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My Top 100 Moments in the Sailor Moon Manga

During my travels around the Internet, I've seen many "The 100 Best Sailor Moon Moments" or "You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When..." lists. Some have a lot of though put into them and are very enjoyable to read. However, each list without exception has been about the anime. If there are any manga facts included, it's quite by accident, a confusion of the two story lines.

Being such a fan of the manga, I've decided to make my own list of my top 100 favorite moments in the manga. So, here it goes.

#100: Evil Sailor Senshi vs. Eternal Sailor Moon

Volume XVIII, Act 50

One of the creepiest moments in Sailor Moon. The Senshi have all been killed and resurrected with Galaxia's power. They attack her, throwing her to the ground and breaking her wings. It's as if everything that has been established in the past fifty acts has been undone. Even though the enemy has taken on the form of her friends, Sailor Moon finds the stregnth to defeat them, proving that she will overcome any obstacles.

#99: Tuxedo Kamen First Appears

Volume I, Act 1

The man of mystery's first appearance. We know who he is, but Usagi doesn't. We know who he was, but Usagi doesn't. It just adds to the fun. Plus, he starts the mystery surrounding the Ginzuishou.

#98: "Wake Up Me Earlier!"

Volume I, Act 1

Upon our first introduction to Usagi-chan, she doesn't seem like the heroine we've been expecting. She's a crybaby with a chronic case of tardiness. Yet within five acts, she will already be starting her metamorphisis into a strong young woman. First impressions may be deceiving.

#97: Makoto Saves Usagi From the Car

Volume I, Act 5

While Usagi's daydreaming, the new girl sweeps her out of the path of a speeding car. What makes this such a memorable moment is the fact that Makoto doesn't introduce herself; all she says is "Be careful." Another mysterious person!

#96: The Cover of Tankoubon 12

Volume XII

I know, it's not a "moment" but this cover is one of my favorites. All the over covers of the tankoubon show the Senshi or Usagi posing. Even the covers for #2 and #15 are typical: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, and Selenity and Endymion. But this cover shows Usagi and Mamoru as real people. They're not superheroes or royalty. They're just two people in love, a wonderfully simple and endearing image.

#95: Pegasus Appears During the Eclipse

Volume XII, Act 34

"Help me, Maiden." Pegasus calls out to Usagi and Chibi-Usa as a forest materializes out of nowhere. Help him with what? And where did he come from? If a winged horse appeared and talked to me, those are the questions I'd be asking. Not Usagi and Chibi-Usa! They're more concerned with which of them is the maiden! ^_^;;

#94: Chibi-Usa Hypnotizes the Tsukinos

Volume IV, Act 14

Don't you wish you had a Luna-P ball? Look at the amazing things it can do! This scene just makes me wonder: aren't Neo-Queen Selenity and King Endymion afraid that their daughter might use Luna-P on them? When she gets older, that toy would be perfect for sneaking out of the palace: "Mama, Papa, I was home all night..." Maybe they had a special chip implanted in the toy so that they're immune....

#93: Everyone is Reunited in the Cauldron

Volume XVIII, Act 52

After the hardest battle she's ever had to fight, Usagi finds herself reunited with those who died protecting her. Despite everything that's happened and the fact that they are still inside the Cauldron, their only concern is being together. Being together matters so much that Usagi says that they want to go back to the Earth and live their lives, even if it is difficult. The sheer joy of being together overshadows any hardships they might encounter.

#92: The Revelation About the Cauldron

Volume XVIII, Act 51

So where have all those villians come from? And where exactly are Sailor Senshi made? Answer--in the Cauldron. Evil and good are siblings born in the same place, taking different paths in the universe.

#91: First Meeting With Sailor Pluto

Volume V, Act 18

The first evidence that there are Senshi beyond Jupiter. This is also the first Senshi besides Sailor Moon to have a special mission. One of the great things about meeting Pluto is that she sets up the discovery of Chibi-Usa's parentage.

#90: Naruru and Ruruna

Volume XVII, Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

We've all met those twevle-year-old girls who think they're eighteen. They use slang that no one but themselves can understand, and they refuse to allow anything that does not boast a designer label to touch their skin. Naruru has an obsession for Gucci; Ruruna for Chanel. The two are so ridiculous, they're funny.

