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Act 19: Crystal Tokyo/King Endymion

"Dad!" Chibi-Usa runs to hug the man in the lavender tuxedo, but she passes right through him. The man thanks the others for taking care of his daughter and welcomes them to Crystal Tokyo. He passes in front of a mirror; he has no reflection.

"My real body is asleep in a separate room. This spirit, I sent out from it. I am King Endymion." Tuxedo Kamen looks stunned. King Endymion tells him that he is the future form of Tuxedo Kamen. He then tells Chibi-Usa to introduce herself properly.

Chibi-Usa curtsies. "My name is Usagi Small Lady Selenity. I am the daughter of Neo-Queen Selenity and King Endymion, the first princess of the Silver Millennium."

Sailor Moon repeats the word daughter, allowing the idea to sink in. King Endymion helps her along by telling her that Chibi-Usa is her and Mamoru's daughter. Sailor Venus goes one step further, and says that it means that Neo-Queen Selenity is the future form of Sailor Moon.

King Endymion tells them that the Queen had left the palace and was blasted. The crystal grew up around her to protect her, and Selenity fell into a coma-like state. He is not certain is she is alive or dead. After she was brought back into the palace, Endymion and the four Senshi were blasted themselves. They retreated and closed down the palace. Only Chibi-Usa and Diana, he daughter of Luna and Artemis, were unaffected. Endymion then sent his daughter to the past to get help.

Sailor Venus asks how come no one is aging; indeed, King Endymion looks just as young as Tuxedo Kamen. He explains that the people of the Silver Millennium live for at least one thousand years. Once they reach adulthood, the aging process stops. Selenity was 22 years old when she gave birth to Chibi-Usa and became queen; the power of the Ginzuishou kept her body at age 22. The Silver Millennium was founded in the early 21st century, and since then, everyone has enjoyed the benefits of the Ginzuishou.

The King takes them to another room and shows them a picture of Nemesis, the tenth planet of the solar system. When it was first discovered, it was used as a place for capital punishment facilities. Now, it is releasing huge amounts of negative energy. When the capital punishment facilities were shut down, the Black Moon took over the planet. The King does not know what their purpose is, but he guessed that they want to steal the Ginzuishou using their own crystal, the Evil Black Crystal.

Luna tells Endymion that the Black Moon is also invading the Earth of the past. The King is very upset by this, as it means that the Black Moon is getting stronger.

Sailor Moon feels dizzy and becomes transparent. Endymion explains that the same person from different times cannot exist in the same time, that is, Sailor Moon and Selenity can't be in the future together. The King tells them to go back to the past, and to take Chibi-Usa with them. Tuxedo Kamen swears to the King that he will protect her with his life.

Endymion takes them back to Sailor Pluto's door. Friendlier than at their first meeting, Pluto greets Sailor Moon and allows them to pass. They travel back in time and arrive in Ichinohashi Park. They land in a heap, with Tuxedo Kamen on the bottom, and Sailor Venus on top. Tuxedo Kamen asks if Chibi-Usa is all right, and Sailor Moon shoots him a dirty look.

"Usako, I'm responsible for her," he says.

Sailor Moon yells that after everything they've been through, he cares about Chibi-Usa more than anyone else, even more than her. She runs off crying.

At home, Usagi lies on her bed crying. She's still jealous of Chibi-Usa, even though she knows it's stupid. What she really wants to do is help Mamoru take care of Chibi-Usa.

The next day, Mamoru wakes up on the couch. He goes to check on Chibi-Usa, but the bed is empty. Worried, he calls Usagi and Minako. They think she may have gone back to the future.

Sure enough, Chibi-Usa has gone back to Sailor Pluto. The Senshi lets her pass, warning her to be careful. Chibi-Usa enters the Crystal Palace's hall. Inside, there are several glass coffins. The body of King Endymion lies in the one closest to her; the four Senshi lie in coffins lined up in a row. Chibi-Usa continues until she reaches the crystal mass where Selenity lies. "Mom, please. Open your eyes," she begs. "How can I get you to wake up?"

Diamaund activates the hologram of Neo-Queen Selenity. Esmeraude watches from behind a wall until Rubeus sees her and gives her away to the prince. Esmeraude says that if she is given a second chance, she will capture the Rabbit. "Code: EX. Operation: Relax. I will get them for the Wiseman."

Chibi-Usa leaves the Crystal Palace and is attacked by Esmeraude. She uses disembodied hands to grab the girl by the neck. She taunts her: "Well, Rabbit. You have the blood of the Silver Millennium, of Neo-Queen Selenity. Show me your power."

Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Sailor Venus come to her rescue. Sailor Moon tries her Moon Princess Halation, but once again it fails to activate. Esmeraude retaliates by throwing her earring on the ground. It explodes, knocking everyone down. Three pairs of hands appear and grab Chibi-Usa's rescuers by their necks. King Endymion's spirit lends his strength to Tuxedo Kamen, and he kills Esmeraude with Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.

Sailor Moon wonders why she is the only one who cannot use their power. The King thinks it may be that the two Ginzuishou cannot exist so close to each other and cancel each other out.

Diamaund and the Wiseman appear in the air. Sailor Moon challenges them, but Diamaund is transfixed by her eyes. He realizes that those are the same eyes Neo-Queen Selenity has. The black crescent moon on his forehead turns into a diamond and shoots a beam at Sailor Moon. Her body freezes and she slowly fades away.

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