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Act 12: The Decisive Battle/Reincarnation

The Senshi gasp as Sailor Moon falls to the floor. They wonder if they were reborn just to relive the past they tried to escape. The Ginzuishou floats into the air and merges with the light from Tuxedo Kamen. A mass of crystal encases the bodies of Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon.

Queen Metallia breaks free and sees the crystal mass. She feels its power and swallows it. Metallia moves towards the surface, no possessing the power of the Ginzuishou.

The Senshi follow Metallia to the surface. They arrive in time to see Metallia's darkness spreading over the land. They attempt to use Sailor Planet Attack, but Metallia simply absorbs it. The Senshi retreat to the Command Center.

At the Command Center, Luna announces that Usagi is still alive. The Ginzuishou has protected her, even though she is now inside Queen Metallia. Encouraged by these words, the Senshi transport back to D Point, leaving Artemis to look after the still-injured Luna. He takes her to the ruined Moon Castle where she prays for the safety of Usagi.

Meanwhile, Metallia's evil energy is affecting the people of Earth. Infused with the evil, people attack each other and an angry mob forms.

The Senshi watch in dismay as Metallia continues to spread. Refusing to admit defeat, they decide to sacrifice their henshin pens in order to stop her. "Sacrificing my pen is the same as sacrificing my life," Sailor Venus says. "But I am ready." They touch their pens together, and Sailor Venus calls for the sword. A burst of light shoots into the sky, and the Senshi fall to the ground, dead.

Metallia continues to spread.

A flashback begins.... Sailor Venus catches Selenity slipping behind a pillar. She yells at Selenity for sneaking off to Earth again, but Selenity retorts that Sailor Venus has never been in love before and cannot understand her feelings. As the Princess slips away, Venus says quietly that she does understand.

On Earth, Sailor Venus catches Selenity with Endymion and General Kunzite. She blushes when she sees Kunzite.

At night, Selenity and Endymion kiss. She sees dark clouds on the horizon. Endymion explains that those clouds have been there for a long time, and that monoliths have mysteriously appeared in the area.

Queen Beryl and her army attack the Moon Palace. Endymion tries to protect Selenity, but Beryl kills him. Queen Selenity uses the Ginzuishou to send everyone to the future.

Sailor Moon opens her eyes. She is alive, but she is in pitch darkness. The Ginzuishou floats in front of her. For a moment, she wonders if Mamoru's pocket watch took the sword's blow for her, but she knows that is not true. She cries because Endymion was not brought back to life with her. As she cries, the Ginzuishou opens like a flower. She can now hear Metallia and understands that she and Mamoru are inside the cloud.

Metallia can also hear Sailor Moon now. She vows to kill the "carrier of the blood of the Moon Kingdom. Fearful that Metallia will hold true to her promise, Sailor Moon holds out the Ginzuishou. Metallia screams as the light burns her insides. The light transports her and Mamoru out of Metallia's body. She takes Mamoru's hand and notices that it is getting warmer.

Mamoru opens his eyes. "Sailor Moon?" He holds his hands in front of his face, but his eyes are cloudy and blind. As Sailor Moon kneels by him, Metallia comes up behind her.

Again, Sailor Moon extends the Ginzuishou and Metallia is blasted. However, Metallia has discovered that the new energy of the Ginzuishou is much stronger than that of the Ginzuishou she had swallowed. She becomes larger in an effort to swallow it again.

Sailor Moon senses that she is alone: her Senshi are gone, Luna is far away, and Mamoru is blind. As she begins to despair of ever sealing Metallia away, Mamoru reaches into his jacket and pulls out the kunzite stone. The spirit of Kunzite appears and tells Mamoru that Metallia's weak spot is the mark on her forehead. The spirits of the other generals appear, and they wish a peaceful future to Mamoru and Sailor Moon. They then vanish and the stones shatter.

Mamoru tells Sailor Moon to aim for Metallia's forehead. "Don't cry! Have confidence in yourself," he says as his fingers feel her tears. "I'll always be by your side, Selenity."

"Endymion." Sailor Moon takes his hand. "He always gives me his strength." As she touches the crescent moon stick, it extends into a rod. Mamoru looks up and thinks he sees the Moon shining into his blind eyes.

Sailor Moon turns to Metallia. "I, Sailor Moon and Princess Selenity, with the strength of the Moon, will seal you away!"

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