#89: Sailor Chibi-Moon Insults Vega's Fat Thighs

Volume X, Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

When Vega dresses up as Sailor Moon, she thinks her costume is foolproof... until Sailor Chibi-Moon insensitively points out that Sailor Moon's legs are not that fat. In the next frame, Vega's legs balloon up and become shiny. She collapses on the floor and cries about her lost love. Sailor Chibi-Moon brought down the enemy without using a single attack. I wonder if telling Galaxia that her legs are fat would have the same affect...

#88: Minako Goes After the Cops

Volume XIII, Exam Specials

We all know that Minako has a wild streak in her. So when the cops admire Rei's uniform but not hers, it's expected that she would explode. What's not expected is what comes out of her mouth. "You bastards!" I really didn't see that coming, and it struck me as very funny that the angelic-looking Minako would say such a thing.

#87: Chibi-Usa's First Henshin

Volume VII, Act 23

The grief of loosing Sailor Pluto causes Black Lady to change into Sailor Chibi-Moon for the first time. But she doesn't just henshin; she leaps into the air as the fuku appears. Talk about enthusiasm!

#86: Himeko, Pregnant, Floats in Space

Volume XI, The Lover of Princess Kaguya

As she floats in the emptiness of space, Himeko promises to bring both Kakeru and their unborn child back to space one day to watch the sunrise. It's beautiful because it shows that even though there is tension between Kakeru and Himeko, they still love each other. It also confirms the sad truth that Kakeru belongs to Himeko, not Luna. A bittersweet moment.

#85: Minako Tells Rei to Get a Son-in-Law For Grandpa

Volume XII, Act 36

Leave it to Minako to say that to man-indifferent Rei! She tells Rei that it'll bring a servant to the shrine who will work for free. Not suprisingly, Rei likes the idea of a free servant...

#84: The Three Lights Take Usagi into the Taxi

Volume XVI, Act 43

After Mamoru is killed by Galaxia, the Three Lights take the fainted Usagi home in a taxi. Even though they've never met her before, the Three Lights (especially Seiya) are drawn to protecting Usagi. It's ironic that the girl they're protecting now will later sacrifice herself to the Cauldron to protect them.

#83: Sailor Mars Kills Jadeite

Volume I, Act 3

Sailor Mars lets loose and roasts Jadeite to a crisp. This is definitely one of the more dramatic deaths of the four generals. I just love the way Sailor Mars throws her ofuda and holds her arm out as she burns the man who kidnapped her.

#82: The Resurrected Witches 5

Volume IX, Act 31

Just when you thought they were gone for good, Kaolinite resurrects the Witches 5 and sends them to turn Mugen Gakuen into a mind-twisting trap. Using the Senshi's own desires against them, the Witches 5 take one last stab at killing their foes.

#81: Hotaru's Mechanical Parts

Volume IX, Act 29

Here's where all of Naoko's science classes paid off. I love this part because of the picture's accuracy. The muscles of Hotaru's arm are drawn perfectly. Even the information is terribly accurate: a type of artificial tissue that grows its own neurons and intergrates with Hotaru's nerves. It makes it seem possible that, if Hotaru was a real little girl, she could be a cyborg.

#80: Flashbacks to the Silver Millennium

Volume II & Volume III

The beautiful story of a prince and a princess enjoying a forbidden love. Each new memory gives us another piece of the puzzle to what happened during the Silver Millennium. Instead of telling us everything that happened all at once, we learn about the past as Usagi does, making the story that much more interesting.

#79: Tuxedo Kamen Tells Luna That He May Be an Enemy

Volume I, Act 4

Once again, we know what he's after, but this statement of his puts a little doubt into our minds. What is Tuxedo Kamen going to do before he realizes who he and Usagi are? And what will Luna do to protect her charge?

#78: The Amazon Trio's Outfits

Volume XII & Volume XIII

What was Naoko thinking when she dressed these three!? They looked like they grabbed bits of cloth and sewed them together in any way that came to mind. It makes a good laugh though.

#77: Usagi Makes Her First Wild Dash to School

Volume I, Act 1

Now we all know why Usagi can eat so much yet stay so thin! 'Nough said!

