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Act 17: Black Moon Calaveras/Sailor Venus

Artemis tries to track the spaceship that took Sailor Jupiter away, but it disappears too quickly. Tuxedo Kamen arrives at Makoto's apartment and finds a crystal earring lying on the ground. Luna recognizes it as one of Petz's. Artemis sends a petri dish telekinetically to Luna to place the earring in.

In the Command Center, Artemis briefs everyone on what has been happening in the city: there have been 200 UFO sightings in Tokyo alone and crop circles are appearing in the city's various parks. He believes that there is just one spaceship, and that the circles are its landing sites.

Mamoru is convinced that Ami, Rei, and Makoto are still alive, but Usagi thinks it's strange that the enemy is going after them rather than the Ginzuishou. Minako thinks they should question Chibi-Usa about the Black Moon and find out which side she's on.

At the Tsukino house, Chibi-Usa has her friend Momoko over to play. She sees Minako, Mamoru, and Usagi... and then she sees the earring. Chibi-Usa starts to scream in fright.

Safir tells Rubeus that he wants to hurry up and get rid of the Senshi because they have already lost many droids. Rubeus haughtily says that he only follows Diamaund's orders, and Esmeraude laughs at their petty arguing. Not bothered by her laughter, Rubeus explains that he enjoys having power from the Evil Black Crystal. Safir feels that the Evil Black Crystal is enough; there's no need to capture the Ginzuishou as well. The Wiseman appears. He says that the power of the Evil Black Crystal will only become infinite once they have the Ginzuishou.

Rubeus goes to see Calaveras, the last remaining Ayakashi sister. He tells her to get revenge for the three sisters. "Code: 004. Operation: Rebirth. I will use the powers of my sisters, and I'll send a strong message to mankind from the Black Moon."

Minako, Mamoru, and Usagi try to get Chibi-Usa to tell them why she is so afraid of the earring. She starts to say something about her mother, but she falls apart and starts crying again. Mamoru says that they'll stop asking questions if it becomes too hard, but Usagi asks if Chibi-Usa is an enemy. This makes the girl cry even more. Seeing that Mamoru is on Chibi-Usa's side, Usagi runs away.

At school, Naru invites Usagi to watch a video during lunch. It's a video on channeling featuring the famous channeler, Miss Calaveras. She psychically connects with Rubeus and says that the Black Moon has come to "guide you Earthlings to the correct path." Usagi bolts from the room.

On television, Calaveras is on a show called "Channeling Session." She tells the people that the White Moon will bring misfortune to the Earth. She also says that she will be holding a channeling session for the public that Saturday.

Minako watches the telecast and exclaims that they must go. Asanuma is also watching and recognizes the Black Moon as the ones who took Makoto.

Mamoru turns off his television and opens the lid of a glass case. Four stones are inside. As he closes his eyes, the spirits of his four generals come out of the stones. He tells them about the crystal earring and about the space-time distortion he can sense coming from the crystal. Mamoru fears that he is not strong enough to protect Usagi and wonders why he was reborn at all. The generals tell him that they will always be there to support him; he should be strong for the Princess because she depends upon him, no matter how useless he may feel.

Chibi-Usa sneaks into Usagi's room. She sees the henshin brooch pinned on the bow of Usagi's uniform.

Usagi wakes up. She looks at her school uniform. The bow is untied and her brooch containing the Ginzuishou is gone. She gets dressed and runs out of the house. She contacts Minako and tells her that Chibi-Usa has stolen the Ginzuishou.

At the channeling session, Calaveras puts her audience into a trance. Sailor Venus tries to snap them out of it, but to no avail. The spirits of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter float out of the bodies of Naru, Kotono, and Asanuma. The spirits call for Sailor Venus and then disappear, only to be replaced by the spirits of Cooan, Beruche, and Petz. They attack Sailor Venus as Calaveras says that Rubeus is dealing with Sailor Moon and the Rabbit.

Usagi finally catches Chibi-Usa. She demands her brooch, but the girl refuses to give it back. At that moment, Rubeus attacks them. Tuxedo Kamen comes to their rescue and cuts Rubeus' face with his cane. Furious, Rubeus prepares to attack again. Without Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen is certain that the three of them will be killed. Suddenly, he hears a voice telling him to focus his strength at Rubeus and shout...

"Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!"

Energy shoots from Tuxedo Kamen's hands, wiping out Rubeus' flames. While Chibi-Usa is distracted by the fighting, Usagi grabs the brooch from her and transforms into Sailor Moon. She kills Calaveras and frees Sailor Venus. Rubeus flees.

Sailor Moon asks Chibi-Usa why she took the brooch. Chibi-Usa says that she only knows that she needs the power of the Ginzuishou of the past as well as that of the future. She asks for Sailor Moon's help to save the Earth of the 30th century.

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