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Act 10: Moon/Tsuki

As the girls prepare to go to the Moon, Ami wonders just how Luna is going to get them there. Usagi tries to keep herself busy by playing video games with Naru. At night though, she watches the changing phases of the Moon.

Kenji-papa gets the Ginzuishou put on a chain for Usagi. She can now wear it as a necklace. Kenji-papa wonders aloud if she got the crystal from a boy. Absently, Usagi says that it's true, sending her father into hysterics.

The Moon's age is 13.7. One more day until the full Moon and their trip.

The next night, everyone goes to the park. Usagi remembers how she and Mamoru traded he watch and the handkerchief. She begins to cry. Rei remarks that the full Moon is the best time to see visions of the future. Luna speaks in a strange language, and a circle of light forms on the ground. The girls transform, step into the circle, and join hands. A white light explodes around them and carries them into space. The Senshi touch down in Mare Serenitatis, the Sea of Serenity.

The Moon is barren and quiet. Sailor Jupiter makes a bad pun about Sailor Moon really being tsuki no usagi. [tsuki no usagi = rabbit of the Moon]

They see the ruins of the Moon Kingdom and a sword rammed into the marble floor. Luna tells Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter to pull it out. However, it's stuck fast. Finally, Sailor Venus pulls it from the ground. The sword is made entirely of stone.

Out of the hole left by the sword, a tiny woman emerges. She wears a long white dress, and her hair is up in odango, just like Sailor Moon. Transparent wings extend from her back. She tells the Senshi that the sword is the "legendary holy blade to protect the Princess." She introduces herself as Queen Selenity of the Silver Millennium, mother of Princess Selenity. She is able to see the Senshi and her daughter because the Moon Castle's main computer saved her willpower. Using the computer, her willpower creates her form and enables her to interact.

"Do you remember when this Moon Castle was beautiful?" she asks. The Silver Millennium was protected from the harsh Moon environment by climate-controlled domes. However, Princess Selenity was attracted to the true nature of the Earth and went down there in secret. During one of these trips, she met Prince Endymion and fell in love.

The job of the Moon Kingdom was to protect the holy Ginzuishou and to remove negative forces on Earth. By doing this, the long-lived people of the Moon directed Earth's evolution. One year, there was an abnormal activity on the Sun. Evil entered the Earth. "Your enemy..." Queen Selenity tells the present-day Senshi, "It is surely Satan." The evil took advantage of the humans on Earth who wanted the Moon people's longevity. Endymion tried to stop it, but he was killed protecting Selenity. Over come with sorrow, Selenity picked up the sword that killed him, and committed suicide. Queen Selenity saw the whole thing and used the Ginzuishou to seal the evil away. The Moon Kingdom crumbled.

"I created the seal with a weak spirit of sorrow and delusion." Because of this defect, the evil was allowed to escape. The only person who can re-seal the evil with the full power of the Ginzuishou is Princess Selenity. Sailor Moon tells her mother about the light going into Endymion's body. The Queen believes that the Ginzuishou was working for Sailor Moon's will: the desire to save Endymion.

Queen Selenity's time is almost up, and her image starts to flicker. She asks the Senshi to protect her daughter, and tells Sailor Moon to find happiness. She vanishes and the girls go back to Earth.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite is upset over his Endymion-sama's current state. He sees Beryl sneaking around the palace and decides to follow her. Beryl enters a chamber that houses a large shadowy being. Beryl and Metallia work out plans to use the dead body of Tuxedo Kamen in order to get to the Princess and the Ginzuishou.

When Beryl leaves the chamber, Kunzite questions her about the other generals. Beryl says that since Tuxedo Kamen's body does not contain the Ginzuishou, they cannot resurrect the generals. Kunzite rebels, demanding to know what Beryl has in store for the Prince's body. She holds out her hand; Kunzite's eyes go blank and a jewel appears on his forehead. She orders him to get the Ginzuishou.

A tidal wave crashes over Tokyo and freezes. Kunzite gloats that all of Tokyo will soon be covered in ice. The Senshi rush to the scene and Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation to free the people from the ice. Kunzite sees the Ginzuishou hanging from her neck and lunges. Sailor Moon jumps into the air and heads for space. She demands to know where Tuxedo Kamen is.

"If you give me the Ginzuishou obediently, I'll return him," Kunzite offers. "His corpse, that is!" The other Senshi arrive and combine their powers to kill Kunzite with Sailor Planet Attack. Kunzite turns into a stone and drops at Queen Beryl's feet.

Using borrowed power from Metallia, Beryl resurrects Endymion's body. It is now fused with the evil of the Dark Kingdom. He opens his hand and the four stones [jadeite, nephrite, zoisite, and kunzite] appear. "You are now my puppet," Queen Beryl says, caressing his face. "Go to the surface. Eliminate the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millennium. Steal the Ginzuishou."

Mamoru walks towards the Game Center. His eyes are pitch black.

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