#76: Luna Asks Usagi About Kissing

Volume XI, The Lover of Princess Kaguya

"What does kissing taste like?" Such an innocent question. We know what Luna's got on her mind when she asks this, but Usagi sure doesn't. Her answer is honest: "It tastes sweet." I think this whole conversation is sweet. ^_~

#75: Artemis Gives Minako Her Power-Up

Volume XIV, Act 39

From the days of Sailor V, we've known that Artemis and Minako share a special bond. So it comes as no suprise that he should risk his life to save her, and that he would give her the sailor crystal. Finally, the late-blooming leader can henshin.

#74: Sailors Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto Are United

Volume VIII, Act 28

We were already introduced to Sailor Pluto back at the Gates of Time, and we watched her die during the battle with Diamaund. Now, to the great relief of all Pluto fans, she's back as Meiou Setsuna. The Outer Senshi are a complete unit, ready to take on the Death Busters.

#73: The Senshi Meet King Endymion

Volume V, Acts 18 & 19

It can't get any better than two Mamorus! Meeting just King Endymion makes us wonder exactly where is the future Usagi. For a few minutes, the future is uncertain.

#72: Sailor Moon Sees Her Mother on the Moon

Volume III, Act 10

As if it wasn't bad enough that Usagi's been ripped out of normal adolenscence to be Sailor Moon, she now has to deal with finding her past mother. Her loyalty to Ikuko never waivers, but Usagi has room in her heart for both mothers. As Queen Selenity's hologram starts to fade, a tearful Usagi offers her the power of the Ginzuishou.

#71: Kenji Goes Ballistic Over Usagi's Crystal

Volume III, Act 10

When Kenji thinks that the Ginzuishou is a gift from a boy, he goes crazy. At least there's still some normalicy in Usagi's life.

#70: Mamoru Calls Up His Generals

Volume V, Act 17

Manga Mamoru is powerful. This is just one example of his pyschometric abilities. He can call the spirits of his dead generals out of the rocks they were named after. It's a shame this aspect of his character was omitted from the anime.

#69: Chibi-Usa and Usagi Visit the Dentist

Volume XV, Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

This story made me afraid of the dentist! As if the horror of going to the dentist wasn't bad enough, Ami's explaination of the way bacteria make cavities is just plain creepy.

#68: Usagi and Guardian Cosmos Speak

Volume XVIII, Act 52

I really love how Guardian Cosmos describes the birth of stars in the Cauldron. She seems almost incredulous when Usagi says that she wants to go back into the world. As she sends the Senshi back, Guardian Cosmos says that the evil may come again "because this is the place where stars, and possibilities, are born...."

#67: Usagi Tells Her Mother That She's At Makoto's House

Volume XII, Act 34

Usagi uses the oldest trick in the book and gets away with it! She tells her mother that she's at Makoto's when she's really sleeping over Mamoru's. However, noble Usagi has a good excuse: it's Chibi-Usa's last night in 20th century Tokyo.

#66: Minako Tries to be a T*A Student

Volume XIII, Exam Specials

When Minako tries to be a model student at Rei's upscale school, everything goes wrong. The nuns call her a savage, the other girls don't take to her, and to top it all off, a genius loci inhabits Rei. What bad luck!

#65: Neo-Queen Selenity Wakes King Endymion With a Kiss

Volume VII, Act 23

A reversal of all the old fairytales. The Queen woke her King with a kiss.

#64: Black Lady Steals Endymion

Volume VI, Act 20

I'm sure many people screamed out "Elektra Complex!" when they saw this one. I know I did. In her evil form, Chibi-Usa has finally done what I think she's unconsciously wanted to do since day one. Thank god this doesn't last long.

#63: Usagi and Mamoru Make the Moon Rod

Volume IV, Act 14

Not only do they make Chibi-Usa, but they can make inanimate objects! Is there anything Usagi and Mamoru can't do together?

#62: The Inner Senshi's First Henshin

Volume I

The first henshins of the girls who made Sailor Moon a hit. Let's face it: no matter how much some people like the Outers better than the Inners, if the Inners didn't capture out imagination during these first acts, the series would have been killed right there. So, here's to the Inner Senshi and their first appearences.

#61: Sailors Chibi-Moon and Saturn Are Trapped in the Shards

Volume XIV, Act 39

Nehelannia knows how to put her mirror to good use. It's both a passage way into the real world and a weapon. Now that's efficient.

