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Act 16: Black Moon Petz/Sailor Jupiter

Usagi has nightmares about losing Rei and Ami. Chibi-Usa brings Luna-P to Usagi. It bounces and says "Don't cry, Lady." Startled, Usagi raises her pillow to hit the toy away. Chibi-Usa yells at her not to smash Luna-P.

Correctly, Usagi guesses that Luna-P was named after Luna. Chibi-Usa refuses to answer her, but instead gives Usagi her Tuxedo Kamen doll. Surprised, Usagi wants to know where she got the doll. "I got it from Mamo-chan."

"Mamo-chan!? Since when do you call him that!?" Usagi is now angry and jealous that Chibi-Usa was given a doll and she was not. The little girl says that she was only trying to make Usagi feel better.

Usagi gets dressed and goes to the Game Center for a meeting. Chibi-Usa follows her, and Motoki gives both girls Sailor V dolls. Chibi-Usa plays the Sailor V game and does so well, Minako is alerted by her pen. She even gets the highest score ever. When she gets tired of the game, she plays a crane game and wins all the candy. Mamoru thinks she used Luna-P to move the crane at her will.

Luna and Artemis agree that Chibi-Usa was not able to sense the Command Center. Makoto remembers that Beruche said something about "the Rabbit" and wonders if that is Chibi-Usa. They all admit it's strange: Chibi-Usa looks just like Usagi and they have the same name. Makoto coughs as she speaks about the mysterious crop circles that have appeared in Tokyo recently. She says that she's getting a cold from all the nasty weather they've been having.

Chibi-Usa gets caught in the rain and turns Luna-P into an umbrella. Bouncing the toy makes her remember something. "Abracadabra! Pon!" she says. A woman with long dark hair, wearing a sailor fuku, once taught her that those words will always bring her lots of fun. Saddened by the memory, Chibi-Usa touches the key hanging from her chain. Mamoru happens to see her, and he takes her hand. He sees an explosion destroying the crystal city and Chibi-Usa screaming for her mother.

Prince Diamaund talks to the Wiseman about the two Senshi he has captured, He says that they are just like "that Queen" because their bodies never age. The Ginzuishou gives them the power to overcome the aging process.

Safir walks in and says that they should kill the Senshi. The only reason Mars and Mercury are alive is because Diamaund always does as he pleases. In anger, Diamaund shatters a glass; a shard strikes Safir in the cheek.

The third Ayakashi sister, Petz, steps into the light. She promises to get revenge for Cooan and Beruche. "Code: 003. Operation: Renew. We will reform the pieces and make them all into pawns of the Black Moon!"

Diamaund presses a button and a hologram appears before him. It looks like Usagi in her princess dress. Ropes of pearls are draped around her neck and arms, and a crown sits on her head. "I will have everything I want," says Diamaund. "Everything."

At the Crown Fruit Parlor, Luna, Mamoru, and Usagi sit in a booth. Luna-P lays on the table, it's eyes spinning. Mamoru complains that Chibi-Usa has asked him to fix it, but he cannot even find a seam where the toy can be opened. Usagi gets annoyed that the topic of this conversation is Chibi-Usa. Ever since the girl fell from the sky, everyone talks about only Chibi-Usa. Mamoru tries to calm her down, but Usagi insists that Chibi-Usa may still be an enemy.

As they talk, Asanuma enters the Fruit Parlor. He sees Mamoru and slips behind the plants to listen. Mamoru tells Usagi that every time he touches Chibi-Usa, he sees that crystal city and feels that the girl is very frightened. Considering this new information, Usagi concedes that Chibi-Usa may have been attacked by the enemies before she escaped. On the other hand, Chibi-Usa could know the whereabouts of the enemies and where Ami and Rei are. Asanuma absorbs all of this.

Makoto walks in wearing a mask over her mouth and coughing. She explains to a concerned Unazuki and Asanuma that she has a bad cold. Unazuki gets her brother to take them to the drug store for some cold remedies. While there, Unazuki comments to Makoto that the drugstore clerk is cute, but Makoto just says that she's going home. Asanuma runs after her.

It's pouring outside as Makoto and Asanuma walk to Makoto's apartment. He tries to hold her arm to help her walk, but he gets an electric shock. Makoto is becoming delirious and explains to Asanuma that he shouldn't touch her now because she has an "electrically charged constitution." She begins to say that she can manipulate thunder and lightning, but she gets dizzy.

The inside of Makoto's apartment is filled with plants. Asanuma sees a picture of her parents, and Makoto tells him that they died in a plane crash. She serves him a cup of tea and turns on the television. The reporter is talking about the heavy rains in Tokyo, crop circles, and UFOs. The news reminds Asanuma about his conviction that Mamoru and his girlfriend's friends are not normal people; he tells Makoto that he heard a cat talking. When Makoto doesn't answer, he peppers her with questions: "What do they mean Rei-san and Ami-san were taken away!? You have an electrically charged constitution, Makoto-sempai!? What is this power Mamoru-sempai has!? Are you all not human!?"

Once Makoto recovers from her shock, she tells Asanuma that he reminds her of her friend from long ago; because of that, she will answer his questions. Mamoru has the power of psychometry: the power to sense things that others cannot, to emit power from his fingertips, and to give the power to others as a shock or as healing. Even though he has this power, Mamoru is still human. The girls are human as well. Their mission is to fight the enemies together and to share their destinies, which makes the loss of Ami and Rei that much more painful.

Asanuma says that he wishes he could help. If he had power like they do, he would protect Makoto. She kisses him on the forehead, and he promises not to tell anyone. He leaves, and Makoto collapses on the floor.

Minako calls Usagi from the Command Center. She's worried because she can't get in touch with Makoto at all.

Petz stands in front of a group of droids. She says that releasing the virus was a good move; almost all of Tokyo has been infected, allowing the droids to take their place.

Makoto opens her eyes and sees her droid double strangling her. She cries out for Usagi over her communicator. Then, she transforms and throws her droid double. Petz arrives and dodges a Flower Hurricane. She sends a tornado after Sailor Jupiter, trapping her just like Sailors Mars and Mercury were trapped. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus arrive, but the droids attack them, preventing them from reaching Jupiter.

Sailor Moon frees herself and kills Petz with Moon Princess Halation. Rubeus arrives and takes Sailor Jupiter away in a spaceship.

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