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Act 13: Beginning & Ending/Little Stranger

The flower-shaped Ginzuishou settles on top of the crescent moon rod. Metallia still comes closer, unaffected by the Ginzuishou's power.

The Senshi's henshin pens and the sword rise from where they had fallen. They float towards the Moon.

On the Moon, the Crystal Tower begins to grow. Luna continues to pray, knowing that the prayers are increasing the power of the Ginzuishou. The ruins begin to rise off the ground.

Mamoru looks up, letting the moonlight shine on his eyelids. "The same brilliance as the Ginzuishou!"

Metallia draws closer, certain that she can capture all this energy. Sailor Moon raises the rod; a shadowy Princess Selenity does the same behind her. "With the power of this sacred light!! Turn to dust!"

The light from the crystal strikes Metallia's forehead. She screams as the beam passes right through her, and she bursts. The brooch on Sailor Moon's fuku shatters, and Usagi collapses in her school uniform.

Back on the Moon, Luna and Artemis witness the resurrection of the Silver Millennium. The Moon Palace is magically reconstructed. Luna believes that Usagi's Ginzuishou brought about the change.

Mamoru looks up into the sky. He can no longer feel the light of the Moon. Still blind, he bends down and lays his hand on the ground, trying to feel if his planet has been hurt by the battle. He senses that Usagi is nearby. He reaches her body and picks her up. Mamoru cannot see her, but he manages to find her face and kisses her lips. Her eyes open. Mamoru's eyes as she looks at him. "Your face... I can see it clearly!" he says.

Usagi looks at him with tears in her eyes. The image of a happy Selenity and Endymion appears, along with that of a hugging Usagi and Mamoru. "Endymion! We're together... Finally!"

"Usako... I've always wanted to hold you like this, Usako."

"Mamo-chan, I love you... We won't be apart anymore."

The voices of the dead Senshi reach Usagi's ears. They tell her that they're glad that she is happy. Usagi looks around for them. Taking her hand, Mamoru once again touches the ground. Through the psychic connection, Usagi is able to see into the Earth as Mamoru can. She sees the four Senshi lying dead on the ground. She becomes frantic and tries to use her broken brooch to become Sailor Moon. When she fails, Luna establishes a psychic link with Usagi and tells her to go to the Moon.

The Silver Millennium has been resurrected. Luna tells Usagi that she must be the new Queen Selenity. "I may be Selenity, but... I am Tsukino Usagi. The Earth where Mamo-chan is, is now the place where I belong."

The small figure of Queen Selenity appears. She tells her daughter to be happy "this time." She tells her to go to Earth with Mamoru. She vanishes as quickly as she appeared, leaving behind a brooch. On the front, it has a five-pointed star, a crescent moon at the center, and four colored gems. It opens like a make-up compact, with a mirror on the top cover and a hole for the Ginzuishou in the bottom. "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Usagi becomes Sailor Moon once again. Using Moon Healing Escalation, she wakes up the people of Earth, and revives the Senshi. The girls run to each other and embrace. Atremis wonders aloud if the Senshi sacrificed their pens during the battle. Minako tells him not to worry; Senshi don't die easily.

Life returns to normal for Usagi, Minako, Ami, Rei, and Makoto. They are once again living the lives of ordinary girls.

Rei sits in front of her fire, meditating. The flames form a picture of a young man with an upside-down black crescent moon on his forehead. Rei backs away as the fire dies down and the image disappears.

Dressed for school, Rei calls Usagi on her cellular phone. Ikuko picks up the phone at the Tsukino house and says that Usagi's already left for school. Still uneasy, Rei leaves for school.

After school, Usagi goes to Ichinohashi Park and sneaks up behind Mamoru, who is sitting on a bench and reading. She surprises him by planting a kiss on his cheek and taking off his eyeglasses. Mamoru supposes that she's late because she had detention, but Usagi says she was getting his pocket watch fixed. They kiss on the lips.

A strange black ball that looks a bit like Luna falls from the sky and boinks Mamoru on the head. He looks up just in time to see a flash of light followed by a little girl falling from the sky. She lands right on Usagi's head, stealing Mamoru's kiss.

On the ground, Usagi bawls that her neck is broken. Looking up at Mamoru, she sees that the little girl has latched onto him. She wears a schoolgirl uniform, and her hair is tied into pigtails topped with pointed odango. When the girl spots Usagi, her eyes widen. "I am Usagi!" she cries. "How come you have an odango atama like me?"

Usagi stammers that she is the rightful Tsukino Usagi and that the odango atama is her trademark. The little girl recognizes the family name. She pulls out a pistol and aims it at Usagi's forehead.

"If you're Tsukino Usagi, you must have the Ginzuishou. Give it to me!"

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