#60: Usagi and Mamoru Discover That Chibi-Usa is Their Daughter

Volume V, Act 19

Well, how who you feel if a little girl fell on your head and then you found out that she was your daughter from the future? I think the looks of shock were well-deserved. Although I wonder if Chibi-Usa didn't know Usagi and Mamoru were her parents, or if she just kept quiet about it.

#59: The Wiseman Throws Off His Cloak

Volume VI, Act 22

Put it back on! No one needs to be spooked by that skeleton!

#58: Usagi and Kakyuu End Up in the Graveyard

Volume XVIII, Act 49

Cliché, but effective. Finding your own grave while you're still living is hardly plesant, especially when there are Senshi waiting to put you into it. If Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon wanted to intimidate Usagi, Kakyuu, and Chibi-Chibi with the graves, I'd say she suceeded.

#57: Naru's "Mother" is a Youma

Volume I, Act 1

The first youma. Scary-looking and sly, she set the standard for most of the minion villians throughout the series. Too bad she didn't have enough staminia to stand up to Sailor Moon's supersonic cries. ^_~

#56: The Senshi Come Face-to-Face With Their Guardians

Volume XV, Act 41

The guardians are adorable. Miniture Sailor Senshi, two of which (Mercury and Jupiter) held sailor crystals. It must be strange coming face-to-face with a little version of yourself who tells you what to do. Kinda like having a conscience.

#55: Phobos and Deimos Bring Rei the Moon Tarot Card

Volume XII, Act 34

As a tarot card lover, I was pleased to see that Rei could read the cards. I was even more pleased to see the traditional design for the Moon card. Naoko did some research.

#54: Usagi Jumps into Her Friends' Arms

Volume XII, Act 34

Even though she's in high school, Usagi still has the mentality of a little kid. When the girls tell her to hurry up, she launches herself into their arms!

#53: Minako Goes,"Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!"

Volume XIII, Act 38

Frustration can make you do crazy things. When the others mention the Outers, Minako's own feelings of inadequacy surface in a rooster's crow.

#52: Hotaru Protects Chibi-Usa's Soul

Volume X, Act 33

Even though the two girls haven't known each other for very long, both know that the other is special. Seeing Chibi-Usa's stolen soul and Ginzuishou floating inside the void of Mistress 9, Hotaru scoops them up and holds them to her chest, protecting them with her own spirit.

#51: Sailor V Appears

Volume II, Acts 7 & 8

The original Sailor Senshi finally appears! This is the point where the two stories fuse into one and the mysteries of the Princess and the Ginzuishou begin to unravel.

#50: Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa Sleep in the Same Bed

Volume VIII, Act 25 and Volume XII, Act 34

The happy family looks adorable nestled in Mamoru's large bed. Lucky Mamoru: the two women in his life look like sleeping angels with flowing hair.

#49: Chibi-Usagi and Chibi-Mamoru Meet

Volume XIV, Act 40

When Nehelenia sends Usagi into a dream world, she concocts a world where Usagi and Mamoru are both children. Chibi-Mamoru wants to do everything for Usagi. The ruse almost works, simply because Chibi-Mamoru is too cute.

#48: Usagi Slaps Diamaund

Volume VI, Act 20

Not being able to transform, Usagi does the only thing she can when Diamaund crosses the line and kisses her: she slaps him hard. Frankly, I think she should have slapped, kicked, and punched. He deserved it.

#47: The Flashback About Nehelannia and Baby Selenity

Volume XV, Act 41

A different spin on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale. Nehelenia curses the (cute) Baby Princess Selenity and decrees that she will die before she can become queen. Haunting, especially when the curse seems to have come true.

#46: Usagi and Mamoru "Make Up" After Arguing About Chibi-Usa

Volume V, Act 18

Being jealous of Chibi-Usa is an unpleasant feeling for Usagi, but she can't help it. After she and Mamoru argue, Mamoru assures her verbally that he loves her, and then shows her physically. ^_~

#45: Sailor Pluto Uses Time Stop

Volume VII, Act 23

The ultimate sacrifice for Sailor Pluto. She knows that using Time Stop with result in her death, but the lives of Small Lady and the others are more important than her own.

