever to watch over her; Usagi doesn't seem to like that idea. Luna once again reminds her of her mission to find her allies and the Princess. Usagi thinks of Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor V. "They're my allies for sure!" Luna chooses to ignore that comment and says that she has spotted the second pretty soldier.

At night, Luna goes to the Crown Game Center. She sits at a computer and types. A picture of a girl with short dark hair appears on-screen. Next to the picture, it says: "Mizuno Ami. Birthday: 10 Sept; Blood Type: A; Age: 14."

The next day, Juuban JHS is talking about the genius in grade eight, class five who scored perfectly on every exam. The girl from Luna's computer screen walks and reads at the same time as people gossip about her intelligence.

Usagi learns from her friends that the genius is Mizuno Ami. They say that Ami is so smart because she goes to the Crystal Seminar, a cram school. Also, Ami is rich since her mother is a doctor. The girls say that Ami's world is different and that all she does is studies.

After school, Usagi sees Ami walking by herself. Suddenly, Luna jumps on Ami's shoulder. Always looking for a way out of school work, Usagi decides to become friends with her, hoping for test answers. She takes Ami to the game center to play the Sailor V game. To everyone's surprise, Ami is quite good at the game and gets the highest score. A pen with a strange cap (it looks like Saturn with its many rings) pops out of the machine for Ami. Usagi wants one too, and starts pounding the game. Another pen, this one with a crystal-like top, is dispensed. Ami looks up at the clock and panics: she has cram school in a few minutes.

At cram school, the teacher tells Ami that everyone wants to be like her. "Excellent people like you will lead the world of tomorrow." Ami doesn't look pleased by the praise.

The next day, Naru asks Usagi if she wants to go for ice cream after school. Usagi agrees and goes to ask Ami. She finds the genius writing with the pen she won from the Sailor V game. Usagi invites her to join them, but Ami hesitates. A couple walk past talking about how they have to go to the Crystal Seminar. Ami remembers what the cram school teacher told her. "I have to go to the Crystal Seminar, too," she says as she leaves the room. She drops her cram school disk.

Usagi follows Ami to the Crystal Seminar, hoping to give her back the disk. Outside the school, a woman hands her a flyer for the cram school; it has a picture of Ami on it. "Why don't you enroll and study a little more?" Luna teases. Annoyed, Usagi crumples up the flyer and tosses it over her shoulder... right into the face of the young man from the other day!

"You Odango Atama! I am not a garbage can!" he fumes. Usagi is dismayed to see him yet again, especially if he asks if Luna was just talking. Flustered, Usagi rushes away.

Luna gets Usagi to go to a computer, and they pop in the disk that Ami dropped. Rumors have been going around saying that people "turn weird" by reading the contents of the disks. At first, nothing happens. Usagi gets impatient and pounds the monitor. Suddenly, a voice comes from the computer: "Devote yourself! Become a servant for our great ruler! Gather data on the Ginzuishou!" The disks contain a brainwashing program.

At his own computer, the young man hears the same voice.

Panicked, Usagi and Luna go back to the Crystal Seminar. They see Ami walking in. Usagi notices how pale the girl is and worries that she is being harmed by the brainwashing. She needs to get into the building to save her new friend.

"That pen you got at the game center," says Luna. "Take it and throw it high into the air!" Willing to try anything, Usagi complies.

"Moon Power! Transform me into a doctor!" She appears in a doctor's white uniform. Quickly, she rushes into the building and grabs Ami from a line of students. Ami faints into Usagi's arms.

Meanwhile, the cram school teacher fills us in on her plans. By harnessing the power of Ami's mind, she hopes to control all of Japan and find the Ginzuishou. Her musings are interrupted by Doctor Usagi. She bursts into the room.

"Moon Prism Power! Make Up!"

The cram school teacher is a youma. It flings razor-sharp test papers at Sailor Moon. Tears well up in her eyes. Luna warns her that the supersonic waves from her cries could hurt Ami and the other students. The youma grabs Ami by the neck. Luna screams: "Ami-chan! The pen! Throw the pen into the air!"

A dense fog blankets the room. Sailor Moon can't see anything, but the youma spots her. It prepares to attack her. At the last moment, someone grabs Sailor Moon's arms. "Kick!" a voice orders her.

"Sailor Moon Kick!"

The youma is knocked backwards as Sailor Moon falls into the arms of Tuxedo Kamen. For a second they stare at each other; then Tuxedo Kamen slips away. Sailor Moon spots the enemy and defeats it with a Moon Frisbee. She looks for Tuxedo Kamen as the fog clears, but he's already gone.

Once the fog is completely dissipated, Ami appears dressed in a sailor fuku. Apparently, Luna guessed all along: "With that mind, you're our brain. You can manipulate water at will and spread fogs... taking the protection of the planet Mercury. Sailor Mercury!"

Ami is stunned by the revelation. Usagi, on the other hand, is thrilled.

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