#44: Luna Gives Usagi Her First Weapon

Volume I, Act 5

In five short acts, Usagi has changed from an unsure soldier to the leader of the Senshi. The crescent moon stick symbolizes her evolution and her future.

#43: Sailor Saturn Uses Death Reborn Revolution

Volume X, Act 33

This attack is beautiful and deadly. As Sailor Saturn brings her glaive up then down, ribbons swirl around her. With a quick swipe, she swings the blade down over the ground, bringing the world to an end.

#42: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus Openly Appear

Volume VIII, Act 26

After dodging the Inner Senshi in previous battles, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus come out into the open. Although the Inners were fairly certain that two new soldiers were in Juuban, they are still shocked to have their suspicions confirmed.

#41: Diamaund Brings the Two Ginzuishou Together

Volume VI, Act 22

This part of the manga killed me. At the time I first read this, I only had Volumes 1, 2, 6, 13, 14, and 15. When Volume 6 ended with Diamaund bringing those two crystals together, I wanted to scream. Sure, I knew that the Senshi would get out of it, but I only had the words to tell me that, not the pictures. So, kudos to a very cliffhanging ending for Volume 6.

#40: Evil Endymion goes to the Crown Game Center

Volume III, Act 10

Evil Endymion with those scary black eyes.... *shivers* It's not quite his new personality that's so unnerving, it's those eyes. They just look so dead, which isn't that surprising since he is a dead body infused with evil power...

#39: Sailor Iron Mouse's First Speech

Volume XVI, Act 43

Stars is the most foreshadowed arc in the entire manga. In flashbacks, Queen Selenity tells the Princess that everyone has a star inside; Usagi repeats this at the end of the Dead Moon arc; at the beginning of Stars, Usagi says it again. And now, Sailor Iron Mouse says that the Senshi hold the most powerful stars. By this time, we're all dying to know exactly what is so important and precious about these stars.

#38: Chibi-Usa Falls From the Sky

Volume IV, Act 13

Only Chibi-Usa could make such a ridiculous introduction seem cute. She falls from the sky, lands on Usagi's head, and steals Mamoru's kiss right from his lips!

#37: Sailor Neptune Appears With A Tuxedo Kamen

Volume VIII, Act 25

It's interesting to speculate on why Haruka chose to appear as a Tuxedo Kamen. Obviously her powers as a Senshi extend only to transforming and appearing in a fuku. Did she show up in a tuxedo, depending on Sailor Neptune to protect her? Or did she use her henshin, take off her fuku, and put on a tuxedo?

#36: Mamoru Is Hit By Usagi's Test

Volume I, Act 1

Such a easy way to meet a cute guy! I wish throwing crumpled tests over your shoulder ensured that a cute guy would be behind you!

#35: Usagi Steps on Luna

Volume I, Act 1
Volume 1, Act 1

Poor Luna! First those kids put Band-Aids on her crescent moon, and then Usagi tramples her. *sigh* All in a day's work for this busy cat.

#34: Lethe and Mnemosyne

Volume XVII, Act 48

Forgetfullness and Memory. When Usagi asks why Lethe is trying to kill her, Lethe makes her forget everything. Mnemosyne comes to Usagi's rescue. "I just don't want a Sailor Senshi the same as me to be hurt by you," she says to Lethe. Usagi tells Lethe to kill her if she thinks it will end the war, but overcome by Usagi's words, Lethe cannot do it. Lethe and Mnemosyne are killed by the Anima Mates for being traitors.

#33: Ikuko Says Usagi Won't Be Coming Home

Volume XVII, Act 47

Ikuko may not know her daughter is Sailor Moon, but she knows when her daughter is in trouble. As she goes off to face Sailor Galaxia, Usagi is in more trouble than even her mother realizes.

#32: Galaxia Asks Usagi If the Future Can Change

Volume XVII, Act 47

Of all the ways to mentally torture Usagi, Galaxia chooses the future. Usagi has seen her happy future and longs for the day it will come. "Is the future you know really the future?" Galaxia asks. "Will the future you know really come?" How cruel.

#31: Kakyuu Appears and Explains Galaxia

Volume XVII, Act 46

More than any other arc, Stars is about explainations. When Kakyuu appears, she gives us all the information we need about starseeds and the evil of Sailor Galaxia. The horror sinks in... the new enemies are Sailor Senshi.

#30: Elios and Chibi-Usa

Volumes XII, XIII, XIV, & XV

As much as I like Chibi-Usa, I sometimes think her obssession with Mamoru borders on the unhealthy. Thankfully, however, Elios cures her of her "look at Mamoru as an adult woman" syndrome. In all honesty, Chibi-Usa and Elios are perfect for each other.

#29: The Appearence of Sailor Cosmos

Volume XVIII, Act 51

Yet another form of Sailor Moon! When Sailor Cosmos appears, she gives Usagi the strength to throw herself into the Cauldron. Others may maintain that Sailor Cosmos is not Usagi, but she is the "ultimate form" of Sailor Moon.

#28: The Coronation

Volume XV, Act 42

One of the few scenes I think could have had more drawings devoted to it. With all the Senshi present, Usagi and Mamoru are crowned Queen and King. It's a sign that the time of Crystal Tokyo is not far off.

#27: Michiru Says That Mamoru Was a Prince In a Previous Life

Volume VII, Act 24

Talk about fortunetelling! Michiru must know who Mamoru is and was, but he has no idea who she is. Her statement about the "noble" color of his eyes unnerves Mamoru.

#26: The Amazoness Quartet Becomes The Sailor Quartet

Volume XV, Act 42

Unlike their anime counterparts, the Amazoness Quartet has a future significance. Freed from Nehelannia's evil power, they achieve their true forms as Senshi--Small Lady's Senshi.

#25: The Girls Try to Figure Out Who Chibi-Chibi Is

Volume XVI, Act 44

The dialogue says it all: "Chibi-Usa's little sisiter?" "Or Usagi's second child?" "Maybe Chibi-Usa's daughter..." No clue whatsoever.

#24: Sailors Gucci and Chanel

Volume XVII, Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

Trying to protect the pawn shop, Ruruna and Naruru appear in skimpy sailor fuku's.... and all the males get nosebleeds!

#23: Makoto's Chocolate Cigarette

Volume V, Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary

When I was a kid, we had those chocolate cigarettes too! It just seems very appropriate that Makoto of all the girls would have a chocolate cigarette.

#22: Human Diana

Volume XV, Act 41

The human version of Diana is so cute. She still retains her tail and has a very 1980s-esque outfit.

#21: Super Sailor Moon Gets Her Eternal Henshin

Volume XV, Act 41

In a spectacular burst of feathers, Usagi becomes Eternal Sailor Moon with the help of her Senshi. This is linked to moment #22; cute human Diana is the first to identify her.

#20: Sailor Moon Drinks From the Holy Chalice

Volume IX, Act 30

In the manga, Usagi needs to drink light from the Chalice in order to transform. Tipping her head back, she pours the light into her mouth. She literally borrows the power of the Chalice.

#19: Phobos and Deimos Turn Into Fairies

Volume XII, Act 36

I've always wondered in the volumes before this one what Phobos and Deimos were supposed to do. The were definitely significant to Rei, but what about to Sailor Mars? They were mentioned too many times to simply be pets. Ahhh, they hold Rei's sailor crystal! Mystery solved.

#18: Galaxia In General

Volumes XVI, XVII, and XVIII

A rouge Sailor Senshi determined to take over the universe. She steals starseeds and sailor crystals, she kills enemies and allies alike, she turns Senshi angainst Senshi, she plays mind games with Usagi... If just having the enemy be a fellow soldier doesn't make your skin crawl, Galaxia's other attributes will.

#17: Tuxedo Kamen Gets An Attack

Volume V, Act 17

It's only rational that Sailor Moon's equal would have an attack of his own. Why should he be regulated to only throwing roses? He's got enough power to shoot energy right out of his hands!

#16: Sailor Moon and Neo-Queen Selenity meet

Volume VII, Act 23

Even though it could change history, the two just have to meet. It seems that Neo-Queen Selenity has retained a lot of Usagi's child-like curiosity.

#15: Minako Fusses Over Usagi's Engagement Ring

Volume XVI, Act 43

Usagi doesn't realize what it is, but Minako does. Instead of being thrilled and excited, however, Usagi's mind is still trying to cope with Mamoru's death by blocking the memory.

#14: Usagi Asks Haruka If She's a Man or a Woman

Volume VIII, Act 27

It's just such a strange question to ask (even if Haruka looks androgynous) and it gets an even stranger answer. The sentiments behind Haruka's answer are significant: it doesn't matter what she is because it would not change her mission, her loyalties, or her attitude towards those she loves.

#13: Baby Hotaru Meets Herself In the Mirror

Volume XIV, Act 39

"I am the sleeping you, inside of you." Suprisingly, Hotaru is not fightened by the Sailor Saturn in the mirror. She even accepts the Senshi's cryptic words. Eerie doesn't begin to explain this scene.

#12: Kakyuu Transforms

Volume XVIII, Act 49

Kakyuu's henshin is unexpected to both us and Usagi. One minute she's a princess, the next she's a Senshi. Her fuku is similar to those of the Starlights. Even though Kakyuu and Usagi have equal ranks (both are princesses) Kakyuu gives her life to protect Usagi.

#11: The Appearence of the Ginzuishou

Volume II, Act 9

What better place to hide the Ginzuishou than in Usagi's body? This is a time of major discoveries: the Ginzuishou, the identity of the Princess, and Mamoru's identity as Prince Endymion.

#10: Minako Asks Rei If She's Ever Farted

Volume XIII, Exam Specials

Minako! ^_^;; When she asks this, Usagi, Ami, and Mako shoot tea out their mouths. Even Rei's composure is shaken. It's no wonder Rei and Minako do not get along as well as they could.

#9: Usagi and Chibi-Usa Change Ages

Volume XII, Acts 34 & 35

The looks of shock and confusion on their faces are enough to get you laughing. Usagi's swimming in her uniform, while Chibi-Usa's trying to keep herself covered. And seeing a little Usagi trying to snuggle up to a creeped-out Mamoru... Ha!

#8: The First Appearence of Sailor Saturn

Volume X, Act 33

The only Sailor Senshi whose coming is dreaded and feared. It's amazing that all this power is housed in the second smallest Senshi and not in someone like Sailor Uranus. The absolute terror of the Senshi just makes Sailor Saturn's power that much more horrible (if that's possible).

#7: Human Luna and Kakeru Go Into Space

Volume XI, The Lover of Princess Kaguya

Luna finally gets her wish and Kakeru finally gets to see a celestial sunrise. Luna's portrayal of Princess Snow Kaguya is so important to her for Kakeru's health, that she won't even acknowledge herself as the cat that's been visiting him. She gives him away to Himeko with the command that he must live.

#6: Rei and Kaidou

Volume XI, Casablanca Memory

Now we know why Rei is the way she is. It's nice to see that her disinterest in boys was not always there. It's also refreshing to see that someone besides Usagi and Mamoru and Haruka and Michiru has a love life.

#5: Ami's Allergy to Love Letters

Volume XIII, Exam Specials

Only Ami could have such an allergy! Although she breaks out in hives at the mere site of a love letter and claims to be after Mercurious because he may be an enemy, we all know Ami's hidden agenda. A little hypocritical, aren't you, Ami?

#4: The Double Suicide

Volume III, Act 11

History repeats itself. Even though they all know that this has happened before and should be avoided, Usagi has no choice. To free Mamoru from the Dark Kingdom, she must kill him. To free herself from an existance devoid of him anf his love, she must kill herself.

#3: The Handkerchief and Pocketwatch Exchange

Volume I, Act 4

Usagi and Mamoru start to fall in love before they even discover their past identities. They exchange the handkerchief and watch, tokens of their love. What a perfect couple!

#2: The Bedroom Scene

Volume XVIII, Act 52

To everyone who denies that Usagi and Mamoru had sex.... Proof at last! This scene is very touching because of how Usagi goads Mamoru into proposing to her yet again, and how cheerfully he complies. After seven years or so, they're still very much in love and still very cute.

#1: The Wedding and Mamoru's Last Line

Volume XVIII, Act 52

The wedding is beautiful. Usagi's dress is beautiful. The conception of Chibi-Usa is beautiful. But the most beautiful thing is the very end: a picture of Usagi in her wedding dress overlapping a picture of Eternal Sailor Moon while Mamoru says, "Even if someday we are gone, and new Sailor Senshi, new stars are born... Sailor Moon, you will forever be immortal. For all eternity, you will be the most beautiful, brilliant light."